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The GDO EWZ Village-Family Database Project

Grossliebental Germans who were resettled in 1940 filled out many records proving their German ethnicity.

Einwanderungszentralstelle (EWZ) Records

EWZ stands for Einwanderungszentralstelle or Central Immigration Control department. The EWZ 50 series is most important for GDO research. If  your family migrated to Bessarabia or Dobrudscha you will want to check out the Bessarabia resettlement records too.  Each EWZ file includes that person's pedigree chart, and sometimes includes personal statistics, a Lebenslauf (life history), citizen application forms, passports, and photos. Visit the Genealogy Database EWZ50 Indices tree for additional information.

These files have been prepared for sharing with the GRHS membership. They are not to be sold for profit nor posted on any personal website. A link to the public access areas of this website is however permitted.

GRHS has a growing collection of the EWZ 50 & 51 series microfilms. If you find a film in the index, you can view it at the GRHS Library or get help from GRHS research services. If you'd like to help with the project indexing these films, contact Elli Wise at efilou792[@]

Villages completed or in process

Alexanderhilf by Dale Wahl

Annental (Alt & Neu) by Betty Lang

Franzfeld by Dale Wahl

Freudental by Heather Landsmesser

Grossliebental by Dale Wahl

Helenental by Betty Lang

Josefstal by Betty Lang

Karlstal by Dale Wahl

Kleinliebental by Dale Wahl

Neuburg by Dale Wahl

Neu Freudental by Betty Lang

Peterstal by Dale Wahl

The GDO EWZ Index Project

Alexanderhilf Gnadenfeld Lustdorf Peterstal
Annental Grossliebental A-H Mariental Rosenfeld
Berlin Grossliebental K-Z Neu Freudental Scharowa
Blumenfeld Helenental Neu Liebental Schuttowa
Businowo Johannesfeld Neu Lustdorf Wilhelmstal
Eigenfeld Josefstal Neu Peterstal Wygoda
Franzfeld A-J Karlstal Neuburg  
Franzfeld K-Z Kleinliebental Neusatz  
Freidorf Lamsaki Odessa  
Freudental Lenintal Paulstal