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Grossliebental Resettlement Records

Christian Fiess Films

Christian Fiess was born in Sarata, Bessarabia, and was a school teacher in 1940 when the Bessarabian Germans were resettled back to Germany. After WWII, he began collecting documents and other items from his fellow Bessarabians in Germany. He was the first archivist and curator of the Bessarabien Heimatmuseum in Stuttgart, Germany.

The family documents he collected have been filmed by the LDS. Film numbers are: 1476492 thru 1476497.

Deutsches Ausland Institut (DAI) Lists

The Deutsches Ausland Institut collected many records during WWII. Some of these have been indexed and include lists of families.

Alexanderhilf Odessa Family List 

Franzfeld Odessa Family List

Freudental Odessa Family List - 1911

Grossliebental Odessa Family List 

(file not found) Grossliebental Odessa Family List - 1939