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The Genealogy Database is a members only area,
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Please Note: This database is separate from the GRHS website and requires additional access.

If you would like access, please send an email to access @

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The trees in this database project are submitted by members of GRHS and are to be used for personal use only. The data here should be considered as notes to aid in your own family research.

The information in the database is from a number of different sources which are included with each entry. If you have specific questions about any of the data or have suggestions for changes to the data please contact the tree's owner.

To add your family data to the project please submit a completed IPRA form. Print and fill out the form. (This may require you to update your Acrobat Reader on your computer.) Then sign and mail to the GRHS headquarters or if you wish to send it electronically you may email a scanned signed copy to Kristi Schwaderer (kristi.grhs  @

Once the form is on file in our headquarters you may email your gedcom file to genealogy email.

The data in these files is automatically privatized. If you have a birthdate listed for a person and no death date is listed, the program will assume the person is living unless it is 105 years or greater from the birthdate. When the person is privatized it will show the individual's initials only and no further information. If you know that a person is deceased and want their information to show, but do not know their death date, please enter "yes, date unknown" in the space for a death date.

When you wish to update your tree in the database, you will not need to resubmit an IPRA form. Simply email your updated gedcom to genealogy email. Note that all of the information on your tree will be replaced with the information in your new gedcom file.