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Grossliebental Census Records

The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763-1862 by Dr. Karl Stumpp

This is a classic reference book for German-Russian research

Black Sea German-Russian Census Vol. I (aka "Stumpp Supplement I")
A "must have" for Grossliebental researchers, this book includes census records from Odessa-area villages. Most census documents are for 1816 and 1858. The GRHS Clearing House translated and published the records. See the index of surnames in Vol I.

This census data is available from the GRHS Bookstore as a single volume (public store, member store), as individual books for specific villages (public store, member store), or on CD (members only).

Black Sea German-Russian Census Vol. II (aka "Stumpp Supplement II")
If your Grossliebental ancestor migrated to Bessarabia, this volume will also be helpful in your research. This book includes censuses for the main Bessarabian villages. Most censuses are from 1835, 1850, and 1859 (although some villages have additional years). Translating and publishing these records was done by GRHS volunteers in partnership with the Bessarbiendeutscher Verein in Stuttgart, Germany.

Index of surnames in Black Sea German-Russian Census Vol. II

Grossliebental Census Records Online

A few censuses held by GRHS are available online: