Logan County, North Dakota Area

Area Coordinators: Marcia Paxton and Carolyn Schott

Date Formed: 1872-73

County Seat: unnamed site, 1884; Napoleon, 1884-1899; King, 1899; Napoleon, 1899-present

Cities, townships and historical communities:

CITIES - Burnstad, Fredonia, Gackle, Guyson, King, Lehr, Napoleon, Peters

TOWNSHIPS - Arvada, Blue Ball, Bryant, Cokato, Dixon, Finn, German, Glendale, Grenz, Gutschmidt, *Haag, Hills, Hillsburg, Hollandsworth, *Janke, Johannesdale, Ketterling, Koepplin, Kroeber, *Lautt, Moos, *Nathan, Neu Dorf, Red Lake, Schell Butte, Sealy, Starkey, Weigel.

* Fredonia 2004 history book has maps of these townships showing schools, cemeteries, post offices, original farm locations


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Books: (These books are available at GRHS headquarters)

  • American Lutheran Church, Trinity, Napoleon, North Dakota, Glueckstal, Tappen, North Dakota by American Lutheran Church
  • Atlas of Logan - McIntosh County, North Dakota by Midland Atlas Company, Inc. (Milbank, South Dakota)
  • Cemeteries of Logan County North Dakota by George Barron
  • Fredonia Diamond Jubilee, 1904-1979: 75 years of prosperity
  • Fredonia Golden Jubilee, 1904-1954
  • Fredonia will shine once more in 2004
  • Gackle all-school reunion, July 7-8, 1979, Gackle, North Dakota by Gackle Alumni Committee
  • Gackle Diamond Jubilee: Gackle, the pride of its people, 1904-1979
  • Gackle Diamond Jubilee; Gackle--the pride of its people, ...
  • Golden Jubilee, Gackle, 1904-1954
  • Gackle - Prairies & people: Gackle, ND 1904-2004 by Gackle Centennial Book Committee
  • Gackle parish Congregational Church records, Gackle, North Dakota
  • History for Evangelisch Lutherisch Johannes Church, Christus Parish, Martin Luther Lutheran Church, Fredonia, North Dakota by Martin Luther Lutheran Church
  • History of Grace Baptist Church by Grace Baptist Church (Gackle, North Dakota)
  • History of Grace Lutheran Church, Lehr, North Dakota by Grace Lutheran Church
  • "I want to send word to you" a soldier writes home: the 1918 letters of John Mayer of Logan County, North Dakota  by Michael Rempfer, translator
  • Lehr Centennial 1898 - 1998
  • Lehr Diamond Jubilee, 1898-1973
  • Lehr Golden Jubilee 1898-1948
  • Logan County: History of Townships by Logan County Centennial Committee
  • Logan County, North Dakota 1900 census (partial listing)
  • Mannheim School District #4, School #4, Logan County, North Dakota by Placid Alois Gross
  • Napoleon Baptist Church, Napoleon, North Dakota: history and greetings for the 50th anniversary celebration, May 30, 31, and June 1, 1969 by Napoleon Baptist Church
  • Napoleon, ND Centennial, 1884-1984: June 14-17
  • Napoleon - 75th Anniversary of Napoleon, North Dakota
  • Neudorf Lutheran Church golden anniversary, 1903-1953, August 30, 1953 by Neudorf Lutheran Church (Gackle, North Dakota)
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Napoleon, North Dakota
  • World War I draft registrants for Logan County, North Dakota towns of: Burnstad, Fredonia, Gackle, Kintyre, Lehr, Streeter, Wishek by Michael Rempfer


Cemeteries – Locations on a Map Community/Township Comments
For Members Only  Cemeteries - GPS, location, photos More ND Cemetery Photos  
Berlin German Baptist Church Cemetery
Church of God
Ebenezer Church Cemetery
Lehr SW/Arvanda
Ebenfeld Cemetery
Emanuel Congregation Cemetery
Emanuel Congregation Cemetery
Eslinger Family Cemetery
Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (Labrensz)
Fredonia NW/Nathan
Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book
Evangelical Trinity Lutheran Cemetery
Family Rest Cemetery (Sukut)
Lehr NW/Hollandsworth
Friedensthal Cemetery
Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book
Gackle City Cemetery (Elhard)
German Baptist
Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book
German Baptist Flat Cemetery
Homola Finnish Old Apostolic Cemetery
Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book
Hope EUB Church Cemetery
Lehr NW/Hillsburg
Hope Evangelical EUB Cemetery
Jehovah Congregation St. Lucas Cemetery
Lehr NW/Hollandsworth


Johannesthal Cemetery


Keszler Family Cemetery


King Cemetery


Lautt Cemetery
Millers Cemetery
Streeter Flats/German
Napoleon City Cemetery


Nazareth Parish Cemetery
Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book
Neudorf Cemetery
Orthodox Catholic Cemetery


Pamona Valley Cemetery

Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book

Perman Family Cemetery



Pioneer Cemetery



Postal Cemetery
Red Lake Community Cemetery
Burnstad/Red Lake
Saari Cemetery
Gackle South/Gutschmidt
St. Anthony's Cemetery
Schell Buttes/Schell Butte
St. Boniface Cemetery


St. Clara Catholic Cemetery
--/Red Lake
St. James Lutheran Cemetery
Gackle South/Gutschmidt
St. Johannes and Martin Luther Cemetery
Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book
St. Philip Neri Catholic Cemetery
Salem Congregation Cemetery
Salem Lutheran Cemetery
Schaffer Cemetery (Private)
--/Blue Ball


Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery
--/ German
Streeter Gemeinde SDA Church Cemetery
Streeter SW/German
Tabor Evangelical Church Cemetery
Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book
Tiede Lutheran Cemetery
Fredonia NE/Janke
Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book
Wolf Family Cemetery
Cemetery list in Fredonia 2004 book (partial)


Churches: For Members OnlyHistories, Locations & Photos of County Churches

Napoleon Baptist Church 
418 3rd Street E, Napoleon, ND 58561
(701) 754-2627

Full Gospel Assembly
Napoleon, ND 58561

St. Matthews Lutheran Church
402 Broadway, Napoleon, ND 58561
(701) 754-2802

St. Philip Neri Catholic Church
401 Broadway, Napoleon, ND 58561
(701) 754-2860

Trinity Lutheran Church
423 2nd Street East, Napoleon, ND 58561
(701) 754-2500

United Methodist Church
221 2nd Street E, Napoleon, ND 58561
(701) 754-2603

Assembly of God
407 1st Avenue E, Gackle, ND 58442
(701) 485-3398

Emmanuel Lutheran Church
117 Spruce Street W, Gackle, ND 58442
(701) 254-5395

Grace Baptist Church
204 Spruce Street W, Gackle, ND 58442
(701) 485-3360

Grace Lutheran Church
221 St S Lehr, ND 58460 
(701) 378-2565

United Methodist Church   
403 East St S Lehr, ND 58460-4016
(701) 378-2335

Martin Luther Church
302 Dietz St, Fredonia, ND 58440-4005 
(701) 698-2251

Homestead Records

Census Records:  
1900 Images
1910 Images 
1920 Images
1930 Images

1900 – Lehr and Mannheim Twp. censuses also listed in Heritage Review 10-2, 1980

Maps: GRHS Online Map Collection
1906 North Dakota
1921 North Dakota

Plat Map:
1916 Plat Map Index

Lists of school teachers and students in the country schools for Haag, Janke, Nathan, and Lautt Townships, and for Fredonia are included in the 2004 Fredonia book. Includes 1903-1967; all townships do not include all years.
-List of school teachers and students for the Lehr school district from 1903-1907 is included in the 1973 Lehr history book.

For Members Only Search the Letter Archives for towns in Logan County

Batsch , Bender, Blaskowsky, Borth, Brosz, Burekle, Deutscher, Dittus, Dockter, Elhard, Entzi, Enzminger, Eslinger, Fischer, Flaig, Fode, Geigle,  Gienger, Geiszler, Goehring, Grenz, Grosz, Gumke, Gutschmidt, Haag, Haas, Haut, Hehn, Herman, Hochhalter, Janke, Ketterling, Kinzler, Klundt, Kleingartner, Kramlich, Krueger, Lang, Lautt, Meidinger, Moos, Morlock, Mueller, Munsch, Nitschke, Ost, Pritzkau, Reich, Remboldt, Reule, Rivinius, Rott, Rudolf, Ruff, Schlecht, Schlenker, Schmeirer, Schott, Schuldeisz, Speidel, Suko, Sukut, Weispfenning, Widmer, Wolf, Zillmer and Zimmerman

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