Emmons County, North Dakota Area

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Date Formed: 1879

County Sea: Williamsport - 1883-1899; Linton - 1899 - present

Cities, townships and historical communities:
*Armstrong, Braddock, Buchanan Valley (township), Burr Oak (township), Campbell (township), Cherry Grove (township),*Daken, *Dale, Dana, *Danbury, Emmonsburg (historical community), Gayton (township), Glanavon (township), Glencoe (historical community), Grassna, Hague, Harding, Hazelton, Hull, Kintyre, *Kuntz, Lincoln (township), Linton, Livona, Logan (township), McCulley, Milnor, Prairie View, Strasburg, Templeton, *Temvik, Tell (township), Tirsbol, Westfield, Williamsport (township and historical community), Winchester (historical community), Winona (township & historical community), and Wood.
See Histories of Emmons County Towns.
* represents ghost town

Articles: Name


A Brief History Of The People And Parish of Saints Peter and Paul Church, Strasburg, ND History NDSU Library
Dale, North Dakota Post Office, Dale Methodist Church (Sabbath School) History Albert Becker

Emmons County ND


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Emmons County ND - St Aloysius Church


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Emmons County ND - Townships


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Emmons County ND - Townships


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Emmons County ND Early Churches


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Holy Trinity Catholic Church Krasna, Emmons County, North Dakota History NDSU Library

Linton, ND Peace Lutheran Church Confirmation Pictures


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Linton, North Dakota - GDO Deaths


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Linton, ND


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Linton, ND - Lutheran


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Linton, ND - St. Bernard RC


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Recollections from the Homestead at Sand Creek, Emmons County, ND History Martha Schindler Neff

Strassburg, ND


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Strassburg, ND - St. Maria RC


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Strassburg, ND - St Peter & St Paul


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Temvik, ND - Sand Creek Evangelical 


Heritage Review, 17-3, pg. 36

Books (These books are available at GRHS headquarters)

  • Emmons Co ND 1900 Census
  • Emmons County Cemetery by Ronald Kremer
  • Emmons County History 1976 by E Woods & E Wenzel
  • Emmons County North Dakota Various Cemetery Records
  • Emmons County North Dakota History 1976 Surname Index by T J Schmierer
  • Emmons County North Dakota Atlas 1916
  • 1985 select obituaries: The Emmons County Record, The Mandan News, The Napoleon Homestead by Sandy Spurgin
  • 70th anniversary, First Baptist Church, Linton, North Dakota
  • A comprehensive index to "a collection of obituaries from Campbell County, S.D. and southwestern Emmons County, N.D. 1888-1988 by Bob Dale" by Sandra L. Petersen
  • Diamond Jubilee: 75th Anniversary of Kintyre, North Dakota
  • Emmons County history: compiled for the bicentennial, 1976 by Ellen Woods
  • Hague area book II: the past 100 years and its people by Katie Wald
  • Hazelton centennial history book, 1903-2003
  • History of Hague by Harold Kocher
  • History of St. Mary's Catholic Church and the town of Hague, North Dakota by Katie Wald
  • Strasburg centennial history book by Mary Wald
  • Strasburg diamond jubilee: 75 years of progress, 1901-1975: July1, 2, 3, 4, 1976 by Adeline Schwab

Other books

  • Blest Beyond Measure, 75th Anniversary Peace Lutheran Church 1908-1983, Linton, North Dakota
  • To God Be the Glory, 100th Anniversary Peace Lutheran Church 1899-1999, Linton, North Dakota
  • SS. Peter and Paul’s Parish, Centennial Book 1889-1989, Strasburg, North Dakota
  • Braddock (North Dakota) Centennial Book, 1884-1984
  • Buchanan (North Dakota) Past and Present
  • Kintyre (ND) Centennial Book, 1904-2004
  • A Collection of Obituaries from Campbell County, SD and southwestern Emmons County, ND 1888-1988
Cemeteries -For Members Only(Index) Locations on a Map
Bethlehem Cemetery Linton
Beaver Creek Cemetery Linton Vicinity
Blessed Trinity Cemetery Linton Vicinity
Braddock Cemetery Braddock
Dale Cemetery Pollock NW
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Rural
Fredenthal Baptist Cemetery Linton Vicinity
Fredrich Merkle Cemetery Hazelton NW
Freidens Lutheran Cemetery Zeeland NW
Gimble Cemetery Hazelton NW
Glencoe Cemetery Rural
Hazelton Cemetery Hazelton
Hull Cemetery Westfield
Kintyre Cemetery Kintyre
Linton Cemetery Linton
Maria Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Braddock
Martins Cemetery Rohrich Dam
Omio Cemetery Rohrich Dam
Peace Lutheran Cemetery Linton vicinity
Reform Cemetery Strasburg
Sacred Heart Cemetery Senger Lake North
St. Aloysius Cemetery Rural
St. Anthonys Cemetery Rural Linton
St. Johns Cemetery 15 miles NW of Linton
St. Joseph Cemetery Schell Buttes SW
St. Katherine Cemetery Braddock
St. Marys Cemetery Hague
St. Marys Cemetery (active) Hague
St. Marys Catholic Hague
St. Paul Catholic Cemetery Hazelton
Sand Creek Cemetery Temvik
Strasburg Pilgrim Home Cemetery Strasburg
Tell Cemetery Schell Buttes NW
Temvik Cemetery Temvik
Westfield Cemetery Westfield
Winchester Cemetery Hazelton SW

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First Baptist Church
318 North Broadway Street, Linton, ND 58552
Full Gospel Assembly of God
7895 7th Avenue Southeast, Linton, ND 58552
Peace Lutheran Church
200 Northeast 5th Street, Linton, ND 58552
St Anthony Catholic Church
613 North Broadway Street, Linton, ND 58552
St Paul Catholic Church
372 Harold Street, Hazelton, ND 58544
Saint Peter & Paul Parish Office
505 North 2nd Street, Strasburg, ND 58573
United Methodist Church
419 North Broadway Street, Linton, ND 58552

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