Fox Valley – Liebenthal – Richmound Communities of Southwestern Saskatchewan

Area Coordinator Mervin Weiss

Homestead Years:  1908 - 1914

Background:  Predominantly Catholic, Black Sea Germans from  Bessarabia (particularly Krasna), Dobrudja, Beresan (particularly Rastadt and München), Crimea (noteably Rosental) and Kutschurgan.  Many of the early G-R settlers re-located from North and South Dakota, having immigrated earlier.

Towns, villages, Churches, Schools and Post-Offices, past and present:
Fox Valley
, village incorporated 1928. Post Office established 1911.  Situated in the Rural Municipality of Fox Valley # 171, initially called RM of Keebleville, incorporated in 1913.
Liebenthal, Post Office established in 1940.  Situated in the RM of Happyland # 231, incorporated in 1913.
Richmound, Post Office established 1912.  Located in the RM of Enterprise # 172, incorporated in 1913.
For a map of the Rural Municipalities of South-western Saskatchewan:

Early Post Offices:
Goldenrule, Haverhill, Ingebright, Krupp, Linacre, Rastadt, Sturdee, Schulz, Elardee (Rosenthal), Gilnockie, Kuest, Buffalo Head (later Horsham), Cliftonville, Surprise, Forres (Hatton).

Paradise on the Steppe.  The Odyssey of a Pioneering People.  Joseph S. Height, 1973. 
    Be sure to read page 74 about "a side valley of the Beresan River called Lisitzkaja Balka, or Fox Valley, about 3 miles east of Landau".  (in German, Fuchstal.)
Memories of the Black Sea Germans.  Joseph S. Height, 1979.  Chapter 13 is titled “From the Kutschurgan to Saskatchewan”.
From Katherine to Khrushchev, The Story of Russia’s Germans.  Adam Giesinger, 1974.  Chapter XVIII is titled “Relatives Overseas”.
From the Steppes to the Prairies.  Msgr. George P. Aberle, 1993.  Chapter XV is titled “The German Russians in Canada”.

Community Histories:

Fox Valley/Liebenthal Remember When . . ., 2 volume set, published 2005.  Copy in GRHS Library.

Richmound’s Heritage.  Published 1978

Our Heritage Recalled, Prelate, Saskatchewan, 1908-1990. This book is online at

Historical Sketches of the Parishes of the Diocese of Gravelbourg,Sask., on the occasion of its silver jubilee, 1930-1955.  Copy in GRHS Library.

Emigrants from Krasna, Bessarabia / Family Lists / Heritage Review, # 29-1, 1999, pg. 7, Heritage Review, # 29-3, 1999, pg. 13, Heritage Review #29-4, 1999, pg. 28, Heritage Review, # 30-1, 2000, pg. 30

The Germans in Western Canada.  / History / Heritage Review, # 15, September 1976, pgs. 3-12.
Historical Sketch of St. Peters Parish, and the Founding of the Colonies of Rastadt, Katherinental and Speyer. /  History, Cemetery List / Heritage Review, # 15, September 1976, pg. 31.

Saga of Schuler Stalwarts, 1973.  Schuler, Alberta


Articles: Name



Fox Valley


Heritage Review #30-4, 2000, pg. 29

Prelate, SK and Blumenfeld, SK Marriage Register Heritage Review #14-1, 1984, pg. 39



Heritage Review #14-1, 1984, pg. 47

Catholic Churches:

Josephstal - 1915, mission of Rosenthal, Mendham, Krassna, Liebenthal.

Liebenthal – 1914, Sacred Heart Parish

Rosenthal – 1913, initially St. Mary’s, moved and re-dedicated as St. John’s.

Johnsborough – 1943, St. John’s, formerly St. Mary’s at Rosenthal.

Blumenfeld – 1909, first Catholic Church in the area.  1914, Sts. Peter and Paul Church built, now a Municipal Heritage site.  The mother church of the district of Prelate.

Krasna – 1911, second Catholic Church in the area, followed by Speyer (Mendham).

Fox Valley – 1929, St. Mary’s.

Rastadt – 1916, Holy Trinity Church.

Richmound – 1917, St. Mary’s originally built north-west of Richmound, and moved into town in 1928.  First masses were held in the Joseph Brilz home in 1912, then Haverhill school. 

Other Churches:

Ingebright – Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1914 – 1954

Fox Valley – Martin Luther Church of the Ohio Synod, originally several miles NW of Fox Valley was moved into town in 1941, and named Peace Luthran church of the Missouri Synod.  After it amalgamated with Christ Lutheran of Ingebright, it became Trinity Lutheran.

Fox Valley – Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 1915, originally built southeast of Fox Valley, and moved into town in 1932.

Kronsfeld Lutheran Church – 1915 – 1971.  Became New Kronsfeld Church in 1947.  (See Richmound’s Heritage, p. 100)

Evangelical Free Church of Horsham – 1940 – 1965.

Zion Lutheran Church – 1919 – 1950, two miles west and two miles south of Horsham.

Former Rural School-Districts:
Richmound District:  Chelsea SD 1306, Dunbrody SD 3838, Etna SD, Grand Time SD 640, Green Corn SD, Haverhill SD 3852, Neifeld School SD 144, Kellerville, New Kellerville SD 402, Newport SD 3996 (also served as Newport Lutheran Church), Olevean SD 3701, Peace Valley SD 1381, Process SD 3876, Progress SD 2952, Prospect Valley SD 4121, Roch Hill SD 3131, Surprise SD 3285, Oasis SD-Richmound.

Fox Valley District:  Berghanson, Bern SD 3771, Bowdon SD 3626, Haverhill SD 3852, Ingebright SD 2896, Keebleville SD 3410, Majestic SD 4442, Oadas SD 3477, Linacre SD 1381, Pontoville SD 3283, Roseflat SD 3596, Seattle SD 3468, Snowdown SD 3909, Strassfeld (Schtrasfeldt) SD 3344, Tigh SD 3149, Wienrevew SD 2904.

Other Villages and Towns in SW Saskatchewan
Prelate, Leader (Prussia), Mendham (Speyer), Westerham, Lancer, Lemsford, Sceptre, Burstall, Golden Prairie, Hatton, Maple Creek.   Schuler and Hilda, although in Alberta, were closely associated to these communities.

Early settlers:  I have developed a database of G-R settlers to the Fox Valley-Liebenthal district, and their first-generation descendants born in North America.  This information has been extracted mostly from the 2005 Community History book of the Fox Valley-Liebenthal area, supplemented by my own area research.
Liebenthal – some settlers as early as 1906, but most coming 1910 and later – Peter Schmaltz, John Fenrich, John Tumbach, Joe Tumach.
Blumenfeld – Hoffart, Guckert, Deuchscherer, Drescher, Ziebart, Riffel, Kosolofski, Dirk, Becker, Bonogofski, Fetsch.
Fox Valley – Yeast, Millie, Miner, Mutschler, Schneider, Werner, Myrol, Ibach. Richmound – Stodolka, Wilde, Stein, Brilz, Kuntz.

Cemeteries: (Index)

St. John’s Cemetery (Johnsborough District), RM of Happyland                                         

Rosenthal Cemetery, RM of Happyland

Liebenthal Sacred Heart Cemetery, RM of Happyland

Josephstal Cemetery, RM of Happyland

Fox Valley Village Cemetery

Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery, RM of Fox Valley

Haverhill (Neu Landau) Catholic Cemetery, RM of Fox Valley

Parkhill Municipal Cemetery, RM of Fox Valley

Martin Luther Linacre Lutheran Cemetery (no longer identifiable)

Schneider/Biford Private Cemetery (no longer identifiable)

Ingebright Christ Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, RM of Fox Valley

Blumhagen/Roth Private Cemetery, RM of Fox Valley

Krassna Catholic Cemetery, RM of Fox Valley 

Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church Cemetery, Blumenfeld, SK

Rastadt Holy Trinity Catholic Church Cemetery, RM of Fox Valley

Fox Valley Luthern Cemetery, RM of Fox Valley

Haven Hutterie Brethern Colony Cemetery, RM of Fox Valley

Horsham Catholic Cemetery, RM of Enterprise

Horsham Evangelical Cemetery, RM of Enterprise

Horsham Baptist Cemetery, RM of Enterprise

Horsham Zion Lutheran Cemetery, RM of Enterprise

Richmound St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery

Genealogy Database:For Members Only   Includes photos, headstone photos and other resources. 

Map:  Area Highway Map, Fox Valley, Saskatchewan

Photo:  Fox Valley school built 1928.  A Municipal Heritage Site

Other Saskatchewan areas of German-Russian Settlement:

Tramping Lake district


St. Joseph’s colony, Balgonie

St. Peter’s Parish colonies of Rastadt, Katharinental, Speyer.                                    





Schuler-Hilda-Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Source: “German Settlements in Saskatchewan”, Alan B. Anderson, Saskatchewan German Council, 2005.

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