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Beresan District Odessa (BDO)

Grossliebental District Odessa (GDO)

Hoffungstal Odessa Parish (HOP)

Berlin/Neu Berlin, Odessa

  • Region: Black Sea
  • Area: Odessa
  • District: Beresan/Grossliebental/Hoffnungstal
  • Rayon: Cebrikowo
  • Founded: 1867
  • Religion: Evangelical
  • Location: Stumpp C-5, 30/47
  • Longitute and Latitude:
  • Plat Map:
  • Parish: Neu Freudental; Hoffnungstal
  • German Name: Berlin/Neu Berlin
  • Russian Name: Worobeyeva/Worobyewa
  • Ukrainian Name:


  • Daughter colony in the Grossliebental District Odessa as listed in Homesteaders on the Steppe.
  • Georg Rath's book, The Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas, reflects that Berlin was part of the Hoffnungstal Parish.
  • Stumpp does not list Berlin but he does list Neu Berlin as Evangelical village founded in 1867.
  • For additional information read the Hoffnungstal Odessa Newsletters listed below.


  • Homesteaders on the Steppe by Joseph S. Height (page 320)
  • The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 – 1862 by Karl Stumpp
  • The Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas by Georg Rath (page 5)

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