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Neu-Jamburg, Jekaterinoslaw

  • Region: Black Sea
  • Area:  Jekaterinoslaw Government
  • District: Kreis Alexandrowsk 
  • Rayon: Mariupol
  • Founded: 1847
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Location:
  • Longitute and Latitude:
  • Plat Map:
  • Parish:
  • German Name: Neu-Jamburg
  • Russian Name:
  • Ukrainian Name:

In 1847, thirty-seven families (241 persons) from the three small Catholic villages near Jamburg (Kingisepp) on the Luga River about sixty-five miles southwest of St. Petersburg (Leningrad), formed the village of Neu-Jamburg. The Catholic villages near St. Petersburg had been formed in about 1767. No village report was ever made for Neu-Jamburg nor is it listed in the Stumpp book.

Church Records

  • None known at this time


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