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Hoffungstal Odessa Parish (HOP)

Neu Glückstal, Odessa

  • Region: Black Sea
  • Area: Odessa
  • District:
  • Rayon: Hoffnungstal
  • Founded: 1860
  • Religion: Evangelical
  • Location: Stumpp C-5, 30/47
  • Longitute and Latitude:
  • Plat Map:
  • Parish: Neu Freudental; Hoffnungstal
  • German Name: Neu Glückstal
  • Russian Name: Zibulyevka/Zibuljewka
  • Ukrainian Name:


  • Listed on page 112 of the Giesinger book as a daughter colony of the Glückstal colonies. However it was only four miles south of Hoffnungstal, and as such the relationships between the inhabitants between the two villages existed.
  • There was a second Neuglückstal/Neu Glückstal founded in 1889 at map location A 4, much closer to the original Glückstal than this one.  Again, on page 112 of the Giesinger book, it is reflected that this second village was also a daughter colony of the Glückstal Colonies.
  • If one looks on page 89 of the Stumpp book, you can note that he reflects the village of Hoffnungstal as a Glückstal colony also.
  • Also known as Cybulewka, Zybuljewka/Rayon Cebrikowo
  • Had population of 560 in 1909 in accordance with article contained in Hoffnungstal Odessa Parish newsletter issue 2-3.
  • 1909 - had church built of stone, with seating of 300


  • From Catherine to Khruschev by Dr. Adam Giesinger (page 112)

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