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HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 48, No. 3 September 2018 - Presidentís Letter by Curtis R. Mertz. About the Cover. 2018 GRHS Adult Essay Contest - GRHS Fundraiser Committee. 2018-19 GRHS Officers. Letter from the Editor by Eric J. Schmaltz. Book Review by Merv Weiss Dear American Brother by Joe L. Elder. Book Review by Eric J. Schmaltz Watermelons and Thistles: Growing Up German from Russia in America by North Star Chapter of Minnesota. At the Familientisch with Louise by Louise Wiens. Like Snowflakes by Geneva Durand, Co-Adult Essay Contest Winner 2018. Preserving the Past by Lilly Busch, Co-Adult Essay Contest Winner 2018. Heritage Review Now Available on DVD. Help Wanted: Production Manager. 2019 GRHS Convention in Fargo, North Dakota. Die Wolga by Zara Evans, Senior High School Essay Contest Winner 2018. A Historical Analysis of the German-Russians: The Origins of a People by Danny Ray Wade, Jr., University Essay Contest Winner 2018. Catherine the Great: The First German-Russian by Faith Harron, University Essay Contest Runner-Up 2018. History in Old Newspapers Letter from Constantinople to Jakob Ochsner, 1 February 1921, trans. by Tanja Kalff, edited and submitted by Cleon F. Ochsner. Closer to Heaven in Russia (Part 4) by Siegfried Springer, trans. by William Yoder. History of the Diocese of Tyraspol (Part 7) by Joseph Aloysius Kessler, trans. by Horst W. Gutsche. Folklore Forum by Bro. Placid Gross. GRHS Websites / E-mail Addresses.
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