Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 48, No. 1 March 2018 - President's Letter by Curtis R. Mertz. About the Cover. 2017-18 GRHS Officers. Letter from the Editor by Eric J. Schmaltz. Up from the Grave He Arose by Louise Wiens. Dr. Homer Rudolf (1938-2018) In Memoriam. Homer Rudolf Mentor and Friend by Carol Just Halverson. Biography of Rudolf Necker, March 3, 1896 in Kulm, Bessarabia April 16, 1982, in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, trans. by Elvire Necker. Who and What Are the Mennonites? (From the Freeman Courier) - Published in the Tripp Ledger of Tripp, Hutchinson County, South Dakota (Thursday January 29, 1925) by J. C. Graber, submitted by Dennis Batterman. Wolf Creek Misrepresented (From the Menno Herald) - Published in the Tripp Ledger of Tripp, Hutchinson County, South Dakota, Circa 1924 / 1925, submitted by Dennis Batterman. Lindl's Correspondence from Barmen in Wuppertal with His Followers in Sarata, Gundremmingen, and Baindlkirch, trans. by Eric J. Schmaltz. The Acacia Tree by Rudolf Weiss trans. by Alex Herzog, with editorial assistance from Nancy Herzog. Are "Namesdays" a Thing of Our Past? Closer to Heaven in Russia (Part 2) by Siegfried Springer, trans. by William Yoder. History of the Diocese of Tyraspol (Part 5) by Joseph Aloysius Kessler, trans. by Horst W. Gutsche. Folklore Forum by Bro. Placid Gross. GRHS Websites / E-mail Addresses.
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