Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 47, No. 2 June 2017 - President's Letter by Curtis R. Mertz. Bierocks A Taste of Home. Letter from the Editor by Eric J. Schmaltz. In the Beginning Before the Internet. History of the Diocese of Tyraspol (Part 2) by Joseph Aloysius Kessler, trans. by Horst W. Gutsche. Historical Documents of First German-Russian Immigrant to United States, Johann Ludwig Bette (1821-1892) submitted by Clarence Bauman. Orzechowin Has Been Found! by Eduard Volk, trans. by Edward Fiechtner. Lost Records of the Russian Mennonites: The Missing Khortitza Gebietsamt Archive by Werner Toews. Book Review by Richard Benert The German Settlements in Bessarabia: A Study of the German Immigration to, Successful Settlement in, and Ultimate Abandonment of Bessarabia by Burkett W. Huey. Book Review by Eric J. Schmaltz Natural Affinities by David Hecker. Book Review Russian Agriculture in the 1880s by William Bosch. Staats-Anzeiger Newspaper Articles / Letters Krasna, et al., Related 1909-1932 (Rugby, ND 1906-1911; Devils Lake, ND 1911-1912; Bismarck, ND 1912-1945) compiled by Ted Becker. Folklore Forum by Bro. Placid Gross. GRHS Websites / E-mail Addresses.
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