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HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 46, No. 3 September 2016 - President's Letter by Valerie Renner Ingram Stewart. Die Gross Eltern (Grandparents) from Let's Talk German-Russian with Ernschtina un Hanswurscht by Professor Arnold H. Marzolf. In Memory of Roger Haas: Life Member and Generous Benefactor of the GRHS. Letter from the Editor by Eric J. Schmaltz. My Volga-German Heritage: The History of the Reifschneider-Herdt: Freedom through U.S. Immigration by Alaina E. Daum, 2016 Vera Hoff University Scholarship Winner. Convulsions (Gichter) by Bro. Placid Gross. Ada Schmidt Letters by Rachel Confair, 2016 Youth Essay Contest Winner (High School Senior Category). Standing on History's Bridge by Geneva Durand, 2016 Adult Essay Contest Winner. Book Review by LaVern J. Rippley Voices from the Gulag: The Oppression of the German Minority in the Soviet Union by Ulrich Merten. The Story of Ethnic Germans from the Soviet Union The Punished People by Lena Wolf, ill. By Scott Marriott. School Days Rule Days, submitted by Clarence Bauman. Book Review by Lawrence Klippenstein Menno Simons: Dutch Reformer between Luther, Erasmus and the Holy Spirit: a Study in the Problem Areas of Menno Scholarship by Abraham Friesen. Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water: The Russian-Germans in the Labour Army by J. Otto Pohl. Staats-Anzeiger Newspaper Articles / Letters Krasna, et al., Related 1909-1932 (Rugby, ND 1906-1911; Devils Lake, ND 1911-1912; Bismarck, ND 1912-1945) compiled by Ted Becker. Heritage Review in Review compiled by Eric J. Schmaltz. Folklore Forum by Bro. Placid Gross. GRHS Websites / E-mail Addresses.
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