Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 44, No. 3 September 2014 - President's Letter by Valerie Renner Ingram. Soviet Documents in German-Russian History Series, trans. by J. Otto Pohl. Letter from the Editor by Eric J. Schmaltz. Germans from Russia My Heritage by Cody Hardin. National Socialist Influence on the Relationship [of Ethnic Germans] with Jews in Bessarabia 5th in a Series by Manfred Bolte, trans. by Alex Herzog. GRHS: Yesterday, Today and Forever by Cynthia "Cindy" (Frank) Stupnik. Heritage Review in Review compiled by Eric J. Schmaltz. History of the Community of Tarutino from 1814 to 1934 (Part 8) by Wilhelm Mutschall, trans. by Horst W. Gutsche. Manure Stacks (Story from Katie Becker). Book Review Essay by Merv Weiss. From Russia to North Dakota to Major League Baseball: The Remarkable and Unlikely Path of Alexander "Rube" Schauer by Michael Rempfer. Book Review by Justin Quinn Olmstead. Federal Court Declarations of Intent, submitted by Mike Rempfer. Folklore Forum by Bro. Placid Gross. German-Russian Food Ways Span the Globe.
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