Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 42, No. 4 December 2012 - Letter from the Editor by Eric J. Schmaltz. President's Letter by Valerie Renner Ingram. The Ruins of the Former Catholic Church in Mannheim in Ukraine (May 2011), photos courtesy of Eric J. Schmaltz. History of the Community of Tarutino from 1814 to 1934 (Part I) by Wilhelm Mutschall, trans. by Horst W. Gutsche. Clothed with the Dead: Directives from Himmler to Pohl and Lorenz, 24 October 1942, Concerning the Delivery to Ethnic Germans of Consignments of Clothing from Lublin and Auschwitz Warehouses, compiled by Eric J. Schmaltz. Soviet Documents in German-Russian History Series, trans. by J. Otto Pohl. German-Russian Foods and Russian Words, from Let's Talk German-Russian with Ernschtina un Hanswurscht by Arnold H. Marzolf. Emigration from Germany to Russia: The Origins of the Krasna Settlers and Other Colonists in Bessarabia (Part III of III) by Eduard Volk, trans. by Ambrose and Sybille Leinz, submitted by Ted J. Becker. The 1812 Peace Treaty of Bucharest, a presentation by Heinz Fieß. Adam Hepperle Family Flees from Communist Russia by Carl H. Hepperle. The Ruins of the Former Lutheran Church in Beresina in the Former Bessarabia in What is Now Southwestern Ukraine (May 2011), photos courtesy of Eric J. Schmaltz. Federal Court Declarations of Intent, submitted by Mike Rempfer. Folklore Forum compiled by Bro. Placid Gross.
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