Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 39, No. 3 September 2009 - Pioneer School Experience: The Teachers, the Parents, and the Children by Edna Boardman. Germans from Crimea in Labor Camps of Swerdlowsk District by Hilda Riss, trans. by Merv Weiss. Island Hell by Ron Vossler. Immigrant Hardship by Duane Schrag. A Legacy of Endurance and Achievement (GRHS Youth Essay Contest Winner University Level) by Debra Goranson. A Comparison of Anti-German Russia, and the Anti-German Environment of the U.S. During WWI, and its Relation to the German-Russians by Justin K. Carter. GRHS Youth Essay Contest Winners. Genealogy Database Q & A by Gayla Aspenleiter. Genealogy Database Continues to Grow! by Carolyn Schott. What's New at GRHS? In Remembrance.
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