Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 39, No. 2 June 2009 - Rosa, Our Four-legged Friend by Eduard Mack, trans. by Ted Weisenburger. The Lutheran Church in Russia, With Special Emphasis on Ukraine: Intertwined with the History of Russia by R. Reuben Drefs. History of the Congregation of Odessa, South Dakota from 1874 to 1924 by Rev. Geo Zink, trans. by Ted Weisenburger. 1809 Passports from Frankfurt am Main to Taurien, Rußland - Part II (State Archives of the Odessa Region File 6-8-2) by Thomas A. Stangl, trans. of Russian text by Donn Koenig. Accepting the Norm (or Scattered Showers) by Emanuel Schlechter (Solo), trans. by Oliver Mogck. Time to Praise the Lord: A Summer Sunday, North Dakota in the 1940s by Edna Boardman. Folklore Forum by Bro. Placid Gross. An Overview of German-Russian Genealogy Research in Canada by Carolyn Schott with assistance from Murray Gauer, Bev Gutenberg, and Merv Weiss. Germans from Bessarabia to Brazil, trans. by Elli Wise. Let's Have Some Spass! Leola, South Dakota Celebrates 125th Anniversary by Gwen Schock Cowherd. What's New at GRHS? In Remembrance.
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