Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 38, No. 1 March 2008 - Step by Steppe: Exodus from the Ukraine by Alex and Mike Herzog. Removal from the Homeland: A Surviving Eye-witness Documentary Report on the Evacuation of Ethnic Germans from the Black Sea Region of Ukraine to Germany in Early 1944 (Part 1) by Walter Hornbacher, trans. by Eric J. Schmaltz. To the Long Barn: the Arrest, Interrogation and Execution of German Colonists from Hoffnungstal, Ukraine, in mass Operations #00447 and #00439 (Late Summer 1937 - Winter 1938) by Ron Vossler. Czar Alexander I of Russia: The Man and His Industrious and Talented Germans by Edna Boardman. Folklore Forum by Bro. Placid Gross. Koblenz Questionnaires Questions and Answers by Gayla Ohlhauser Gray. What's New at GRHS? In Remembrance.
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