Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 37, No. 4 December 2007 - Customs and Practices At Advent and Christmas Time, On New Year's Eve and New Year in the Old Homeland by Immanuel Schöch, trans. by Victor Knell. The German-Russian Christmas: Oral Histories from the Northern Plains by Jessica Clark. Wine Growing – an Illustrated Documentation by Hugo Häfner, trans. by Alex Herzog. When the Christ Child Came to Selz/Odessa on the Black Sea (1939) by Emmi (Keller) Kubera, trans. by Merv Weiss. Welchen Jubel Welche Freude: A Bessarabian Christmas Carol by Carolyn Schott. Levi and Edna Simbalenko: Music with Roots on the Steppe by Edna Boardman. Memories of Teacher Erhard Brenner by Horst Brenner and Rita Fakner, trans. by Oliver Mogck. Excerpt from Odessa Book of Mourning: Stalin's State Terror against the Germans in the Odessa and Nikolajew Districts of Ukraine, 1928-1953 Part 2, trans. by Merv Weiss. Folklore Forum by Bro. Placid Gross. EWZ Questions and Answers by Elli Wise. What's New at GRHS? In Remembrance.
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