Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 35, No. 4 December 2005 - Meeting the Hessians in Russia: Christmas 1941 (A Letter from a German Army Chaplain to His Wife in Germany), anonymous author, trans. by James Gessele. The 1921-23 Famine in Ukraine and the North Dakota Citizens' Relief Association for the Needy in Russia Part I, extracted and trans. by Homer Rudolf. Carl Wishek Follows Relief Efforts to Russia: Letters to His Parents 1922-1923 Part II, commentary and extraction by Homer Rudolf. A Childhood in Siberia of "Refugees," Wolves and Kirghiz by Johannes Herzog, trans. by Alex Herzog. Reinhard Schulz: A Study in Success by Duane Schrag. Annotated Passenger List, S. S. Circassia - Part II by Thomas A. Stangl.
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