Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 34, No. 4 December 2004 - A Short History of the Community Demir-Khadzhi by Wilhelm Krug, Schoolmaster, trans. by "Titus." A Day in Castle Garden. A German Schoolboy's Recollections of Life in Selz near Odessa in 1928 by Arthur Reiche, trans. by James Gessele. Scenes and Images From My Old Homeland: Küsterlehrer Julius Ehrhardt by Rudolf Zeiler, trans. by James Gessele. History in Old Letters: May God Grant Better Times Again: Trip Report & Other News after the Czar's Fall by Jakob Großman, trans. by Michael Rempfer. Obituaries from the Dakota Freie Presse, 1903-1947 (18), trans. by Dr. Horst Fode.
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