Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 34, No. 2 June 2004 - Cultural Development of the German Settlements in Transcaucasia by R. W., trans. by Titus. "Dein überglücklicher Ohm, Theodor": Letters from Theodor Giedt, compiled and trans. by James Gessele. "Gebt ihr den Vorzug": The German-Language Press of North and South Dakota by Anton H. Richter. Foreign Influences of the German Language in Bessarabia by Erwin Heer, trans. by Armand, edited by James Gessele. How Many German Russians Are There? By Carlo v. Kügelgen, trans. by Victor Knell. Concerning Germans in the South Caucasus Personal Recollections by L.E., trans. by Titus. Bestowing Honors on Protestant Clergy by the Czars, trans. by James Gessele. A Memorial to Good Deeds by Emil Biedlingmeier, trans. and edited by James Gessele. Obituaries from the Dakota Freie Presse, 1903-1947 (16), trans. by Dr. Horst Fode. Jehovah and Immanuel Lutheran Church Records Hosmer, South Dakota, submitted by Vernon Walth, trans. by Michael Rempfer.
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