Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 33, No. 2 June 2003 - Germans from Prussian Poland or Germans from Russia? by R. Reuben Drefs. Passenger List, submitted by Susie (Haman) Wanner. Places of Origin of Sixteen Crimean Families by Robert A. Schamber. Lincoln Valley Baptist Church Rural Denhoff, Sheridan County, North Dakota, USA, submitted by Agnes Faul and Wayne Gehring. Rosenfeld Baptist Cemetery Rural Drake, Sheridan County, North Dakota, USA, submitted by Herbert Blumhagen. The Resettlement of the Crimean Germans in 1941 According to Reports by Theodor Eisenbraun (Deceased), revised by Gertrud Braun, trans. by Annette Cook. Interpretations. Preparing the Land for Settlement by Larry T. Spiry. Love Those Juneberries! by Edna Boardman. The Centennial Celebration of the German Colonies in Beresan, trans. by Herbert Boswau.
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