Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 32, No. 2 June 2002 - (Der Stammbaum) - 2001 Surname & Address List, compiled by Rachel Schmidt. Martha Schwartz Letters, trans. by John H. Werner. Passenger List, submitted by Chris Burkhart. History of Mannheim Near Odessa by Peter Dettling, trans. by Victor Knell. Gerhard Schellenberg Interview, conducted by John P. Nickel. Life Is A Circle by Paulette Haupt Tobin. Life As A Lutheran by Paulette Haupt Tobin. Our Story by Paulette Haupt Tobin. News From Russia, trans. by Annette Cook. Witcher/Diviner by Harlan Weisz. Root Cellars In The Kutschurgan by Aubrey Marthaller. The Russian Revolution Of 1905, The Potėmkin Mutiny by Aubrey Marthaller. "A Love Of My Life" by Marilyn (Schwab) Jacobson.
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