Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 31, No. 1 March 2001 - Macedonia, Greece, trans. by Michael Rempfer. In Canada By The Grace of God by Edna Boardman. Mein Grossmutter by Ted J. Becker. The Challenges And Hopes In Genealogical Research In Poland by Gayle Schlissel Riley. The German Diet In South Russia, trans. by Michael Rempfer. Peaceful Conquest Of South Bessarabia By Germans by N. D. Zabotkin, trans. by Sergey Karamanov. Neudorf, Glückstal, trans. by Armand Bauer. 84-Year-Old Grave Marker Is Made Known. Steppe And Prairie "Sod" Houses by Ted J. Becker. Stork from Franz Schall, trans. and submitted by Brother Placid Gross. "There And Here". Newly Arrived Immigrants, trans. by Michael Rempfer. From Bessarabia To Brazil, trans. by Ilona Richey, edited by Ted J. Becker. Four Weddings Occur Next Week. Recollections Of Ebenfeld, Kronau District, Cherson Region by Ferdinand Kammerer, trans. by Ilona Richey, edited by Ted J. Becker. From North Dakota, trans. by Michael Rempfer. Friedensfeld, 1879-1940: Memories of a Schwäbian Village on the Steppe in South Bessarabia (final) by Paul Jundt, trans. by Victor Knell. The Swabians In Dobrudja, trans. by Michael Rempfer.
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