Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 30, No. 1 March 2000 - Memories from World War I by Michael Herrman, trans. by Armand Bauer. He Could Not Leave the Homeland by Rudolf Zeiler, trans. by Armand Bauer. Alt-Posttal - 140 Years by Wilhelm Kludt, trans. by Armand Bauer. History In Old Letters trans. by Michael Rempfer. The German Colonies in the Crimea and Molotschna in the Twenties of the Previous Century by J. Stach, trans. by Armand Bauer. Statistical-Historical Description of the Colonists in the Swedish District with Respect to its 100 Years of Existence by Wilhelm Isert, trans. by Armand Bauer. History of the Baptist Community Katalui by Elisabeth Rauschenberger, trans. by Armand Bauer. A Tragic Account - Prairie Fire by Rev. Samuel Blumhagen, trans. by Armand Bauer. Emigrants From Krasna, Bessarabia, compiled by Ted J. Becker and Rosemary Ternes Mack, Krasna Village Research Co-Coordinators, Data were extracted from Krasna master Census, 1814-1940 (3) by Ted J. Becker and Rosemary Ternes Mack. Obituary - Karl Daniel Mayer. How Cold Was It, Really? trans. by Michael Rempfer.
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