Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 26, No. 4 December 1996 - Certificates of Appreciation - 1996 compiled by Rachel Schmidt. Our Return to Germany by Gertrude (Schlaht) Peterreins, trans. by Armand Bauer. Book Review by Edna Boardman. Convention 1996. Customs and Practices of Our Home by le, trans. by Armand Bauer. History of the Heilbronn Settlement, Dakota Territory by Heinrich Dewald, submitted by Frieda Roth Nusz. Searching For My Mother's Homestead Land by Donald M. Schell. Origins of the Russian Lutheran Church by Thomas K. Edlund. Christmas and Other Festivals in Wolhynia by Paul Peitz, trans. by Armand Bauer. My Ancestors Were Germans from Russia by Danielle Dempsey; The Schlecht Family History by Naomi Dawn Schlecht; My Heritage by Bryan Reiter; Pioneers Of My Heritage by Amanda Jean Halter - 1996 Pride in Your Heritage winners. Tragedy in the Life of Johannes Wegner submitted by John H. Werner. Passenger Lists, submitted by Adeline V. Wollert, Tom Hoffman, Michael Rempfer, Lola G. Olson, and Mrs. Leonard Volk.
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