Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 25, No. 1 March 1995 - Certificates of Appreciation - 1994 by Rachel Schmidt. "Chewing" Sunflower Seeds by Charles Weisser. Chronicles of the Evangelical Lutheran Immanuels Parish in Hutchinson County, Kaylor (previously rural Tripp), South Dakota by Paul Briest, trans. by Armand Bauer. Birth and Baptismal Records at Zion Lutheran Church, Scotland, South Dakota (1), submitted by Edwin Ziegler, trans. by Elaine and Armand Bauer. Explusion of The German Colonists From Wolhynia, 1915-1916 by Friedrich Rink, trans. by J. M. Richey. Investigation To Establish The Reasons Which Led To The Russian-German Emigrations From Hesse by W. Appel, trans. by J. M. Richey. The Community Karlsruhe by Philipp Landeis, trans. by J. M. Richey. That Is Why We Pray for Stalin (My Trip to Novosibirsk) by Rev. Al Bitz. Marriages and Weddings in the Old Homeland by le, trans. by Armand Bauer. Johann Höhn, the Well-Known Plow Manufacturer of Odessa by F. W., trans. by J. M. Richey. Poems. Passenger Lists, submitted by George Dorscher, Dennis Seher, Karla Nurnberg, and Rosemary (Ternes) Mack.
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