Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 22, No. 4 December 1992 - Dedicated to Thomas A. Wentz. A Special Gift From Jean Evenstad by Armand Bauer. Pietism and the German-Russians (2), by Prof. Arnold H. Marzolf. Akkerman and the Trajanwall, trans. by Armand Bauer. The German Settlements in the Saporoshje Region by Dr. Karl Stumpp, trans. by J. M. Richey. The Evangelical-Lutheran Community Kaisertal in the First 75 Years, 1838 to 1913 by J. Stach, trans. by J. M. Richey. Church Records - 1st Germantown Baptist Congregation (3), trans. by Elaine and Armand Bauer. Family Secrets by Dr. Ralph G. Bennett. The Oldest Inhabitants of Russia, trans. Armand Bauer. Ode to Frederick by Jenny Eckman; My Family History by Cheryl Lackman; The "Beahm" Family - From Russia to America by Sarah McLeish - 1992 Pride in Your Heritage winners. Iron Crosses in Norway by Armand Bauer. The GRHS Village Research Project Update by Robert Schuh. Convention 1992. Passenger Lists, submitted by Carol J. Harless, Glenn D. Kuehn, Charles A. Koch, John Burkhardt and Dennis Seher. Query.
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