Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 22, No. 3 September 1992 - Dedicated to LeRoy Oberlander. The GRHS Village Research Project Update by Robert Schuh and Victor Knell. Pietism and the German- Russians (1), by Prof. Arnold H. Marzolf. From the Life and Reign of Czar Nikolaus I (1825-1855), trans. by Armand Bauer. Church Records - 1st Germantown Baptist Congregation (2), trans. by Elaine and Armand Bauer. Cool and Clear - Water and the Windmill on Our North Dakota Farm by Edna M. Boardman. Folk Medicine and Folk Beliefs Among the Black Sea Germans by Gerda Stumpp, trans. by J. M. Richey. My Trip to Germany to Visit My Brother by Jake Diede. The Development of the Russian Empire from Wladimir to the Ascension to the Throne by Michael Romanoff, trans. by Armand Bauer. Our Holidays at Home by Raphael Böhler, trans. by J. M. Richey. How the Volga Germans Celebrated a Wedding, trans. by J. M. Richey. Our Life in Belowesch Over the Course of its Festivals, trans. by J. M. Richey. The Wine Industry of the German Colonies in the Crimea, trans. by J. M. Richey. Pioneer Life and the Women of Dakota by Carol Just Halverson. History in Old Letters, trans. by Aubrey Marthaller. 1992 Literary Award winner. Passenger Lists, submitted by Herb Poppke, Eldon E. Brandt, Janet Greenlee, Michelle Dunn and Rosalie Wittman, Michael Rempfer, Leonard Thompson and Clarence Bauman. Poems.
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