Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 21, No. 1 February 1991 - Dedicated to Alice Essig. History of my Sufferings as a Soviet Citizen by Gottlieb Saur, trans. by Matilda Wiederrich. The Feather Tick: Memories of a German-Russian Grandmother by Shona A. Dockter. Preference or Pro-Franz, submitted by Leo A. Johs. Commemorating the Contribution of F. W. Sallet to the American Community: Dedication of a Bronze Plaque at Aberdeen, South Dakota by LaVern J. Rippley. Address at the Dedication of the Bronze Plaque Commemorating F. W. Sallet, July 27, 1990 by Harold Higgins. Urban German Nationals in Russia by J. Schleuning, trans. by J. M. Richey. The Kramer Lineage by John V. Kramer. The Schwäbian Settlements in the South Caucasus, trans. by Jlona Richey. GRHS Village Research Project Update by Frances Feist. Baptism Records - Congregational Church by Rev. Johann Jacob Sattler, trans. by Elaine and Armand Bauer. Brienne, Bessarabia, 1816-1966 (1), by Alfred Ziebart, trans. by Victor Knell. Query.
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