Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 20, No. 2 May 1990 - Activate Our Youth by Josephine Eckman. My Volhynia Episode by George Maser, compiled by Ilene Domries Frey. Wolves and Sunflowers (4), by Nelly Daes, trans. by Prof. Arnold Marzolf. 1867 - Seimany Was Founded 120 Years Ago by Richard Baumgartner, trans. by Alma M. Herman. 60 Years Annowka, Akkerman District by Oskar Bantel, trans. by Ilona Richey. Orth Ancestry by Elaine and Armand Bauer. Grease Ain't Bad If You Never Had Butter by LaVina Lee Krueger. Country School Memories of a Former Teacher by Frieda Schuh. Country School Legacy, Teacher's Viewpiont by Edwin M. Iszler. Five Pupils and Their Teacher by Hilda Bauman Schaefer. Experience of a Rural School Teacher in Morton County by Dolly Holliday Clark. School Days by Gust Kundert. Marriage Records - Congregational Church by Rev. Johann J. Sattler. Peace Lutheran Cemetery - Heil, North Dakota, submitted by Agnes Meidinger. Passenger Lists, submitted by Wilbur and Susan Schlecht, George Dorscher, Leonard and Donna Volk and Malvin W. Miller. Query.
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