Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 19, No. 3 September 1989 - Wolves and Sunflowers (2), by Nelly Daes, trans. by Prof. Arnold Marzolf. Memorial Stone House Museum - Dickinson, North Dakota. Growing up in Russia by Emilia Usinger Alt. The Summer Kitchen by Edna Boardman. The Faith of Our Parents by Edna Boardman. Obituaries from the Dakota Freie Presse, 1903-1947 (1), trans. by Dr. Horst Fode. Chronological Events of Eva Wald, submitted by Anna Unser Smith. Wald Family History by Gregory A. Wald; My German-Russian Heritage by Stephanie Johansen - 1989 Pride in Your Heritage winners. A Report - The Origin and Colonization of the German Colony Worms, Province Beresan, South Russia, 1809-10 by Theodore Roemmich, trans. by Herman Roemmich. Mother's Helper by Edna Buechler. Final Naturalization Records, "Adult" - Seattle, Washington; Final Naturalization Records, "Minor" - Seattle, Washington, submitted by Joyce Summers. Dennewitz Lutheran Cemetery - Tripp, South Dakota, submitted by Edwin E. Ziegler. 1989 Literary Award winner. Convention 1989. Poems. Query.
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