Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 19, No. 2 May 1989 - German-Russians From the Dobrudscha in Dakota Territory, 1882 by Armand and Elaine Bauer and Lester Seibold. Anna Marie Brandt Recounts Her Ancestry, submitted by Lester Seibold. Our Roots Tours to Russia by Odelia Ell. Wolves and Sunflowers (1), by Nelly Daes, trans. by Prof. Arnold H. Marzolf. From the Community Book of Atmadscha, trans. by Armand Bauer. Plan of the Colony Atmagea. How We Survived World War One by Maria Herrmann, trans. by Armand Bauer. The Schielke Family History As We Know It by Vi Schielke. Mehrer's Came to America in 1872 by Vi Schielke. One Hundred Years of Religion and Worship, Catholicism Among the Germans from Russia in Western North Dakota by Fr. John H. Kuhn. One Hundred Years of Religion and Worship, Protestant Denominations by Prof. Arnold Marzolf. One Hundred Years of Religion and Worship, Lutheran Church by Rev. Walter Kranzler. Carl Shieve: A Biographical Sketch of a German from Russia by Edna Boardman. History in Old Letters. Saint Jacobus Lutheran Church, submitted by Mrs. Alfred Feickert. Poems. Query.
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