Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 17, No. 2 May 1987 - Memories of Fayette by Julia Hurinenko. German-Russian Dance Music in Transition: Strasburg, North Dakota by Jerry Klein. A Trip to Russia to Visit a Sister, assembled by Armand and Elaine Bauer. Assimilation of German-Russian and Norwegian Immigrants by Barbara Handy-Marchello. The Germans in the Dobrudscha (5), trans. by Armand Bauer. People from Heilbronn Settled in Siberia, trans. by Armand and Elaine Bauer. Mendham Zion Evangelical Church Cemetery - Mendham, Saskatchewan; Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery - Leader, Saskatchewan, submitted by Carol Davick. Passenger Lists, submitted by Ned Schall, Erwin Ulmer and Alice Essig. Poems.
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