Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 17, No. 1 February 1987 - (Der Stammbaum) - Franz Bullinger - 1845-1938, Peter Bullinger - 1893-1970, and John G. Klotz - 1877-1961, submitted by Rita Kronquist. Evangelical Lutheran Christus Gemeinde Cemetery - Estuary, Saskatchewan; Leader Emmanuel Church Cemetery - Leader, Saskatchewan, submitted by Carol Davick. Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery - Carbon, Alberta; German Baptist Freudental Cemetery - Carbon, Alberta, submitted by Betty Lang. St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery - Oliver County, North Dakota; St. Markus German Congregational Cemetery - Blue Grass, Morton County, North Dakota; Alt Gnadenfeld Baptist Cemetery - Herreid, South Dakota, submitted by Alvina Schurr. "Koch Cemetery" - Campbell, Nebraska, submitted by Allen Konrad. Church of the Annunciation Cemetery - Roman Catholic Mission Church (1916-1940) - Oliver County, North Dakota, submitted by Bertha R. Geiger. 1986 Surname & Address List. Index to GRHS 1986 Publications by Frieda Roth Nusz. Poems. Query.
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