Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 10, No. 3 August 1980 - The Availability of German-Russian Genealogical Data of the Black Sea Region - Particularly Hoffnungstal and the Berlin Document Center by Dr. Otto G. Siegle. Colony of Hoffnungstal, Odessa, submitted by Marion S. Kirschman. Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier Thesis and the German-Americans by Don Heinrich Tolzmann. The German Colonies in the Kutschurgan Region (5), by Johannes Brendel, trans. by Thomas A. Welk. History in Old Letters by Robert Billigmeier. My Grandmother Franciska Fischer, submitted by John V. Kramer. History of the Huber's by Hugo Huber. Weather Wisdom, submitted by Esther Asp. Talk Plattdeutsch, submitted by Leonard J. Jacobs. 1980 Literary Award Winner. Convention 1980. Passenger Lists, submitted by Gwen Pritzkau, Delores S. Iggulden, Ned Schall and Marvin Geiss. Poems. Query.
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