Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 10, No. 2 April 1980 - Joseph S. Height Memorial Issue. Joseph Stuart Height (1909-1979) Author, Linguist, Historian by Theodore C. Wenzlaff and Paul E. Reeb. Eiserne Kreuze of Emmons County: A Forgotten Folk Art by Lewis R. Marquardt. Gottesacker by Phyllis Hertz Feser. The German Colonies in the Kutschurgan Region (4), by Johannes Brendel, trans. by Thomas A. Welk. A May Night in Krasnodar by Margaret Kludt, trans. by August Kludt. Two Area Buildings Named to Historic Register, submitted by Hugo B. Raugust. History of Alt- Danzig and Neu-Danzig, submitted by Curt Renz. In Word and Deed - Memories of the Former Homeland, trans. by Tony Kienzle. Germans from Russia Heritage Collection by John E. Bye. Portion of the 1900 Census Records from the Washington, DC Archives - Manheim Township - Logan County, North Dakota, submitted by Josephine Eckman. Passenger Lists, submitted by Josephine Eckman and Theodore C. Wenzlaff. Poems. Query.
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