Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW #25 December 1979 - Early German-Russian Church Construction in Emmons County (ND) by Lewis R. Marquardt. Zürichtal by Pastor Heinrich Lhotsky, trans. by Armand and Elaine Bauer. The German Colonies in the Kutschurgan Region (3), by Johannes Brendel, trans. by Thomas A. Welk. Of Olden Times by Oscar Weiss, trans. by Rev. Wm. H. Simpfenderfer. A German Letter Written from New Jajunt (Neu Lajunt), Crimea, Russia, on the 11th of March, 1928 by Dorothea Eisenbraun Ellwein to sister Rosine, trans. by Armand and Elaine Bauer. My Grandfather, Gottlieb Meisenholder by Thomas J. Schmierer. Jacob (Jake) R. Klotzbeacher by LaVern J. Rippley. Kohler-Zentner-Loran From the Diary of Adam Kohler, submitted by Leonard and Elaine Veitenheimer. 1979 Literary Award Winner. Passenger Lists, submitted by Armand and Elaine Bauer and Gwen Pritzkau. Poems. Query.
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