Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW #22 December 1978 - Germans from Russia Heritage Collection Established at North Dakota State University by John E. Bye. Contributions Toward a History of the German- Russian Settlements in North America (10), by F. W. Sallet, trans. by LaVern J. Rippley. The Germans in the Soviet Union after 1917 by Dr. Karl Stumpp, trans. by Joseph S. Height. On Germans in the Soviet Union by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, trans. by Dr. Joseph S. Height. Christmas Without Angels' Hair by Margarete Kludt, trans. by August Kludt. Black Sea Germans from the Rumanian Dobrudja (2), by Lester G. Seibold. German Farmers in the Crimea During the Periods 1806-1941 (6), by Theodore Eisenbraun, trans. by Armand and Elaine Bauer. The John Morasch Family by Jean Leslie. Danzig Reunion by Kermit B. Karns. Germans from Russia Class at NDSU by Michael M. Miller. The Norwegian and German-Russian Heritage of North Dakota Project by Jon Charles Tabbert. Passenger Lists, submitted by Alice Essig, Douglas V. Johnston, Aubrey B. Marthaller and Ned Schall. Poems.
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