Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW #18 September 1977 - From Where Did You Get Your Freckles? by Paul Reeb. German Farmers in Crimea During the Period 1806-1941 (2), by Theodore Eisenbraun, trans. by Armand and Elaine Bauer. Contributions Toward a History of the German-Russian Settlements in North America (6), by F. W. Sallet, trans. by LaVern J. Rippley. Culture-Political Correspondence of March 30, 1976 by Dr. Karl Stumpp, trans. by Karen Retzlaff. A New Post, 'Mapletown', and Mennonites from Russia in North Dakota by Herbert Boswau. Friedland, Gate to Freedom and Hope by Phil Edel. Forty Thousand Germans in the USSR Apply for Exit Permits by Herbert Boswau. Evidence: A Soviet German Lady Talks by Phil Edel. Passenger Lists, submitted by Allan Gustav Hins. Poems.
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