Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW #12 December 1975 - Christmas in the Hessian Villages of the Volga by Johannes Schleuning, trans. by Del Schnaidt. Christmas with the Black Sea Germans by Dr. Karl Stumpp, trans. by Kim Olson. Celebration of Christmas by Black Sea Germans in Dakota by Rev. Theodor Bauer. Christmas, Four Days of Celebration by Msgr. George P. Aberle. Christmas in a Soviet Slave Labor Camp by Leo Oks, trans. by Dr. Joseph S. Height. Bessarabia Revisited (1), trans. by Theodore C. Wenzlaff. Contributions Toward a History of the German-Russian Settlements in North America (1), by F. W. Sallet, trans. by LaVern Rippley. The Heer Family in Dakota Territory by R. J. Sailer. Passenger Lists, submitted by Gwen Pritzkau. Poems.
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