Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW #9 December 1974 - Weinachten: The Enchanting German Celebration of Christmas by Arthur Leno. The Memorable Weihnachten Season in Western North Dakota by Beata Mertz. The Dakota Freie Presse: Its Brightest and Its Darkest Hour by LaVern J. Rippley. Ancestral Alsace Revisited by Dr. Joseph S. Height. Reformed Colonies in South Russia by Herman Dalton. The German Russians: Pioneers on Two Continents by James R. Griess. The Colonists and the Czar, trans. by Dr. Joseph S. Height. Jacob Schnaidt, The Last District Secretary of Sarata, trans. by Del Schnaidt. Weihnachtsgebäck, contributed by Elaine Bauer, Beata Mertz, Donna Vander Vorst and Alma Weisgerber. Americans from Germany: A Study in Cultural Diversity by Robert H. Billigmeier. Recollections of a Bygone Community by Fritz Clement. Convention 1974. Poems.
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