Heritage Review

HERITAGE REVIEW Volume 52, No. 2 June 2022 - About the Covers. President’s Letter by Curtis R. Mertz. Corrections. 2021-2022 GRHS Officers. Farm Sale on the Home Place by Marilyn Kratz. At the Familientisch with Louise “The Special Operation - AKA War” by Louise Wiens.The Story of the Emigration of the Gottlieb Kruckenberg Family by Sigrid Sasse Standke, photos by Vi Schilke, trans. by Siegfried Trautwein. Letters from John 1904-1939 by Dennis T. Graff. Great Grandpa’s Sod House by Marilyn Kratz. Nicknames in the Kutschurgan Valley by Franz Schaell in 1966 by Bro. Placid Gross, 2021. Two Directly Related Articles on “Bessarabian Tolerance” by Brigitte Bornemann. “Bessarabian Tolerance?” - Neither “Crimes of Euthanasia” nor “Resistance” by David Aippersbach. Memory that will not be Forgotten by Yulia Valieva and Olga Mladinova, trans. By Otto Riehl. Joseph S. Height Award and 2021 Winners - reprint for correction. Hoffnungstal - An Interim Report by Werner Schabert. Hoffnungstal - A History by Berner Schabert. Klöstitz (Bessarabia) - a History by Werner Schabert. The Background to the Resettlement of Ethnic Germans from Bessarabia - Part 1 by Burk Huey. GRHS Youth Schön Ist die Jugend by Cameron Nicklaus and Erika Weidemann. From the Steppes of the Volga to the Evergreen Forests: The German Russian Diaspora in Washington State by Samuel Steck, 2021 Vera Hoff University Scholarship 1st Place Winner. Folklore compiled by Brother Placid Gross. News Briefs. GRHS Websites and E-mail Directory. Remembering Dr. LaVern J. Rippley.
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