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TUMBLEWEEDS BURNING BOOK 2: A Novel by Milt Ost, 2015. Life for the Osters, immigrant Germans in Russia, started out well enough. But then persecution began and life turned sour. Their children flee to American and accept the government's offer of free homestead acres on the great prairies of the heartland. The free land, however, extracts a heavy price. As they wrestle their sod house out of the stubborn buffalo grasses, they discover that their new "palace on the prairies" is only three miles from the Native sons of the warriors who removed the golden tresses of George Armstrong Custer. It leaves their days uneasy, their nights uncertain. But events bring a twist that adds an entirely new dimension. At every turn, Nature confronts them with immense battles, from killing blizzards to raging fires, to biblical plagues of grasshoppers. From years of paralyzing drought where nothing grows, to tumbleweeds and early death. Violent dust storms threaten to choke all of life around them. They deal with witchcraft and murder, and international conflicts that drastically change their lives. Through it all they come together in faith and turn their little spot of earth into the breadbasket of the world. Autographed copy. Soft cover - 339 pages.


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