Sheridan County, North Dakota Area

Area Coordinator: Volunteer Needed

Date Formed: Organized December 24, 1908.
Created by popular vote at the general election of November 1908 from the eastern portion of McLean County

County Seat: McClusky, 1908-present.

Cities, townships and historical communities:

CITIES: Denhoff*, Goodrich, Herr*, Lincoln Valley*, Martin, McClusky, Pickardville.
*ghost towns

TOWNSHIPS - [1930 Map]: Berlin, Boone, Denhoff, Edgemont, Fairview, Georgetown, Goodrich, Grandville. Harris, Hellman, Highland, Holmes, John's Lake, Lamont, Lincoln Dale, McClusky, Martin, Mauch, Mertz, Mountain City, New Germantown, Pickard, Prophets, Rosenfield, Schiller, Sperry, Strassburg, Whittaker.


Title or Main Topic Type Source
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Saint Jacobus Lutheran Cemetery Heritage Review; #19-2, 1989 Page 48

Books (These books are available at GRHS headquarters)

  • Atlas of Sheridan County, North Dakota  by Midland Atlas Company, Inc. (Milbank, South Dakota)
  • Denhoff * Goodrich * Sheridan County all school directory, 1913-2001
  • Denhoff - Goodrich all school directory 1913-1989
  • Fiftieth anniversary of church dedication, Jehovah Evangelical United Brethren Church, McClusky, North Dakota 
  • Goodrich alumni directory 1917-1976
  • Kassel Reformed Church. 75th Anniversary Kassel Reformed church, Lincoln Valley, North Dakota 1900-1975. 
  • Lincoln Valley Baptist Church. 75th Anniversary of the Lincoln Valley Baptist Church, 1900-1975, Lincoln Valley, North Dakota 
  • Lincoln Valley Baptist Church Cemetery rural Denhoff, Sheridan County, North Dakota  by Agnes Faul
  • Lincoln Valley history 1899 - 1985  by Brenda Halvorson
  • Martin Baptist Church, Martin, North Dakota, 1972
  • McClusky centennial, 1905-2005: heart of North Dakota McClusky Centennial Committee 2005
  • Sheridan County census, 1910 North Dakota  by LaRose Ketterling,
  • Sheridan County heritage '76: a bicentennial project  by Jim Wills
  • Sheridan County heritage '89  by Jim Wills, ed. [For Members Only  Index for book ]
  • Sheridan County, North Dakota Cemeteries
  • Standard atlas of Sheridan Co., North Dakota  by Van Valkenburgh Map & Litho. Co.
  • The golden observance, 1903-1958, the Goodrich Evangelical United Brethren Church, Goodrich, North Dakota
  • 60th anniversary, McClusky Baptist Church: 60 years by the Grace of God ,1904-1964, (McClusky, North Dakota)
  • 65th anniversary services, 1910-1975, Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, McClusky, North Dakota, June 15, 1975
  • 75th anniversary of the Lincoln Valley Baptist Church, 1900-1975, Lincoln Valley, North Dakota
  • World War I draft registrants for Sheridan County, North Dakota  by Michael Rempfer

City/Township [Locations]

Advent Cemetery Lincoln Valley Lincoln Dale
Berlin Cemetery Berlin Berlin
Denhoff Catholic Cemetery Denhoff Denhoff
Denhoff Church of the Nazarene Denhoff Denhoff
Denhoff SDA Cemetery Denhoff Denhoff
Denhoff Zion Lutheran Cemetery Denhoff Denhoff
Fairview Cemetery Fairview Fairview
Goodrich SDA Cemetery Goodrich Goodrich
Goodrich City Cemetery 
(Photo supplied by Elaine Morrison)
Goodrich Goodrich
Lincoln Valley Country SDA Cemetery Lincoln Valley Lincoln Dale
Martin United Methodist Cemetery Martin Martin
McClusky City Cemetery McClusky McClusky
Rosenfield Baptist Cemetery      Rosenfield
Saint Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery       Schiller
Saint Jacobus Lutheran Cemetery         
Saint James Cemetery     Fairview
Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery McClusky McClusky
Skogmo Cemetery     Highland
West Scandia Cemetery Lincoln Valley Lincoln Dale
Westheim Cemetery McClusky Mountain City

Census Records
1910 Images
1920 Images
1930 Images


Assembly of God Church
324 Avenue B East, McClusky, ND 58463
First Baptist Church 
210 3rd Street West, Goodrich, ND 58444
Grace Lutheran Church
402 4th Street West, McClusky, ND 58463
(701) 363-2267
Goodrich Seventh Day Adventist Church
218 Frank Street East, Goodrich, ND 58444
McClusky Baptist Church
101 4th Street East, McClusky, ND 58463
Martin Baptist Church
Po Box 113, Martin, ND 58758
(701) 693-2844
Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church ELCA
222 McKinley Avenue, Goodrich, ND 58444
St John's Lutheran Church 
103 F Ave West, McClusky, ND 58463
Seventh-Day Adventist Church
707 Avenue A East, McClusky, ND 58463
(701) 363-2963
United Methodist Church
McClusky, ND 58463


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