Medicine Hat, Cypress County, Forty Mile County, Alberta

Area Coordinator: Clarence Janke

Homestead Years: Primary 1905-1915, and again 1926 & 1927

Background: The early settlers were from the Black Sea to Caspian Sea area, including Bessarabia, Beresan, and Glueckstal. There were also Volga German settlers. Many of the early German-Russian settlers re-located from North and South Dakota, having immigrated earlier. These settlers were predominately farmers.

A large group of former Germans from Russia immigrated to Medicine Hat in the 1950's after the Second World War. These persons had been displaced out of South Russia in 1939-1940 by the Russians during the War and most lived in various places during the War Years. Many of these came to Medicine Hat because they had friends and relatives, basically family, living here that had settled in this area in the early 20th Century.

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Cities, Towns, Villages, Hamlets and Post-Offices, past and present:

Area covered: West of the fourth meridian (Alberta-Saskatchewan border) beginning in the south from Township 7 and continuing north to Township 16 inclusive; covering from the east, Range 1, and continuing west through Range 10 inclusive. This includes Cypress County #1, and a small area of county of Forty Mile in the southwest.

Cities, Towns, Villages & Hamlets: Location: Founded:
City of Medicine Hat 31-12-5-w4 1883 JUN 12
Town of Redcliff 17-13-6-w4 1910 NOV 01
Town of Bow Island 35-10-11w4 1905 JUN 05
Dunmore 02-12-5w4 1886 FEB 01
Elkwater 31-8-2-w4 1901 APR 01
Etzikom 02-07-8w4 1911 MAR 15
Foremost 17-6-11w4 1914 JAN 15
Irvine 31-11-2w4 1900 AUG 01
Manyberries 24-05-6w4 1911 FEB 01
Orion 06-06-6w4 1912 NOV 15
Ralston 10-15-9w4 1949 SEP 15
Schuler 12-16-2w4 1910 DEC 15
Seven Persons 04-11-7w4 1903 APR 01
Suffield 34-14-9w4 1910 JUN 15
Walsh 34-11-1w4 1891 AUG 01
Whitla 05-11-8w4 1909 MAY 22
Winnifred 18-11-9w4 1909 MAY 01

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Historical Post Offices:

Website for Post Offices (Past & Present) of Canada :

Check for further information on these Post-Offices such as Post Masters, Locations, Years of Operation, etc.
Because of the vast number of Post-Offices and the large area covered by this Page, there may be errors or omissions in this listing.  Please contact Area Coordinator so that corrections can be made.

Cypress Hills (Alta) area: Eagle Butte, (20-8-4-w4)-(1900-05-01); Elkwater, (31-8-2-w4)-(1901-04-01); Fox, (16-7-1-w4)-(1912-07-01); Graburn, (14-9-1-w4)-(1895-07-01); Josephsburg, (7-10-2-w4)-(1890-06-01); Robinson, (28-9-3-w4)-(1923-05-01);Thelma, (12-7-3-w4)-(1911-03-15); Tothill, (27-9-4-w4)-(1924-01-01)

Walsh (Alta) area: Tarves, (7-13-1-w4)-(1913-02-01 - became Many Island 1919-10-01); Walsh, (34-11-1-w4)-(1891-08-01);
(Graburn included with Cypress Hills area)

Schuler (Alta) area: Roseglen, (4-16-3-w4)-(1913-10-13); Schuler, (12-16-2-w4)-(1910-12-15)

Manyberries area: Aden, (16-1-10-w4)-(1913-03-01); Comrey, (10-2-6-w4)-(1910-04-01); FourWays, (15-6-7-w4)-(1912-04-01) (became Pakowki), (34-4-7-w4)-(1915-09-01) (became Glassford), (1916-09-01); Glen Banner, (16-7-6-w4)-(1910-04-01); Manyberries, (24-05-6w4)-(1911-02-01); Minda, (7-6-5-w4)-(1910-02-01); Needmore (became Orion), (6-6-6-w4)-(1912-10-15); OneFour, (34-1-4-w4)-(1913-05-01); Orion, (7-6-6-w4)-(1916-05-01); Peigan, (10-7-5-w4)-(1913-03-01) (became Ranchville, (9-7-5-w4)-(1913-04-01); Sage Creek, (4-1-2-w4)-(1913-06-01 - became Wild Horse - 1926-02-01)

Irvine-Clearwater area: Irvine, (31-11-2-w4)-(1900-08-01); Newburg, (12-10-3-w4)-(1904-09-01); (Josephsburg, Robinson, Tothill included with Cypress Hills area); (Many Island included with Walsh area)

Dunmore area: Coleridge (2-12-5-w4)-(1886-02-01 - became Dunmore Junction- 1898-10-01 - became Dunmore - 1905-10-01); Dunmore, (2-12-5-w4)-(1905-10-01); Dauntless, (35-11-6-w4)-(1914-01-01); Gros Ventre, (34-9-4-w4)-(1907-02-01) (became Norton PO- 1923-02-); Little Plume, (20-9-5-w4)-(1903-10-15); Norton, (1907-02-01); Pashley, (7-12-3-w4)-(1910-10-01); Rosebeg, (10-10-6-w4)-(1911-02-14); Wisdom, (30-8-5-w4)-(1913-06-01); Woolchester, (23-10-5-w4)-(1900-05-01)

Bowmanton-Bowell area: Bowell, (6-14-7-w4)-(1905-12-01), Bowmanton, (33-14-4-w4)-(1913-10-13), Box Springs, (15-14-6-w4)-(1911-10-01), Rapid Narrows, (30-17-4-w4)-(1911-10-01), Vale, (28-14-3-w4)-(1913-10-13), Waddington, (34-15-4-w4)-(1914-07-01)

Bow Island-Winnifred area: Maleb, (9-8-10-w4)-(1911-06-01); Bow Island, (35-10-11w4)-(1905-06-05); Winnifred, (18-11-9-w4)-(1909-05-01)

Foremost area: Altorado, (36-4-10-w4)-(1910-05-16); Bingen, (16-6-10-w4)-(1913-02-01 - became Nemiskam-1916-01-01); Birdsholm, (36-4-11-w4)-(1914-02-01); Foremost, (17-6-11w4)-(1914-01-15); Groton, (27-3-10-w4)-(1913-02-01); Goddard, (522-4-12-w4)-(1911-07-01); Lucky Strike, (24-3-12-w4)-(1910-01-01)

Etzikom area: Avalon, (9-3-9-w4)-(1911-08-01); Catchem, (10-4-6-w4)-(1913-02-01); Endon, (2-7-8-w4)-(1911-03-15) (became Etzikom- (14-6-9-w4)-(1916-01-04); Faith, (9-4-9-w4)-(1911-05-01); Florann, (9-4-11-w4)-(1913-10-01); Gahern, (20-4-8-w4)-(1914-07-01); Pendant d'Oreille, (18-3-7-w4)-(1910-09-15)

Seven Persons-Whitla area: Bullshead, (16-11-6-w4)-(1910-02-02) ; Granlea, (15-8-9-w4)-(1913-08-01); Pleasant View (formerly Windy Ridge), (5-9-9-w4)-(1911-03-15); Prospy, (21-7-9-w4)-(1911-09-01); Seven Persons, (4-11-7-w4)-(1903-04-01); Stornham, (34-10-8-w4)-(--); Thompson, (6-8-7-w4)-(1911-06-15); Whitla, (5-11-8-w4)-(1909-05-22)

Suffield area: Carlstadt, (29-15-10-w4)-(1909-08-23) (became Alderson 1915-07-01); Ralston, (10-15-9-w4)-(1949-09-15); Suffield Station, (34-10-9-w4)-(1910-06-15 - became Suffield 1933-06-01)

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Schools-The Present Days To the Past Days With The One- Room Schoolhouses:

It is my purpose for this Web-Page to list first the present day Schools which are mainly in the City of Medicine Hat as well as in other Towns and Villages of this Area. This listing will include the Name of the School, The Address of the School as well as the Telephone Numbers of these Schools if they are available. Will also list the City, Town, Village in which the specific School is located. I am mostly depending on the Telephone Directories of the area to give me this information.

For the Schools of Medicine Hat as well as of Redcliff of the Earlier Days for which I am doing a Listing, I am relying on the Records of the Hendersons Directories to help me with this. In this Listing I have researched the pages of these Directories for the Years beginning in 1917 (my first available issue) and at approximate ten year intervals until 1990, I believe this gives an accurate Summation and should miss very few. There will be name changes and address changes as can be expected but the overall should be quite complete. For this Listing, I include only the Name of the School as well as the original Street Address and where available, the Present Street Address.

For the Schools of the Rural Areas of these Earlier Days, I am relying on the History Books of each area to help me with this. I have also been fortunate to be able to obtain through the Alberta Histories Society, a Book, "Pioneering With A Piece Of Chalk- The One-Room Country Schools Of Alberta 1885- 1982" written by Dr. William Peter Baergen, himself a former teacher in these schools. Much Credit must be given to Dr. Baergen for this excellent Reference Book to the One-Room Country Schools of Alberta which were a part of all of our lives of days gone by. An extreme amount of Research by Dr. Baergen went into writing this book and has certainly made my work on this project much simpler. My copy of this Book will be donated to the Medicine Hat Genealogical Society after I have completed this project and should give a marvelous Reference for many years to come. Besides this book, I will also be using the Hendersons Directories for listings of the earlier schools in the City, Towns, Villages, etc. For the country schools I hope to list the year it was opened as well as the Land Location as well as any subsequent name changes of which there are many.

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Present Day Schools:

Name of School Address Town   Telephone
Medicine Hat School District #76 601 1 Ave. SW  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 4Y7 403-528-6700 
Alexandra Junior High School 477 6 St. SE  Medicine Hat, AB-  T1A 1H4 403-527-8571 
Central Park School 945 1 Ave. SE  Medicine Hat, AB-  T1A 2K6 403-526-3916 
Connaught School 101 8 St. SW  Medicine Hat, AB-  T1A 4L5 403-526-2392 
Crescent Heights High School 1201 Division Ave. N  Medicine Hat, AB-  T1A 5Y8 403-527-6641 
Crestwood School 2300 19 Ave. SE  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 3X5 403-527-2257 
Elm Street School 1001 Elm St. SE Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 1C2 403-526-3528 
George Davison School 155 Sprague Way SE  Medicine Hat, AB- T1B 3L5 403-529-1555 
Georges P. Vanier School 122  13 St. SE Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 1W5 403-529-1555 
Herald School 301 5 St. SW  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 4G5 403-527-2747 
Medicine Hat High School 200 7 St. SW  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 4K1 403-527-3371 
River Heights School 301 6 Ave. SW Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 5A8 403-527-3730 
Riverside School 201 2 St. NW  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 6J4 403-526-3793
Ross Glen School 48 Ross Glen Rd. SE  Medicine Hat, AB- T1B 3A8 403-529-2960
Southview School 2425 Southview Dr. SE Medicine Hat, AB-  T1B 1E8 403-526-4495
Vincent Massey School 901 Hargrave Way NW Medicine Hat, AB-  T1A 6Y8 403-527-3750
Webster Niblock School 909 4 Ave. NE  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 6B6 403-527-4541
Medicine Hat Catholic Board    1251 1 Ave. SW  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 8B4 403-527-2292 
McCoy High School 202 8 St. NE  Medicine Hat, AB-  T1A 5R6 403-527-8161 
Mother Teresa School 235 Cameron Rd. SE Medicine Hat, AB- T1B 2Z2 403-529-2000 
Notre Dame Academy 646 Spruce Way SE Medicine Hat, AB-  T1B 4W2 403-527-5118
St. Francis Xavier School 318 8 St. NE  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 5R6 403-527-7223
St. Gabriel Cyberschool  1251 1 Ave. SW  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 8B4 403-502-8367
St. Louis School    861 4 St. SE  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 0L5 403-527-7411
St. Mary School 155 11 St. SW  Medicine Hat, AB- T1A 4S2 403-527-7616
St. Michael School 865 Black Blvd. NW Medicine Hat, AB-  T1A 7B5 403-527-7242
St. Patrick School 241 Stratton Way SE Medicine Hat, AB- T1B 3Z2 403-527-1177
Private Schools          
Cherry Coulee Christian Academy 422 4 St. E  Bow Island, AB-  T0K 0G0 403-545-2107
Cornerstone Christian School 355 South Ridge Dr. SE Medicine Hat, AB- T1B 3S1  403-529-6169 
Dragons & Butterflies  2480  16 Ave. SE  Medicine Hat,  AB- T1A 3T4  403-529-2720 
Higher Ground Christian School 1 Shirley St.  Medicine Hat,  AB- T1A 8N5  403-527-2714 
Medicine Hat Christian School 68 Rice Dr. SE Medicine Hat,  AB-   T1A 3X2   403-526-3246
Montessori Preschool, MedHat 525D Washington Ave. SE  Medicine Hat,  AB- T1A 3J6 403-526-7966
Prairie Rose School Division #4  918 2 Ave.  Dunmore, AB-  T0J 1A0 403-527-5516
I F Cox School 339 3 St. SE  Redcliff, AB -    T0J 2P0 403-548-3449
M Wooding School 401 8 Ave. SE  Redcliff, AB -   T0J 2P0 403-548-7516
Parkside School 209 2 St. SE  Redcliff, AB -   T0J 2P0 403-548-3951
Bow Island Elementary School 1 Ave. E  Bow Island,  AB-  T0K 0G0 403-545-2488
Senator Gershaw School 1 Ave. W  Bow Island,  AB-  T0K 0G0 403-545-6822
St. Michael Catholic School           320 2 Ave. E  Bow Island,  AB-  T0K 0G0 403-545-2131
Foremost School 302 Main St.  Foremost,  AB- T0K 0X0 403-867-3843
Eagle Butte High School PO Box 281 Dunmore, AB- T0J 1A0 403-528-1996
Irvine School   Irvine, AB- T0J 1V0 403-834-3783
Manyberries School Manyberries,  AB- T0K 1L0 403-868-3762
Ralston School PO Box 59  Ralston,  AB-  T0J 2N0 403-544-3535
Schuler School Schuler, AB-  T0J 3B0 403-839-3732
Seven Persons School Seven Persons, AB- T0K 1Z0 403-832-3732
Hutterite Colony Schools         
Elkwater Colony Box 117 Irvine, AB-   T0J 1V0   403-834-2420 
Mayfield Colony Etzikom, AB-   T0K 0W0 403-666-3750
Rosedale Colony  Etzikom, AB-   T0K 0W0 403-666-2166
Roseglen Colony  Hilda,  AB-   T0J 1R0   403-838-2040 
Shamrock Colony Bow Island, AB-   T0K 0G0   403-545-2974 
Silver Sage Colony  Etzikom, AB-    T0K 0W0 403-666-2006 
Sunrise Colony  Etzikom, AB-   T0K 0W0 403-666-2193 
Winnifred Colony School Seven Persons, AB- T0K 1Z0   403-832-2284 

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Schools of Medicine Hat From The Past:

Beginning With The Year 1917:    Address - early --> 1991 and after  
Riverside Cottage School 2 St. NW bet. 2 & 3 Ave.  
Earl Kitchener School   4 St. & 2 Ave. 211  4 St. SE
Alexandra School (Primary)   6 St. & 5 Ave.  861  4 St. SE
Montreal Street School   4 St. & Maple Ave.  
Elizabeth Street School   11 St. bet. 8 & 9 Ave.  
Connaught School   8 St. bet. 1 & 2 Ave. S 101  8 St. SW
Elm Street School   Elm St. bet. Woodman & Washington Ave. 1001 Elm St. SE
Toronto Street School    3 St. & 4 Ave.  
St. Louis School (RC)  Balmoral St. bet. Allowance & Ash Ave. 830A Balmoral St. SE
St. Theresa's Academy (RC)  7 St. N. near Division Ave.  
Additions For The Years 1927, 1937, 1946:  Address - early --> 1991 and after 
Alexandra Junior High School   6 St. & 5 Ave.  477  5 Ave. SE
Additions For The Years 1960:  Address - early --> 1991 and after 
Central Park School  1 Ave. SE bet 9 & 10 St. 945 1 Ave. SE
Crescent Heights High School   Division Ave. N.   1201 Division Ave. N
Herald School   5 St. SW & Gershaw Dr.  301 5 St. SW
Hillcrest High School   20  3 St. SE  
Jack & Jill Kindergarten  44  4 St. SW  
Medicine Hat High School   5 St. SW bet 1 & 4 Ave. 200 7 St. SW
River Heights School     6 St. SW & Prospect Dr.  301 6 Ave. SW
Riverside School (previous Riverside Cottage)  2 St. NW bet. 2 & 3 Ave.  201 2 St. NW
School for Retarded Children  800 Allowance Ave.  
Vincent Massey School    Herald Dr. & Hargrave Way NW   901 Hargrave Way NW
St. Patrick School (RC) 1 Ave. NE bet. 3 St. & 4 St. NE   241 Stratton Way
St. Mary's Elementary School (RC) 115  11 St. SW  155  11 St. SW 
St. Mary's High School (RC)  115  11 St. SW   155  11 St. SW 
Additions For The Years 1970:  Address - early --> 1991 and after 
Hillcrest Christian College    2801- 13 Ave. SE  
Crestwood School    19 Ave. & 21 St. SE  2300  19 Ave. SE
Garbutt Business College    546  2 St. SE  
St. Francis Xavier School (RC) 318  8 St. NE.   318  8 St. NE
St. Michaels Elementary School (RC)  865 Black Blvd.    865 Black Blvd. NW
St. Thomas Aquinas School (RC)  1970  19 Ave. SE  
Additions For The Years 1980:  Address - early --> 1991 and after 
Webster Niblock School    800 4 Ave. NE   800  4 Ave. NE
George P. Vanier School For The Retarded 13 St. SE  122  13 St. SE
Southview School 11 St. SW   2425 Southview Drive SE
Medicine Hat Montessori School   11 St. SW  525D Washington Ave. SE
Crestwood ECS   2348 Dunmore Rd. SE
McCoy High School (RC) 2 Ave. NE  202  8 St. NE
Seventh Day Adventist School    Cartwright Ave., Veinerville
Additions For The Years 1990: Address - early --> 1991 and after
George Davidson Elementary School  155 Spraque Way SE  155 Spraque Way SE
Ross Glen Elementary School  48 Ross Glen Road SE  48 Ross Glen Road SE
Industrial Training Centre  410 S. Railway St. SE
Master's School of Hair Design  641  4 St. SE
John Miller Child Development Centre  1721  21 St. SE
Cornerstone Christian School  68 Rice Drive SE  PO Box 40043
Mother Teresa School (RC)  235 Cameron Road SE  235 Cameron Road SE 
Medicine Hat College  299 College Drive SE
Schools of Redcliff From The Past: Address - early --> 1991 and after
Parkside School         3 St. SE 209 2  St. SE
Redcliff Elementary School    3 St. SE
Margaret Wooding School   301 3 St. SE 401  8 Ave. SE
Isabel F. Cox School    301 3 St. SE 339  3 St. SE

NOTES: Area Coordinator has only shown School Additions in this Listing of Schools From The Past, there were limited Deletions of Schools, a number of Name Changes as well as Address Changes however to note these all would be confusing and quite labour intensive.

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Rural One-Room Schoolhouses From The Past:

Cypress Hills (Alta) area; Albeck SD# 4103, (11-9-4-w4)-(28 May 1922); Cypress SD# 542, (22-9-3-w4)-(24 Mar 1900); Cypress Hills # 3816, (3-9-1-w4)-(10 May 1919); Cypress View (1954) # 346, (6-9-2-w4)-(4 Mar 1895)-(former name-Newburg); Eagle Butte SD# 4847- (36-7-3-w4)-(7 Mar 1939); Elkwater (1955) SD# 4908, (6-8-2-w4)-(28 Sep 1943)-(former name Montgomery); Evergreen SD# 1424- (24-9-2-w4)-(13 Nov 1905); Goose Lake SD# 1818, (24-9-5-w4)-(26 May 1908); Graburn SD# 2704, (7-10-2-w4)-(10 Apr 1912)-(moved to 10-9-1-w4 in 1941); GrosVentre SD# 783,m (16-10-4-w4)-(13 Jan 1903), Lebanon SD# 1544, (24-7-3-w4)-(29 Aug 1906); Lille SD# 787, (6-8-3-w4)-(29 Jan 1903); Montgomery SD# 4908, (6-8-2-w4)-(28 Sep 1943)-(former name Elkwater); Plume Creek SD#4699, (34-8-5-w4)-(7 Sep 1935); Reserve SD# 3701, (27-7-2-w4)-(24 Jul 1918); Royal George SD# 2790, (21-7-1-w4)-(25 Jun 1912)

Walsh (Alta) area; Many Island SD# 2848, (13-13-2-w4)-(25 Oct 1912); McKay Creek SD# 4293, (10-10-1-w4)-(27 Apr 1927)-(moved to 2-10-1-w4 in 1954); Sanctuary SD# 4078, (22-13-1-w4)-(21 Nov 1921)-(former name Brownlee- no schoolhouse ever built); Walsh SD# 1026, (35-11-1-w4)-(9 May 1904)

Schuler- Hilda (Alta) area; Bluebird SD# 4698, (14-1-w4)-(6 Sep 1935), (moved to McNaughton SD north of Pashley in 1943); Echodale SD# 3523, (26-18-3-w4)-(9 Aug 1917); Eh Man SD# 3125, (31-18-1-w4)-(14 May 1914); Flat Valley SD# 15-18-1-w4)-(26 Jun 1911); Fredensfelt SD# 3111, (13-15-2-w4)-(25 Mar 1914); Gravelburg SD# 4090, (2-19-1-w4)-(16 Jan 1922); Hermansite SD# 4980, (4-14-2-w4)-(21 Dec 1950); Hilda SD# 2412, (35-17-1-w4)-(25 Apr 1911)-(also known as Old Hilda); Industry SD# 2517, (22-15-1-w4)-(10 Aug 1911), (moved to New Schuler in 1942); Knoblich SD# 3491, (30-16-1-w4)-(9 Jun 1917); Livona SD# 3535, (22-15-1-w4)-(10 Sep 1917); Lodi SD# 2324, (27-17-1-w4)-(9 Dec 1910); McNaughton SD# 4898, (24-12-4-w4)-(13 Jun 1942); Mantz SD# 2969, (23-17-2-w4)-(10 May 1913); Maple Tree SD# 3592, (29-18-2-w4)-(9 Jan 1918); Melba SD#2742, (17-16-2-w4)-(10 May 1912); Moy Hill SD# 3299, (11-16-1-w4)-(25 Aug 1915), (moved to Schuler in 1942); New Hilda SD# 4196, (35-17-1-w4)-(9 May 1924); Rolly Point SD# 3167, (31-17-2-w4)-(21 Jul 1914); Rose Glen SD#2767, (34-15-3-w4)-(25 Jun 1912); Rush Lake SD# 2333, (33-14-3-w4)-(9 Dec 1910); Schuler SD# 4194; (9-16-1-w4)-(3 May 1924), (added on Chappice Lake School in 1937,Berenice School in1940); Shepard Hill SD# 3015, 35-16-1-w4)-(25 Jul 1913); Snake Vale SD# 2695, (28-15-2-w4)-(26 Mar 1912); Waddington SD# 2774 (also Wadington), (1-16-3-w4)-(25 Jun 1912)-(moved to Irvine)

Manyberries- Wild Horse area; Avre SD#5067, (5-4-w4)-(17 Feb 1956); Bapaume SD# 5070, (2-10-w4)-(17 Feb 1956); Barby SD# 2269, (25-7-6-w4)-(10 Sep 1910); Border SD# 4432, (16-1-8-w4)-(7 Aug 1929); Bullhead Butte SD# 2206, (4-7-6-w4)-(9 Jun 1910); Comprey (Comroy) SD# 2250, (15-2-6-w4)-(6 Aug 1910); Delayed SD# 3764, (12-6-6-w4)-(10 Jan 1919); East Manyberries SD# 3587, (24-6-5-w4)-(4 Jan 1918); Flers SD# 1-9-w4)-(17 Feb 1956); Four Ways SD# 2629, (15-6-7-w4)-(10Jan 1912); Glen Banner SD# 2573, (34-6-7-w4)-(25 Sep 1911); Headley SD# 2423, (17-5-6-w4)-(10 May 1911); Hooper SD# 3599, (4-4-5-w4)-(9 Jan 1918); Indian Rock SD# 2540, (11-1-12-w4)-(25 Aug 1912); Jensen SD# 2666, (31-4-7-w4)-(26 Feb 1912); Manyberries SD# 2217, (24-5-5-w4)-(25 Jun 1910); Minneberry SD# 2217, (24-5-5-w4)-(25 Jun 1910)-(became Manyberries); Myrtle Dell (1916) SD# 3351, (7-2-8-w4)-(20Apr 1916)-( formerly Blooming Valley); New Home SD# 2911, (11-6-5-w4)-(10 Mar 1913); North Six-Six SD# 3586, (36-6-6-w4)-(4 Jan 1918); Oakhurst SD# 2318, (17-5-6-w4)-(25 Nov 1910); Orion SD# 2541, (12-6-6-w4)-(25 Aug 1911)- (added on Six-Six School in1916, also Four Ways School was added); Pakowki SD# 2717, (3-5-7-w4)-(25 Apr 1912); Pendland SD# 3598, (4-4-5-w4)-(9 Jan 1918); Peigan SD# 3430, (21-7-5-w4)-(10 Nov 1916)- (moved to Lloyds in 1929); Portsmouth SD# 3705, (5-2-4-w4)-(9 Aug 1918); Ranchville SD# 3127, (21-7-5-w4)-(14 May 1914); Sambre SD# 5068, (1-6-w4)-(17 Feb 1956); Six Six SD# 2541, (12-6-6-w4)-(25 Aug 1911), (became Orion School); South Manyberries SD# 3588, (15-4-6-w4)-(4 Jan 1918); Wagner SD#2582, (19-3-7-w4)-(25 Oct 1911)-(became Portsmouth School building); Wesley SD# 3585, (13-5-7-w4)-(4 Jan 1918); West Cypress SD# 4703, (30-7-4-w4)-(22 Oct 1935); Wild Horse Lake SD# 2691, (16-1-2-w4)-(26 Mar 1912)

Irvine- Clearwater area; Abelein SD# 2539, (9-12-3-w4)-(25 Aug 1911)- (moved to Irvine in 1941); Berry Centre SD# 796, (1-11-3-w4)-(11 Feb 1903); Clearwater Lake SD# 2286, (31-12-3 w4)-(26 Sep 1910); Clover Hill SD# 2584, (24-12-2-w4)-(25 Oct 1911); Coal Centre SD# 1033, (20-11-3-w4)-(19 May 1904); Concordia SD# 1004, (5-10-3-w4)-(8 Apr 1904); Fifteen Mile Lake SD# 3504, (26-13-3-w4)-(10 Jul 1917); Irvine SD# 892, (31-11-2-w4)-(17 Sep 1903); Long Valley SD# 2679, (12-13-3-w4)-(11 Mar 1912); Newburg SD# 346, (6-9-2-w4)-(4 Mar 1895); Pashley SD# 3019, (13-12-4-w4)-(11 Aug 1613); Robinson SD# 3779, (16-10-4-w4)-(21 Feb 1919); Schlaht SD# 1293, (11-11-2-w4)-(11 May 1905); Schneider SD# 1321, (23-10-2-w4)-(6 Jun 1905); Sentinel SD# 1516, (6-10-2-w4)-(25 Jun 1906); Wilkinson SD# 2814, (30-12-2-w4)-(10 Sep 1912)

Dunmore area; Antelope Cut SD# 4076, (12-10-5-w4)-(3 Oct 1921); Dauntless SD# 3179, (21-11-5-w4)-(10 Sep 1914); Dunmore SD# 173, (1-12-5-w4)-(5 Mar 1890); Feldman Lake SD# 190, (10-11-4-w4)-(7 Jun 1890); Krauss SD# 2405, (16-10-4-w4)-(10 Apr 1911); Little Plume SD# 590, (14-8-5-w4)-(13 Mar 1901); Lloyds SD# 2890, (30-9-5-w4)-(10 Feb 1913); Longfellow SD# 1774, (11-11-5-w4)-(25 Feb 1908); Medicine Hat SD# 76, (31-12-5-w4)-(1 Oct 1886); Nine Mile SD# 1600, (4-12-6-w4)-(28 Feb 1907); Plume Creek SD# 4699, (35-8-5-w4)-(7 Sep 1935); State SD# 1817, (11-16-6-w4)-(28 May 1908); Willow Lake SD# 2356, (23-10-5-w4)-(24 Jan 1911); Woolchester SD# 703, (27-10-5-w4)-(26 May 1902)

Bowmanton- Suffield- Bowell area; Beacon Hill SD# 2658, also spelled Brecon Hill, (22-13-4-w4)-(26 Feb 1912); Berenice SD# 2535, (10-15-4-w4)-(25 Aug 1911); Bingville (1922) SD# 3182, (16-8-7-w4)-(25 Sep 1914)-(formerly Odien); Blue Grass SD# 2451, (10-18-9-w4)-(25 May 1911); Bowell SD# 1912, (7-14-7-w4)-(24 Dec 1908); Bow Springs SD# 2749, (35-14-6-w4)-( 25 May 1912); Box Springs SD# 2749, (30-14-6-w4)-(25 May 1912); replaced by Box Springs SD# 4990, (35-14-6-w4)-(24 Aug 1951); Breezelawn SD# 2476, (35-12-8-w4)-(26 Jun 1911); Carlstadt SD# 2114, (20-15-10-w4)-(8 Feb 1910)-(name change to Alderson (1918)); Chappice Lake SD# 2933, (11-14-3-w4)-(10 Apr 1913)-(moved to Schuler in 1937); Chub SD#2436, (23-14-10-w4)-(10 May 1911); Daisy Dell SD# 3685, (14-17-10-w4)-(24 Jun 1914); East Springs SD# 3861, (14-16-7-w4)-(9 Sep 1919); Fertile Flat SD# 17-16-10-w4)-(9 Mar 1911); Finns Lake SD# 2089, (22-13-4-w4)-(24 Dec1909); Golden West SD# 2490, (24-17-8-w4)-(10 Jul 1910); Hargrave SD# 2936, (17-13-10-w4)-(10 Apr 1913)-(became Kirke- McKinnon); Harvest Vale SD# 3359, (11-14-7-w4)-(11 May 1916); Helgoland SD# 2722, (7-16-8-w4)-(25 Apr 1912); Hermansite SD# 4980, (4-14-2-w4)-(21 Dec1950); Kirk- McKinnon SD# 2936, (17-13-10-w4)-(10 Apr 1913)-(former name Hargrave); Lake Valley SD# 3844, (24-13-8-w4)-(21 Jul 1919)-(combined with Breezelawn in 1951); Lotus SD# 3725, (22-17-7-w4)-(25 Sep 1918); McNaughton SD# 4898, (24-12-4-w4)-(13 Jun 1932); Mossy Bank SD# 3538, (17-16-10-w4)-(21 Sep 1917); Neff SD# 2986, (7-15-9-w4)-10 Jun 1913); Newman SD# 2048, 6-15-7-w4)-(8 Oct 1909); New Holland SD# 3350, (29-17-8-w4)-(17 Apr 1917); Odien SD# 3182, (16-18-7-w4)- 25 Sep 1914)-(became Bingville); Pearsonville SD# 2879, (18-13-9-w4)-(10 Jan 1913); Pipe Line SD# 2383, (22-13-9-w4)-(9 Mar 1911)-(moved to Suffield in 1937); Polonia SD# 2523, (34-18-9-w4)-(10 Aug 1911); Rainy Valley SD# 2254, (16-16-9-w4)-(6 Aug 1910); Ralston SD# 4981, (9-15-9-w4)-(15 Mar 1951)-(DND School District); Redcliff SD# 2283, (19-13-6-w4)-(26 Sep 1910); Royal SD# 2337, (16-16-9-w4)-(24 Dec 1910); Sweet Briar SD# 3395, (16-10-w4)-(28 Jun 1916); Suffield SD# 2757, (34-14-9-w4)-(10 Jun 1912); Terra Nova SD# 2799, (11-14-6-w4)-(10 Aug 1912); Tide Lake SD# 2937, (24-18-10-w4)-(10 Apr 1913); Viking SD# 2382, (17-16-10-w4)-(9 Mar 1911)-(became Fertile Flat)

Bow Island- Winnifred area; Borden SD# 2685, (10-9-10-w4)-(11 Mar 1912); Bow Island SD# 1883, (36-10-11-w4)-(10 Sep 1908); Brownsdale SD# 2457, (29-9-12-w4)-(10 Jun 1911); Burdett SD# 2088, (23-10-12-w4)-(24 Dec 1909); Carnegie SD# 2122, (2-9-11-w4)-(8 Feb 1910); Cherry Coulee SD# 2171, (23-10-10-w4)-(25 Apr 1910)-(moved to Bow Island); Courtland Hill SD# 2267, (15-11-10-w4)-(23 Aug 1910); East Burdett SD# 3422, (23-10-11-w4)-(26 Sep 1916); Fairlight SD# 2191, (20-10-9-w4)-(26 May 1910); Fawn SD# 3017, (25-10-10-w4)-(11 Aug 1913); Flowering Valley SD# 2097, (21-12-9-w4)-(10 Jan 1910); Good Cheer SD# 2531, (33-11-10-w4)-(10 Aug 1911); Haycroft SD# 3103, (7-9-10-w4)-(24 Feb 1914); Jasman SD#2236)-(17-9-12-w4)-(25 Jul 1912); Juno SD# 2884, (30-10-12-w4)-(25 Jan 1913); Lansdell SD# 3529, (6-10-10-w4)-(25 Aug 1917); Maxville SD# 2599, (31-11-9-w4)-(25 Nov 1911); Morning Star SD# 2389, (6-10-12-w4)-(9 Mar 1911); River SD# 2111, 23-12-10-w4)-(8 Feb 1910); Rockford SD# 2388, (2-11-12-w4)-(9 Mar 1911); Rocky Lake SD# 2841, (2-12-9-w4)-(25 Oct 1912); Rose Cliff SD# 2840, (4-11-8-w4)-(25 Oct 1912)-(moved to Conquerville); Rosemont SD# 2127, (33-11-10-w4)-(24 June 1918); Sampson SD# 2112, (16-9-11-w4)-(8 Feb 1910); Selz SD# 2775, (9-8-11-w4)-(25 Jun 1912); Sunnymead SD# 3498, (Error w/number); Winnifred SD# 1924, (17-11-9-w4)-(8 Jan 1909)

Foremost area; Ballman SD# 2421, (35-8-12-w4)-(10 May 1911); Buffalo Head SD#2262, (17-6-11-w4)-(23 Aug 1910)-(became Foremost); Bullis SD# 3199, (31-6-12-w4)-(14 Nov 1914); Bradley-Gerke SD#2379, (19-4-10-w4)-(24 Feb 1911)- (became Burlington); Charing SD# 2880, (35-7-11-w4)-(10 Jan 1913); Charles SD# 2555, (13-5-10-w4)-(11 Sep 1911); Chin Coulee SD# 2167, (16-7-12-w4)-(20 Feb 1910); Conquerville SD# 2684, (24-8-10-w4)-(11 Mar 1912)-(former name- Conquer Will); Coulee Bank SD# 2492, (9-7-10-w4)-(19 Jul 1911); Fertile Plains SD# 2241, (29-8-10-w4)-(25 Jul 1910); Foremost SD# 2262, (17-6-11-w4)-(23 Aug 1910-(former name Buffalo Head, Nemiskam); Highfield SD# 2381, (10-8-12-w4)-(9 Mar 1911); Intervale SD# 2660, (24-6-11-w4)-(26 Feb 1912); Legend SD# 4519, (19-6-12-w4)-(29 Sep 1930); Morgan SD# 3199, (31-6-12-w4)-(14 Nov 1914)-(name change to Bullis); Neighbor View SD# 2411, (29-7-11-w4)-(25 Apr 1911); Remainder SD# 2542, (6-7-11-w4)-(25 Aug 1911); Sunalta SD# 2504, (9-6-11-w4)-(24 Jul 1911); Westfield SD# 2648, (26-8-11-w4)-(25 Jan 1912); Wild Horse SD# 2896, (16-5-11-w4)-(25 Feb 1913); Wild Park SD# 4733, (8-12-w4)-(22 May 1936); Young Maiden SD# 2559, (16-5-11-w4)-(11 Sep 1911)

Etzikom area; Altorado SD# 2748, (17-4-9-w4)-(25 May 1912); Avalon SD# 2385, (16-3-9-w4)-(9 Mar 1911); Coffin SD# 2778, (26-7-8-w4)-(25 Jun 1912); Coulee View SD# 2786, (13-3-11-w4)-(25 Jul 1912); Doondale SD# 2270, (15-5-9-w4)-(10 Sep 1910); Dow SD# 3010, (22-3-8-w4)-(25 Jul 1913); Ehnes SD# 2834, (7-3-9-w4)-(25 Sep 1912)-(name change to Hoping); Etzikom SD# 2443, (19-6-9-w4)-(25 May 1911)-(former name Longview); Faith SD# 2827, (6-4-9-w4)-(25 Sep 1912); Flowery Plains SD# 2554, (17-6-9-w4)-(11 Sep 1911); Four Eleven SD# 4601, (29-4-11-w4)-(6 Oct 1932); Four Nine SD# 3697, (21-4-9-w4)-(9 Jul 1918); Haig SD# 3482, (32-7-10-w4)-(8 May 1917); Holmberg SD# 2630, (23-4-10-w4)-(10 Jun 1912)-( name change to Thistle Ridge); Hoping SD#2834, (7-3-9-w4)-(25 Sep 1912)-(name change from Ehnes); King's Lake SD#2496, (15-4-12-w4)-(10 Jul 1911); Kippen SD# 2080, (34-2-12-w4)-(9 Dec 1909); Lancaster SD# 2512, (33-7-9-w4)-(24 Jul 1911); Locke SD# 2730, (28-2-13-w4)-(10 May 1913); Longview SD# 2443, (19-6-9-w4)-(25 May 1911)-(name change to Etzikom); Lucky Strike SD# 2589, (17-3-11-w4)-(9 Nov 1911); Mons SD# 3826, (-4-8-w4)-(14 Jun 1919); Nemiskam SD# 3439, (16-6-10-w4)-(17 Nov 1916); New Endon SD# 4520, (3-7-8-w4)-(3 Oct 1930); Park Lake SD# 3026, (29-4-8-w4)-(25 Aug 1913); Pleasant Home SD# 2997, (34-4-12-w4)-(25 jun 1913)-(moved to Four Eleven in 1937); Prairie Round SD# 2152, (21-3-12-w4)-(26 Mar 1912); Prospy SD# 2469, (36-7-9-w4)-(10 Jun 1911); South Nemiskam SD# 3440, (19-5-10-w4)-(17 Nov 1916); Southeast Etzikom SD#15-5-9-w4)-(3 Apr 1918); Tagona SD# 2647, (10-3-10-w4)-(25 Jan 1912); Thistle Ridge (1923) SD# 2630, (23-4-10-w4)-(10 Jun 1912)-(formerly Holmberg); Wagner SD# 2582, (19-3-7-w4)-(25 Oct 1911); Writing On Stone SD# 5090, (2-11-w4)-(21 May 1958)

Seven Persons- Whitla area; Amos SD# 2488, (27-11-7-w4)-(10 Jul 1911); Bar-Vee SD# 2150, (19-9-8-w4)-(8 Mar 1910); Bollard SD# 2474, (10-12-7-w4)-(26 Jun 1911)-(former name Champion); Champion SD# 2474, (10-12-7-w4)-(26 Jun 1911)-(became Bollard); Cormorant SD# 2406, (19-12-8-w4)-(10 Apr 1911); Glen Echo SD# 2674, (27-8-9-w4)-(11 Mar 1912); Golden Sheaf SD# 2367, (34-11-8-w4)-(9 Feb 1911); High Bank SD# 3107, (19-9-7-w4)-(10 Mar 1914); Joffre SD#1440, (17-10-7-w4)-(11 Dec 1905)-(became Seven Persons); Linger Longer SD#2801, (32-12-6-w4)-(10 Aug 1906); MacArthur SD# 4903, (6-12-7-w4)-(21 Dec 1942); Newdale SD# 2212, (21-9-9-w4)-(25 Jun 1910); New View SD# 2222, (31-8-6-w4)-(9 Jul 1910)-(former name Valleyview); Nine Mile SD# 1600, (4-12-6-w4)-(28 Feb 1907); Pleasantville SD# 2200, (19-9-7-w4)-(9 Jun 1910); Prairie SD# 2201, (15-10-8-w4)-(9 Jun 1910); Red Rock SD# 2686, (20-8-8-w4)-(26 Mar 1912); Rose Cliff SD# 2840, (4-11-8-w4)-(25 Oct 1912); Union Vally SD#2285, (33-12-7-w4)-(29 Sep 1910); Valley City SD# 2315, (3-11-7-w4)-(25 Nov 1910)-(became Seven Persons); Valleyview SD# 2222, (31-8-6-w4)-(9 Jul 1910)-(became New View); Whitla SD# 2061, 5-11-8-w4)-(23 Oct 1909); Willow Lake SD#2356, (23-10-5-w4)-(24 Jan 1911)

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Books Available at GRHS Library in Bismarck, ND:

Title, Author, etc.: Notes about:
From Katherine to Khrushchev, The Story of Russia’s Germans.  Adam Giesinger, 1974 Chapter XVIII is titled “Relatives Overseas”.
From the Steppes to the Prairies.  Msgr. George P. Aberle, 1993 Chapter XV is titled “The German Russians in Canada”
Hilda's golden heritage by Hilda Town and Country Ladies Club    
Hillside Cemetery, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, current to July 05, 1998    
Memories of the Black Sea Germans.  Joseph S. Height, 1979 Chapter 13 is titled “From the Kutschurgan to Saskatchewan”
Paradise on the Steppe.  The Odyssey of a Pioneering People.  Joseph S. Height, 1973.    
Plains, trains and wagon wheels by Grace Roth, 1994 covers area south and east of Medicine Hat
Welcome to Hilda: est. 1923 by Hilda (Alberta) History Book Club Committee  

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Books of Interest of Early Days:

These Books are mostly all available at the Medicine Hat Public Library, the Medicine Hat College Library, the Medicine Hat Genealogical Library, also likely in most Public Libraries in Southern Alberta & Saskatchewan. AC is listing these as they are considered a Good Read to acquaint oneself with the early days of the area. Some are totally relating to Germans from Russia . Some are fiction, others are non-fiction but all are entertaining. Some give Histories of local Churches, Schools, Cemeteries, etc. as well as tales of days gone by, perhaps occasionally far-fetched but interesting nonetheless. This Section may be added to from time to time. Further information on who to contact for assistance, etc. is included by the Area Coordinator in the Local Resources Section at the end of this Web Page.

Name & Topic of Book: Author:
Alberta Sources, Cemeteries and Surname Sources Alberta Genealogical Society  
All Hell For A Basement Ed Gould       
Amish Life John Hostetler  
Boot Hill- Historic Graves of the Old West Lambert Florin 
Celebrating Country Churches 1910-1997--History Lutheran Churches of the Area Pastors Krause & Hosfield   
Emigration From Germany To Russia in the Years 1763-1862 Karl Stumpp   
Eternal Prairie- exploring Rural Cemeteries of the West Randy Adams                                   
From Katherine to Khrushchev--The Story of Russia's Germans     Adam Giesinger, 1974  
From the Steppes to the Prairies Msgr. George P. Aberle, 1993         
Historic Churches of Alberta and the Canadian Northwest  Carolyn Reesor Kaufman  
Historic Western Churches--Churches of Western US Lambert Florin 
Hutterite Life John Hostetler  
I Think I Should Know Those Trees--Long Term Care Nancy Millar, 1993 
Jacob's Legacy--Feldman Lake School  Carol Franz & Bev Heinz   
Many Foundations--Historical Alberta Churches  Mary Oakwell   
Medicine Hat--Early Days In Southern Alberta Sen. F. W. Gershaw  
Memories of the Black Sea Germans Joseph S. Height, 1979  
Once Upon A Tomb--Stories From Canadian Graveyards Nancy Millar   
Once Upon A Wedding--weddings of Western Canada 1860- 1945 Nancy Millar, 2000       
Paradise on the Steppe. The Odyssey of a Pioneering People Joseph S. Height, 1973
Pioneers Of Faith- history of the Evangelical Church in Canada Rev. T. E. Jesske    
Remember Me As You Pass By--Stories From Prairie Graveyards Nancy Millar, 1994  
Saamis--The Medicine Hat Sen. F. W. Gershaw                                 
Syrup Pails & Gopher Tails--memories of the One Room School House  John C. Charyk 
Tales the Western Tombstones Tell--Cemeteries of the Western US Lambert Florin   
Tea-Time In Alberta--54 Great Tea Houses In Alberta  Mary Oakwell   
The Famous Five--Emily Murphy and the case of the missing persons Nancy Millar, 1999
The Forgotten People--A Year Among The Hutterites Michael Holzach                                 
The German Russians Karl Stumpp 
The Little White School House   John C. Charyk  
The Tragedy of the Soviet Germans (A Story of Survival) John Phillips            
The Unmentionable History of the West   Nancy Millar, 2006 
West Of Yesterday - 1890 George Shepherd 
When The School Horse Was King - 1908 John C. Charyk  

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Books On Churches of Days Gone By:

Celebrating Country Churches 1910-1997 Krause & Hosfeld
Fifty Years of Grace--A History of Grace Lutheran Church  
Grace Lutheran church 25 Years a Pictorail History, 1953-1978  
Grace Lutheran Pictoral Directory  
Hillcrest Christian College Year Book  
History of St. John's Presbyterian Church, 1883 - 1973  
Lutherans on the Prairies, 1910-1980 Emil Krause
Memorial Salem United Church--We Were never Big Grace Roth
Riverside Presbyterian Church 2003  
St. Barnabas Church 90th Anniversary, 1884-1974  
St. Barnabas Church 100th Anniversary, 1884-1984  
St. George's Parish Ccemetery Book--Irvine, Alberta  
St. John's Presbyterian Church Pictoral Directory, 1990  
St. Patrick's Church, 1887-1987  
Salem United Church Grace Roth
Salem United Church-BMD-1929-1939 Grace Roth
Salvation Army in Medicine Hat --100 years --1899-1999  
Westminster United Church History, 1914-1981  
This Dominion, His Dominion--Evangelical Baptist Churches (1968)  
New Kronsfeld Congregation Church Records  
Histories of Alta. Cemeteries- Acadia Valley to Zion-Many Islands  
Pioneers of Faith- Evangelical Church in Canada  

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Community Histories:

Several local history books are scanned and readable online. (Please note that not all Alberta local histories are online). The Books highlighted below are some that are available on-line, please check if any you are interested in are presently on-line. When you select a book to read, there is also a search function at the right hand side of the page that will allow you to find a particular surname or word in the book. To begin searching for books, go to:
The following includes a partial Listing of Books of History that are readable on the Internet, however there are others, just check!

Book Title with link: Where book was found:
A Healthy Outlook: The Centennial History of the Medicine Hot Regional Hospital (1989) Digital Copy at Our Roots - Nos Racines (see Internet help below #11)
Early History of Medicine Hat County   Published 1923 at Our Future, Our Past - The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project (see Internet help below #13)
History of St. John's Presbyterian Church 1883-1973   Digital Copy at Our Roots - Nos Racines
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada: the city of untold possibilities (1939)   Digital Copy at Our Roots - Nos Racines
Plains, Trains and Wagon Wheels    Published 1994 Digital Copy at Our Roots - Nos Racines

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History Books:

AC Note: There will be several History Books and History Writings of some early day Medicine Hat Churches listed within the Section on Churches, thought it best to list them there instead of with the Area History Books.

Name & Community:

Author or Group:


A New Beginning--Irvine & District

20 Mile Post Historical Society


Births Deaths Marriages--the Carlstadt Circuit 1910-1920 Alberta Genealogical Society  198?
Bridging The Generations--recent history of Whitla     Whitla Community Club  2008
Burdett Prairie Trails   Burdett History Book Committee  1981
Cypress Hills Country--Elkwater  Cypress Hills (ALTA) Historical Society  1991
Down The Years At Elkwater Hope Michael  1981
Dinosaurs To Defence- a story of the Suffield Block  BATUS, Suffield, AB  1987
Dreams, dust and dedication Bindloss Community Club   1985
Early History of the Medicine Hat Country J. W. Morrow (Medicine Hat Historical Society)  1974
Echoes of Empress through 75 Years- 1914-1980 Empress Historical Society  1990
Empire Of Dust--history of Alderson (Carlstadt) David C. Jones  1943
Etzikom, Prairie & People--history of Etzikom, Faith, etc. Etzikom Historical Society  1990
Forgotten Corner--history of One Four, Wild Horse, etc. Forgotten Corner History Book Society  1980
From Prairie Trails To Pivot Tracks Burdett History Book Committee  2005
Golden Memoirs - 1912-1963 Empress Pioneer Committee  1964
Hilda's Golden Heritage Hilda History Book Committee  1974
History Of Suffield  1959-1984   Author Unknown  19??
Irvine -Then & Now--early history of Irvine Edna Gilbert  1980
Jacob's Legacy--historical scrapbook of Feldman Lake Carol Franz  1992
Long Shadows--a History of Shortgrass Country                 Shortgrass Historical Society  1974
Looking Through Glass--Redcliff Glass Factory 1913-1989   Grace Roth  1999
Manyberries Chinook--Manyberries, Orion, etc Manyberries Historical Society  1985
Memories of Early Walsh & Graburn Margaret Fulton  ????
One Hundred Sixty Acres & A Dream--Seven Persons   Lillian Ost (Seven Persons Historical Society)  1982
Our Golden Heritage--history of Clearwater Clearwater History Book Committee  1980
Piegan Country--history of Butte, AB area     Margaret Dragland  1966
Plains, Trains, Wagon Wheels--Dunmore & Area   Dunmore South History Society  1994
Prairie Crucible, roads of history, 1891, 1941, 1991 Jenner   Prairie Sod History Book Society  1991
Prairie Footprints--history of Pendant d'Oreille Pendant d'Oreille Lutheran Church  1970
Redcliff's 50 Golden Years--Early History of Redcliff Cecil T. Hall  1962
Saga Of Schuler Stalwarts  - 1st Ed.-History of Schuler  Schuler History Committee  1969

                                     - 2nd Ed.-History of Schuler 

Schuler History Committee


                                     - 3rd Ed.-History of Schuler  Schuler History Committee  1998
                                     - 4th Ed.-History of Schuler  Schuler History Committee  2008
Shortgrass Country--history of Foremost & Nemiskam    Alyce Butterwick (Foremost Historical Society)  1975
Silver Sage--history of Bow Island 1900-1920 Jack Thomas (Bow Island Lions Club)  1972
Wagon Trails & Pioneer Tales--Bowell, Bowmanton, etc.     Bowell to Bowmanton Historical Society  1993
Walsh & District Pioneers--Walsh Walsh & District History Book Committee  1997
Welcome to Hilda--3rd ed. Hilda History Book Committee   2000
Winnifred, Our Trails, Trial & Memories--history-Winnifred Ruth Johanna (Ignatius) Collins  1965
60 Years: Hilda's Heritage Hilda Town & Country Ladies Club  1974
90 Years at Elkwater Lake, Cypress Hills, AB 1908 Hope Hargrave Michael  1972

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It is my purpose for this Web-Page to list first the present day Churches which are mainly in the City of Medicine Hat but as well any in other Towns and Villages of this Area. This listing will include the Name of the Church, the Denomination of the Church, the Address of the Church as well as the Telephone Numbers of these Churches if they are available. Will also list the City, Town, Village in which the specific Church is located. I am mostly depending on the Telephone Directories of the area to give me this information. There are some that I must list with a Question Mark ie.(????), as I am not sure what Denomination they may fall into so have listed them thus. I realize they are Protestant but some go beyond my understandings of denominations.

For the Churches of Medicine Hat as well as of Redcliff of the Earlier Days for which I am doing a Listing, I am relying on the Records of the Hendersons Directories plus several other Early City Directories to help me with this. In this Listing I have researched the pages of these Directories for the Years beginning in 1890 (my first available issue) and at approximate ten year intervals until 1990, I believe this gives an accurate Summation and should miss very few. There will be name changes and address changes as can be expected but the overall compilation should be quite complete. For this Listing, I include only the Name of the Church as well as the original Street Address (some very early Directories listed no addresses so I have marked these (????) and where available, more recent Street Addresses).

A bit of clarification should be given here regarding early Street addresses in Medicine Hat. Present Day Medicine Hat is divided as SE, NE, SW, NW. The North- South Separation is the South Saskatchewan River, the East-West separation is Division Avenue which runs North & South a few blocks west of Downtown. What we refer to now as Downtown Medicine Hat is as it was a hundred plus years ago, an area of about three blocks squared on the west side of the Canadian Pacific Railway line and lying to the South of the South Saskatchewan River. In early day listings you generally see only the Street Address with no Directional designation, the majority though not all will be on the south side of the river. The north side of the river was less settled until later years and though there were a few business along Riverside North (an area of some approx. three blocks wide on the north side of the river.), also schools and churches. These were scant in comparison to the south side which covered both sides of the Railway tracks as well as what is still known as the Flats area with residences and also with smaller corner stores, as well as quite a number of industries which I do not wish to elaborate on further here. There were some Early Day Street Addresses that were changed which I would clarify here;

  • 1st St.SE was known as the Esplanade
  • 2nd St.SE was known as Main Street
  • 3rd St.SE was known as Toronto Street
  • 4th St.SE was known as Montreal Street

A number of History Books have been written on individual Churches of the Early Days, I will list these Books at the conclusion of that Section so that anyone further interested in a Specific Church of Days Gone By may follow up on it. For the Churches of the Rural Areas of these Earlier Days, I am relying on the History Books of each area to help me with this.

Present Day Churches:

Name of Church Denomination Address Telephone
All-Saints Anglical Church Anglical 606 12St.SW 403-527-3240
Heights Baptist Church Baptist 1250 Division Ave.S 403-527-0221
The Bridge Life Links 350 1 Ave.NW 403-504-1478
Chinese Alliance Church Alliance 870 4St.SE 403-529-9623
Christ The Kind Assembly Pentecostal 1101 Queen St.SE 403-504-0123
Christian Reformed Church ???? 300 Primrose Drive SE 403-529-5650
Church of Christ ???? 278 Carry Drive SE 403-529-1378
Crescent Heights Church of Christ ???? 655 Stewart Drive NW 403-527-7311
Church of God Pentecostal 9 11St. SE 403-527-6989
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints 1865 Division Ave NE 403-527-5072
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints 7 Saamis Rotary Way SW 403-504-0860
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints 7 Sunrise Drive SW 403-504-4382
Crestwood Mennonite Bretheren Mennonite 2348 Dunmore Rd.SE 403-526-5596
Dream Center ???? 1714 Saamis Drive NW 403-527-9917
Evangelical Free Church Evangelical 599 12St.NW 403-488-0830
Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church United 476 4St. SE 403-526-2237
First Assembly of God Pentecostal 395 9St.SE 403-526-2946
Glenview Church of the Nazarene Nazarene 4235 Black & White Trail 403-529-9300
Grace Lutheran Church Lutheran 9 5St. SE 403-526-3194
Heights Baptist Church Baptist 1250 Division Ave.S. 403-527-0221
Hillcrest Evangelical Missionary Church Evangelical 3785 13 Ave.SE 403-526-4010
His Place ???? 78 1St.SW 403-529-2842
Holy Family Parish-MedHat Roman Catholic 1451 Strachan Rd.SE 403-527-6933
Holy Trinity Anglical Catholic Church Anglical Catholic 402 12St. NE 403-526-0957
Iglesia Evangelica Hispana De-MH Hispanic 1002 Yuill St.SE 403-526-5803
Jehovah's Witnesses Kindom Hall Jeohovahs Witness 62 Valleyview Dr.SW 403-526-5052
Lighthouse Baptist Church Baptist 1933 Dunmore Rd.SE 403-583-8378
Life Church (Pentecostal) Pentecostal 480 3St.SE 403-526-6238
Link Christian Fellowship ???? 901 3Ave.SW 403-526-3388
Little Plume Evangelical Church Evangelical Eagle Butte Rd. (12m.S.) 403-529-2671
Medicine Hat Alliance Church Alliance 1340 22St.SE 403-527-7507
Medicine Hat Family Church ???? 534 18St.SW 403-526-4095
Medicine Hat Word of Faith Church ???? 23 Chow Ave.SE 403-488-4119
River Park Church ???? 503A Allowance Ave.SE 403-527-2438
Riverside Presbyterian Church Presbyterian 110 3St.NE 403-527-2017
St. Barnabas Anglican Church Anglican 635 4St.SE 403-526-7713
St. John's Presbyterian Church Presbyterian 504 2St.SE 403-526-4542
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Roman Catholic 238 2 Ave.NE 403-526-2265
St. Paul Lutheran Church Lutheran 515 Sprague Way SE 403-527-2467
St. Peter Lutheran Church Lutheran 758 8St.SE 403-526-4687
Salvation Army Salvation Army 164 Stratton Way SE 403-527-2474
Seventh-Day Adventist Church Seventh-Day Adventist 1933 Dunmore Rd.SE 403-527-4848
Southview Church of God Church of God 2366 Southview Dr.SE 403-527-3483
The Tabernacle ???? 78 1st.SW 403-29-2842
Temple Baptist Church Baptist 606 7St.SW 403-526-6479
Unity Lutheran Church Lutheran 8 Palliser Pl.NE 403-527-7171
Victory Lutheran Church Lutheran 2793 Southview Dr.SE 403-527-5617
Westminster United Church United Church 101 6St.SE 403-526-5247
World Missionary Fellowship ???? PO Box 983 403-529-0468
Youth With A Mission ???? 851 Industrial Ave.SE 403-580-5981
Redcliff Churches      
Gordon Memorial United Church United 401 2St.SE 403-548-7110
St. Ambrose Anglican Church Anglican 505 5St.SE 403-548-6302
Bow Island Churches      
Bow Island Community Bible Church ???? 201 706 Center St. 403-545-6757
BI Congregation Church of God In Christ Mennonite 418 4 Ave.E 403-545-6424
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints 309 8St. W 403-545-2973
St. Michael's Church Roman Catholic 1 St.E 403-545-2023
Evangelical Free Church Evangelical 214 4 Ave.W 403-545-2274
Zion Lutheran Church Lutheran 104 2 Ave W. 403-545-2447
Hilda Churches      
Hilda Baptist Church Baptist PO Box 76 403-838-3786
Hilda Bethlehem Lutheran Church Lutheran   405-838-2033
Foremost Churches      
Foremost Lutheran Parish Lutheran 302 3Ave.W 403-867-3692
Foremost United Church United 202 2Ave.E 403-867-3992
Evangelical Free Church Evangelical 401 1St.E 403-867-3559
Seven Persons Church      
Community Church ???? PO Box 129 403-832-2051

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Churches of Medicine Hat From The Past:

Beginning With The Year 1890;  
Church of England ????
Methodist Church ????
Presbyterian Church ????
St. Patrick's (Roman Catholic) 2 St.N &2 Ave.N
Additions For The Year 1900;  
Baptist Church Toronto St.N
Additions For The Year 1905;  
Salvation Army ????
Additions For The Year 1911;  
St.Barnabas Anglican-(Built- 1884) Montreal St. (later 635 4 St.) (also shown at Maple St. & S.Railway)
Evangelical Church ????
Century Methodist Toronto St. & 4 Ave. (later 400 Toronto St)
Knox Presbyterian 920 Dominion St. (also allowance Ave. & Queen St)
St. Johns Presbyterian 2 St. &5 Ave. (also Main St. & 5 Ave.)
Additions For The Year 1913;  
First Baptist (Baptist) Toronto St. & N.Railway (760 3 St.)
St. Patrick's (Roman Catholic) Toronto St. & 5 Ave. (??? Question this address)
Evangelical Memorial (Methodist) Braemar St. & Allowance Ave.
St. Pauls First German Lutheran 134 Bridge St.
St. Peters German Lutheran King St. & W. Vicoria Ave.
Fifth Ave. Methodist 5 Ave. & 4 St. (500 Montreal St.)
Salvation Army Citadel 4 St. & South Railway St. (also Main St. & S. Railway St.)
Christian Science Society 423 2 St. (also Main St.)
Additions For The Year 1917;  
St. Peter's Chapel (Lutheran) 8 St & 8 Ave.
St. Patrick's Mission (Roman Catholic) Altawana
Washington Ave. Methodist Washington Ave. & Yuill St.
Westminster Presbyterian 6 St. & 2 Ave.
Holy Trinity Anglican 925 Yuill St.
German Baptist 964 Elm St.
St. Pauls Lutheran 970 Bridge St.
First Church of Christ Scientist IOOF Hall, 519 3 St.
Additions For The Year 1927;  
Church of God 570 10St.N
Church of the Nazarene 590C Allowance Ave. (later 870 4 St.)
Evangelical Memorial (now United) Braemar St. & Allowance Ave.
Fifth Avenue (now United) 5 Ave & 4 St.
Seventh Day Adventist 5 St. (later 1933 Dunmore Rd. SE)
Gospel Hall (????) 302 South Railway St. (later 470 8 St.)
Gospel Hall (????) 686 7 Ave.
John Wesley Mission (????) 322 South Railway St. (later 231 6 Ave.)
Memorial Salem United 920 Dominion St. SE
Lutheran Baptist 748 8 St.
St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran 970 Bridge St. SE
St. Peters Evangelical Lutheran 8 St. & 8 Ave.
Union Mission (????) 237 6 Ave.
Washington Ave. Methodist Washington Ave. & Yuill St.
Westminster United 6 St. & 2 Ave.
Additions For The Year 1937;  
Apostolic Mission 621 3 St.
Washington Avenue Church of God Washington Ave. & Yuill St.
Church of the Open Door 236 4 Ave.
Free Brethren Baptist 921 Queen St.
German Lutheran 1023 Queen St.
Jewish Synagogue 530 5 St.
Salem United (German) 1023 Queen St.
Second Church of Christ Scientist Masonic Temple
Seventh Avenue Mission (????) 615 7 Avenue
Additions For The Year 1946;  
Alliance Tabarnacle 236 4 Avenue (later 352 MacLeod Trail)
Apostolic Church of Pentecost 407 N.Railway St. (later 466 5 St. SE)
Church of LDS IOOF Hall- 502 5 Ave. SE
Grace Baptist 1008 Yuill St.
St. Edmunds (Roman Catholic) 975 Elm St. SE
Additions For The Year 1960;  
Central Park Church of God 11 St.SW & Division Ave.
Church of Christ 445 12 St.NE
Dutch Reformed Church 404 4 St.NW
Evangelical United Bretheren 509a Allowance Ave.SE
Full Gospel Church 17 Ave.SE
Grace Lutheran 1 5 St.SE
Hillcrest Bible Institute 20 3 St.SE
Hillcrest Evangelical United Brethren Church 3 Ave. & 9 St. (later 3785 13 Ave.SE)
Jehovahs Witness Kingdom Hall 456 3 St.SW (later 307 3 St.NW
Memorial Salem United Allowance Ave. & Dominion St.SE
Pentecostal Evangelistic Centre 4 Ave. & 9 St.
Riverside Presbyterian 114 3 St.NE
Riverside Church of God 2 3 St.NE
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Division Ave. & Kipling St. (1250 Division Ave.S)
Sons of Abraham Synagogue 530 5 St.
Temple Baptist Church 602 7 St.SW
Ukranian Greek Catholic 523b Maple Ave.SE
Additions For The Year 1970;  
All Saints Anglican 1135 Bullivant Crescent
Christ The King Roman Catholic 1101 Queen St.SE
Christian Reformed 404 4 St.NW
Church of the Nazarene 12 St. & 2 Ave.NE
Evangelical Free Church 599 12 St.NW
First Assembly of God 4 Ave. & 9 St.SE
Mission Church of God 870 4 St.SE
New Apostolic Church 405 5 St.SE
Additions For The Year 1980;  
Charismatic Community Church 1001 Mill St.SE
Drestwood Mennonite Brethren Church 2348 Dunmore RD.SE
Division Avenue Church of God 9 11 St.SE
Evangelical Church of Canada 2805a 13 Ave.SE
Victory Lutheran Church 2793 Southview Drive SE
Southview Church of God 2366 Southview Drive SE
Additions For The Year 1990;  
Chinese Alliance Church 870 4 St.SE
Christian Fellowship Church 413 7 St.SW
Faith Baptist Church 1577A Dunmore Rd.SE
Heights Baptist Church 655 Stewart Drive NW
Norwood Christian Life Assembly 701 1 St.SE
Southside Church of Christ 278 Carry Drive SE
Victory Church 9 St. SW

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Churches of Redcliff From The Past; (From 1960 To 1997)

Gordon Memorial United 401-2 St.SE--Built 1910
St. Mary's Roman Catholic 232 6 St.SE--Built 1910
St.Ambrose Angelican 501 5 St.SE--Built 1913
Church of Nazarene 117 4 St.SE--Built 1910
Redcliff Alliance 131 1 St.SW
St. Anne Mission (Traditional Latin Mass) PO Box 832, Redcliff, AB

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Country Churches (Small Town & Rural) From The Past;

This Topic has been the most difficult to research, few records are available except in local History Books all of which I have gleaned repeatedly with results that are oftimes not overwhelmingly fruitful. Especially what with the size of area that this Page is covering, an area comprising of close to 9000 square miles, I know there will be churches missed when I've finished compiling the information which I have. I have conferred by word of mouth from persons of these areas to check on my information and have had good results but still feel the chance of omissions will be inevitable.

As a preamble to the Churches and Religions of the area of days past, the early settlers of the area were mostly ranchers, that being of cattle, horses and some sheep. These were mostly persons of Scottish and English descent, their prime religions were Anglican (Church of England), Presbyterian, with some Catholic Missions included.As schools sprang up, these served a second purpose as church services were held in them on Sundays. As well, services were most times held in private homes where two or more families could gather together. In those days buildings such as Community Halls basically were nonexistent. Therefore services were mostly held in buildings other than church buildings. Ministers would travel by horseback or by horse and buggy from place to place as his services were requested and required.

Most of the Germans from Russia that we are mainly concerned with in this submission to this Page did not settle this area until after 1900. That is not to say that I am not concerning myself with the other cultures in this article, my information on Churches as was with Schools will cover all cultures and all religions equally. I am treating all Cultures and Religions equally in my Research work as again, in my humble opinion, there were no borders between Cultures and Religions in this area, they may have gone to different churches, practised totally different seeming religions, but at the end of the day they all worked together to forge a great country as only good neighbours can and will. They may have spoken different languages but they all tried to understand one another which at times I'm sure was not easy.

Cypress Hills (Alta) area;  
Congregational Church- Gros Ventre, Tothill SE29-9-4-w4
Evangelical Church- Gors Ventre, Tothill SW1-10-4-w4--Built 1908
St. Annes Church of England (Anglican), Josephsburg NW18-9-2-w4--Built 1897, Abandoned 1912
St.Alban Church of England (Anglican), Gros Ventre, Tothill NE16-10-4-w4--Built 1905
St. Peters German Latvian Lutheran Church, Josephsburg NE36-903-w4--Organized 1897
St. Margaret's Church of England (Anglican), Eagle Butte NE20-7-3-w4--Built 1907-08, Still Operating
Alliance Church, Elkwater (in Elkwater TownSite)-Built 1957
Baptist Church, Josephsburg Baptist Freedom Fighters SW36-9-3-w4--Built 1900
Baptist Church, Gros Ventre, Tothill NE36-9-4-w4--Built 1923
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Gros Ventre, Tothill SE16-9-4-w4--Built 1914
Walsh (Alta) area;  
United Church (Congregational, Graburn NW35-9-1-w4--Built 1917, Destroyed-Fire-2009
Church of God (Gemeinde Gottes), Graburn NW26-9-1-w4--Built 1932
Methodist Church, Walsh (in Walsh) ----Built 1912
Schuler- Hilda (Alta) area;  
Congregational Church- SW. of Hilda SW36-7-2-w4--Built 1912
St.Peters Lutheran Church, SW of Shuler SE21-15-2-w4--Built 1917
Congregational Matthaus Church, W. of Schuler SW34-15-2-w4--Built 1918
Church of God, Schuler originally SW15-16-2-w4--
Church of god, Schuler (now in Schuler) --Built 1934
St. Joseph's Parish (RC), Schuler SW15-16-1-w4--Built 1930
Fredensfeldt Baptist Church, SW of Schuler SW14-15-2*w4--Built 1917
Zion Lutheran Church, Hilda SW9-18-2-w4--Built 1914 (moved 1961-SW17-18-2-w4)
Hilda Seventh-Day Adventist Church SW15-18-1-w4--Built 1923
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Hilda SW7-18-1-w4--Built 1913
Evangelical Church, Hilda 2m. N of Hilda --Built 1917 (later moved into Hilda)
Gnadenfeldt Baptist Church, Hilda SW15-20-1-w4--Built 1923 (Sandy Point School)
Hilda Baptist Church NE22-17-1-4--Built 1911
Manyberries- Wild Horse area;  
Christ Lutheran Church, Manyberries Built 1958
Presbyterian Church, Manyberries Built 1916
St.Leos Parish (RC), Manyberries Built 1958
Glassford Church, near Manyberries  
German ELCC Church, near Manyberries Opened June 1931
Evangelical Lutheran National Church, Manyberries Built 1922
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Manyberries NW5-6-5-w4--Built 1936
Presbyterian Church, Orion Built 1917
United Church, Orion Built 1925
Evangelical Church Built 1962
Anglican Church, Comrey  
RC Mission (bottom of Milk River Basin prior to turn of the Century)  
Ebenezer United Church (along Seven Persons-Orion Hiway N. of Bulls Head Butte)  
Immanuel Lutheran Church (Services in Barby School-House)  
Presbyterian Church (Services in Bullshead Butte School)  
Free Evangelical Church (Services in Glen Banner School)  
Irvine- Clearwater area;  
Salem Evangelical Church, Newburg, Site #1 SE4-10-2-w4--Abt. 1950
Evangelical Church, Newburg NE16-10-2-w4--Built 1908
Church Of God- Newburg SE16-10-3-w4--Built 1926
Bethel United Church, N. of Irvine Built 1917
Congregational Friedens Gemeinde Church, Irvine Built 1914 (1918?)
St.Georges Anglican Church, Irvine (in Irvine)--Built 1907
Lutheran Church, Irvine--(originally Christ Lutheran-in Irvine) Built 1966
German Baptist Church, Irvine Built pre 1914
Baptist Church, Irvine Built 1914
Christ Lutheran Church0(Evangelical Lutheran Christus Gemeinde) (in Irvine)--Built 1912
Peace United (Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational) (in Irvine)--Built 1925
Church of God, Irvine (in Irvine)--Built 1946
Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 12m.S. of Irvine SE10-10-3-w4--Built 1916
Dunmore area;  
Little Plume Evangelical Church, S.of Dunmore NW36-9-5-w4--Built1919, Still Operating
St.Albans Church of England (Anglican), Tothill NE16-10-4-w4--Built 1905
Bethel Evangelical Church, Wisdom SW1-9-6-w4--Built 1914
Methodist Church, Dunmore Opened, Sept 1883
Bowmation- Suffield- Bowell area;  
Bow Island- Winnifred area;  
All Saints Anglican, Bow Island Built 1909
Church of Holy Hope, 8m S. of BI on Nemiscam Rd. Built 1912
Methodist Presbyterian Church, Bow Island Built 1907 (First Church in Bow Island)
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Maleb NE35-8-11-w4--Built 1912
St.Michaels Catholic Church, Bow Island Built 1916
Zion Lutheran Church, Bow Island Built 1911
Foremost area:  
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (in Foremost) --Built 1958
Evangelical Free Church, Foremost Built 1957
Norwegian Lutheran Church, Foremost Built 1913
Trinity Lutheran Church, Foremost Built 1944
St.Josephs Catholic Church, Foremost NE16-7-11-w4--Built 1913
St.Saviours Anglican Church, Foremost (Burlington) Built 1914
United Church, Foremost Built 1913
Etzikom area;  
Sacred Heart RC Church, Faith SW13-4-9-w4--Built 1912
Evangelical Free Church, Etzikom  
First Baptist Church of Etzikom Built 1920's
St.Gabriel The Archangel RC Church, Etzikom Opened April 27, 1958
Seven Persons- Whitla area;  
Seven Persons Church Built 1908
Whitla United Church Built 1914
Whitla Catholic Church (RC) Built 1913
WindyRidge St.Anthony's Church, Granlee (RC) 2-9-9-w4

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(Cypress County Index)
City of Medicine Hat

I have found this undertaking, that of compiling a list of all of the Cemeteries in this vast area that I have set out to record, to have become the most challenging but yet perhaps the most rewarding of all the sections of the Research into the past of the Medicine Hat area that I have done. The reader will have to accept any errors, ommissions, etc. that may have occurred as being accidental, I have tried to get the facts straight but in going through numerous different records from numerous different sources, we find variations in Land Locations, etc. so have taken what we could most closely associate as being the correct information and you must forgive any errors. Please, if any errors are found, contact myself at my E-Address and I will make every effort to check out and rectify the error(s). Also, in regards to directions to get to different and especially abandoned cemeteries, we would suggest contacting someone in the specific area before venturing out on your own as some directions may be hard to follow as a result of changes in roads over the years, some of these areas are quite desolute and are even difficult for someone like myself who has spent a lifetime in the area to navigate to some of the locations.

I have concerned myself basically with recording the Sites of the many Cemeteries in this vast area. There are listings of burials available for a good many though not all of these cemeteries. Space would never permit my listing of burials in this page. These are available from different locations in our Medicine Hat area and would refer you to the Local Resources Section at the end of this submission. That section will give you details of whom to contact for assistance with listings of burials. I have only included names of burials in the case of Isolated Graves of which again there are many in this area. Have also attempted to keep my listings secluded and pertaining to the areas set out in this submission. If you are searching for a certain Cemetery and do not find it listed herein, by all means contact the writer, I may be able to locate who and what you are looking for.

City of Medicine Hat Cemeteries:

History Of Burials And Cemeteries In Medicine Hat

The original Hillside Cemetery is located adjacent to the Parks and Outdoor Recreation department Operations area in Kin Coulee Park. The cemetery is an eight-acre site incorporated by the Church of England as a cemetery in 1892. In 1945 the site was turned over to the City of Medicine Hat along with approximately $500 in a trust fund. The last interment in the old Hillside Cemetery was in 1947. The cemetery is no longer active and is maintained as a passive green space by the City Parks and Outdoor Recreation department.

St. John's Presbyterian Church, in Medicine Hat, owned a parcel of land described as SE quarter of Sec. 26, Township 12, Range 6, west of the 4th, comprising approximately 40 acres. In 1908 – 1909 the Presbyterian Church released 20 acres to the City of Medicine Hat for the purpose of establishing Hillside Cemetery. In April 1914 they released to the City the balance of the land which is now completely within the Hillside Cemetery. The new Hillside Cemetery is located at the intersection of Gershaw Drive and 10 Avenue SW.

The first burial, in what is now Hillside Cemetery, was a baby by the name of Cecil Hargrave on November 7, 1886.For more information on this history of our cemetery, contact the City Clerk department at City Hall or the Hillside Cemetery. Staff is on site.

More Information

Did you know that in the early days of the city an old burying ground straggled up from the back of the old church of St. Barnabas, along 6th Avenue to the brow of the hill. In 1891 the Vestry bought from a Mr. Cruickshanks, six acres of land in the Seven Person's Creek. Two acres of this they sold to the Roman Catholic Church at $15.00 an acre. To this new site most of the bodies were removed but a few unmarked graves still exist, two , along the south wall of the present church near the organ transept.

In 1922 five acres of land was reserved for the exclusive use of the Church of England in the " Hillside Cemetery." This portion was consecrated by Bishop Harding. The Seven Person's Creek site was no longer used and fell into sad neglect. It's pathetic loneliness moved the Vestry in 1944 to approach the City about it. The Vestry agreed to hand over the property along with a trust fund of approximately $500.00. In return the city promised that the site would be set apart as a park and the graves therein would receive perpetual care. Since then the City Parks Department has done a great deal to improve and beautify this old cemetery.
Source: St. Barnabas Church Parish Leaflet Feb. 29, 1948

The first cemetery was located near where Ogilvie Flour Mills now stands. Next cemetery was near St. Barnabas Church, moved further up the hill later. The first burial service, a surveyor who died of fever early in 1883. He does not mention any dates as to when the cemetery was in use at St. Barnabas Church, but in other references, Rev. Wellington Bridgman, (the first Methodist Minister in Medicine Hat, in 1883) states that the fever, (probably a type of flu) struck the town and he performed eleven funerals that year, deaths caused by the fever. He does not, however, state where the burials were made, but we assume they were in the first cemetery located near Ogilvie Flour Mills in 1883. Source: Notes from Mr. Mort Fulton.

The Roman Catholic church has secured sufficient land from Mr. W. Johnston for a cemetery. Source: Medicine Hat Times March 31, 1892
The congregation of the church of England have purchased eight acres of land situated in the Seven Persons from Mr. Cruikshanks for cemetery purposes. Source: Medicine Hat Times June 16, 1892.

In 1891, the St. Barnabas Vestry purchased 6 acres of land by Seven Persons Creek to use as an Anglican cemetery, replacing a small plot behind the Church, which had served as the town's first cemetery. Five acres of the Hillside Cemetery, located in the coulee to the south of town, were set aside for the use by the Church of England, the first Anglican burial taking place on March of 1884. (A Roman Catholic section was created for the parish of St. Patricks Church in March of 1892; their first burial occurring in January of 1889) Eventually the City of Medicine Hat assumed care for the "old" Hillside Cemetery, in 1945. A new cemetery, also called Hillside, was created on the west of town. Source: Medicine Hat library archives.

Medicine Hat, Hillside Cemetery---------------------------------------------------------------------------NE26-12-6-W4
The cemetery is located on Highway 3 and 10 Avenue SW, two blocks west of the Trans Canada Highway.
The site that Hillside Cemetery occupies has been in existence since 1886 and has been a municipal operation since 1909. It comprises 80 acres of sloping and level land of which 57 acres are in active use. There are currently over 28,000 burials.Over 1600 trees of varying species make the cemetery appear to be a well-arranged forest from both the air and roadway. The cemetery's mission is "to provide a peaceful, quiet sanctuary to commemorate the history of the community through devotion, pride, and remembrance, served by professional, dedicated personnel." There are several different burial areas in Hillside Cemetery including: Anglican section, Catholic section, Children's section, Columbaria, Family plot area, Field of honour, In-ground cremains, Infant section, Jewish section, Scattering garden.

Medicine Hat, Saamis Prairie View (Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens)-----------------------------------SE15-12-6-W4
located on the north side of Highway #3 four kilometers west of the entrance to the Medicine Hat Airport.
This property was formerly known as Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens.
Much of the data available was gathered during a site visit September 18, 1999
Medicine Hat, Kin Coulee------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE26-12-6-W4


Redcliff, Redcliff Community Cemetery--------------------------------------------------------------------SW08-13-6-W4
Located on the edge of the river hills over looking the South Saskatchewan River in the town of Redcliff and is maintained by the town. This listing is current to January 31, 1999. It was compiled by researching the town records and through a site visit July 02, 1997.


Cypress Hills (Alta) area;
Elkwater vicinity, unidentified burial ---------------------------------------------------------------------NE 19-07-2-W4
The provincial government records show one burial in the southwest corner of the above property which is on Highway #41, one half mile south of Township Road 74, about three miles south of Cypress Hills Provincial Park. On 7 Sep 1996, there was no indication of a grave in a well used pasture.
Elkwater vicinity, Wallewein homestead----------------------------------------------------------------- NE 13-07-3-W4
Provincial Government records show a single fenced grave in the northeast corner of this property, the original Wallewein homestead. On 7 Sep 1996, there is no sign of a grave. All that remains at this location is a decaying log house and an open well.
Evergreen vicinity, unknown burial sites. No Location Given
Adsit, Abram: died 1891; Karklin, Mikel: died 1918
Fox vicinity, unknown burial sites No Location Given
Sturm, Albert; Sturm, Herbert; Sturm, Ralph:
Graburn vicinity, Church of God (Gemeinde Gottes)--(1935-1944)----------------------------------------NW26-09-1-W4
Eleven and one half miles south of Walsh on the Graburn Road at Range Road 12 and Twp. Rd. 94
The old church stands askew in the extreme northwest corner of the plot. The small cemetery in the southeast corner is well fenced (barbed wire) and contains eight visible graves but only three are marked. The recording was made 1 Sep 1996.
Graburn vicinity, single burials. Locations Shown Below
1. NW 26-8-1-W4, Graburn, Alberta
The grave of an unknown, some believe a native Indian, is located in the south ditch of the Graburn Road just before the road turns south into the Cypress Hills. When the road was built, this plot was left undisturbed and a barbed wire fence was installed. Found in good condition 11 Apr 1997.
2. SE 14-9-2-W4, Graburn, Alberta
Beierbach, Johannas: died in 1907 and is interred on this his homestead, husband of Christina Kruger (she died in 1921, interred at Torrington, Alberta)
3. SE 29-9-2-W4, Graburn, Alberta
Mohr, Chris: interred on a hill behind residence of the late Lawrence Good. Wife Carolina married (2) Pastor Fred Anhorn (she died 6 Jan 1947 and is interred in Hillside Cemetery)
Graburn vicinity, unidentified burial sites No Locations Shown
Coburn, Major: died 1911
Ramsay, William "Wally": died 1923
Ressor, Milton: 1925/1926
Stothers, Mrs: 1867/1914, wife of William Stothers
Ziegenhagel, George, Sr: died 1917, husband of Magdalena Job
Graburn vicinity, United (originally Peace Congregational)--(1914-1948)----------------------------------NW 35-09-1-W4
at the junction of Range Road 12 and Township Road 100 (Hiway 515), or ten and one half miles south of Walsh on the Graburn Road. In 1978, the Provincial Department of Culture granted $738.75 to help restore the cemetery. Other funds raised in the community completed the project. Relatives, friends and the Medicine Hat News were instrumental in gathering data on the people interred here. Most of the church records had been destroyed in earlier years. This church was originally known as Peace Congregational. This Church burned to the ground on January 23, 2009, cause of fire undetermined. A huge monument lists all those interred here and also supplies most of the pertinent dates. There are only nine markers. Recorded 1 Sep 1996.
Gros Ventre Baptist--(two locations shown)---------------------------------------------------------------------SE02-10-4-W4
Gros Ventre Baptist--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NE36-09-4-W4
twelve miles south and seven miles east of Dunmore
Interred here as per Medicine Hat Genealogical Society records:
Faundrick, Ludwig; Hauck, Peter, Jr:; Koppenstein, Emma; Renke, Irene Elizabeth; Webb, John:
Gros Ventre Congregational United (Zion United/ St.Albans Anglican Cemetery)---------------------SE corner of SW 28-09-4-W4
south on Eagle Butte Road to Township Road 94, then two and one half miles east
The old church and cemetery are on a hill. The remaining one acre property has a small fenced cemetery west of the church. It is difficult to find any markers in the deep grass.
Gros Ventre, Newburg Evangelical Zion-------------------------------------------------------------------------SW 1-10-4-W4
in the southwest corner on the Marvin Rath property along a small rise;
south on Eagle Butte Road to Township Road 100, then six miles east OR travel 4 miles west of Hiway 41 on Twp.Rd 100 to junction with Range Rd.41
There are only two visible stone markers in the tall grasses. The information here was found on the markers and in the book "Plains, Trains and Wagon Wheels:"
Gros Ventre, Reiger Cemetery----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SW14-10-4-W4
A very difficult site to access! Travel 3 miles west of Hiway 41 on Twp.Rd.100. At Range Rd.40 travel 3.2 kms. north, turn west on Twp.Rd.102, travel 1.2 kms. west. Ask for directions at farm house.
Josephburg vicinity, Baptist Freedom Settlers --(1905-1943)-----------------------------------------------------SW 36-9-3-W4
one mile south of SH 515 on Range Road 31 and 200 yards east of Range Road 31 at entrance to farm or one mile west and twelve miles south of Irvine, Alberta.
The Cemetery is 75 feet to the east of Farm Road entrance enclosed with Frost fencing. There is a gate on the west side plus a Site marker with a list of names.
There are only four grave markers, but a monument lists names for forty one burials. (The dates were taken from other sources.)
The inscription reads: 1897 to 1937 Baptist Freedom Settlers, Josephburg, P.O. Assinboia, West N.W.T.
Josephsburg, Church of England//St.Anne's--(1904-1906)-----------------------------------------------------SW18-09-2-W4
from Hiway 41 South, take Hiway 515 East 3 miles to the Bull Trail (Range Rd. 25), 2 miles south to Twp. Rd. 94, 1 mile West, south 1 1/2 miles on Range Rd. 30 to Cemetery on east side of road. Church built in 1897, abandoned in 1912, still standing but leaning badly just a few years ago. Cemetery is adjacent to the south side of the church.
Lebanon/Thelma, Lutheran Cemetery--------------------------------------------------------------------------NW36-07-3-W4
South of Elkwater on Hiway 41 to junction of Twp.Rd.74, travel west 2 miles, turn north to Park Boundary.
Cemetery on slight rise to the east.
Lebanon/Thelma, Baptist Cemetery---------------------------------------------------------------------------NW 25-07-3-W4
one mile north of Township Road 74 on Range Road 31
The names of all those interred here are inscribed on a stone monument that was erected in 1982 by the Alberta Department of Culture and the Lebanon/Thelma Cemetery Committee. There were seventy burials at this site but only sixteen graves are marked. As of 13 Feb 1999, other records indicate that ten more bodies than are inscribed on the monument are laid to rest here.
Lebanon/Thelma vicinity, unidentified burial sites
Hauck, Adam: (twin) of Jacob Hauck and Katherine Kallenberger
Hauck, Sara: (twin) of Jacob Hauck and Katherine Kallenberger
Sauter, Fred: died 1911
Sauter, Hilda: died 1925, of Gotfred Sauter and Dorothy Rauser
Thelma, St. Margaret's Anglican------------------------------------------------------------------------NW corner of NE 20-7-3-W4
found by traveling south of Medicine Hat on the Eagle Butte Highway, through the Cypress Hills, about 45km. South of Dunmore, located one half mile south of Township Road 74, then one quarter mile east. A memorial marker was dedicated 20 May 1996; work parties are held each July 1 weekend to maintain the church and cemetery. A non-profit society has been formed to administer the site.
The following list includes all those interred here as of 24 Jun 1996:
Robinson/Josephburg vicinity, unidentified graves No Location Given
Bollinger, Margaritha: died 18 Jul 1910
Boschee, Charlotte (Reimcho): died 25 Sep 1920
Doering, Lydia: died 1914, daughter of Nathaniel Doering
Doering, Thomas: 1902/1904, son of Nathaniel Doering
Hauck, Peter: 11 Sep 1851/26 Mar 1913
Klein, John: died 1907
Miller, Daniel: died 24 Feb 1911
Miller, Magdalena: died 18 Jan 1910
Walker, Christian: died 10 Feb 1910
Sentinal, Elkwater Hutterian Brethren------------------------------------------------------------------------NW35-09-2-W4
Colony located on South side of Hiway 515 east of Hiway 41
Private Cemetery located on the South side of the Colony atop a small rise.
It is surrounded by Frost Fencing and an attractive shelterbelt of evergreen trees
Tothill, St. Albans's Church of England (Anglican) Cemetery)------------------------------------------------NE16-10-4-W4
travel east from Little Plume Church on Eagle Butte Rd. on Hiway 515 (Twp.Rd.100) to Range Rd.43
travel north 5 miles. Cemetery is atop a small rise on the west side of the road.
Tothill, Albeck- St. Paul's Lutheran----------------------------------------------------------------SE corner of SE 16-09-4-W4
at the junction of Township Road 92 and Range Road 43, south on the Eagle Butte Road, three miles east on Township Road 94 and then two miles south on Range Road 43
The cemetery plot is on the west side of what was probably a larger churchyard. In 1996, Don Schmidt was able to find six stone markers, two of which are broken. The grass was waist deep.

Walsh (Alta) area;
Walsh, Box Elder Hutterite Colony
Hofer, Joshua B: 81 years; died 28 Jul 1997
Walsh, Community-------------------------------------------------------------------------NW 27-11-1-W4 or SW 34-11-1-W4
one mile west on Hiway #1 and one half mile north of Walsh right in the road allowance at the end of a prairie trail just north of Highway 1 past tall communications tower. Someone has removed the fence in order to drive through the cemetery.
There is only one marker; it was found near the east/west fence line that passes just south of the cemetery:
On 16 Mar 1997, we assume that those listed are buried here:
Walsh, Spring Creek Hutterite Colony
Hofer, John: born 27 Oct 1904 at the Tschetter Colony near Freeman, South
Dakota; died 8 Jun 1997, husband of Susie Wipf
Hofer, Tobias George: 14 Dec 1988/4 Aug 1999 (of Philip and Mary Hofer)
Walsh, Zion/Many Islands Cemetery---------------------------------------------------------------------------NW12-13-2-W4

Schuler- Hilda (Alta) area;
Hilda Baptist------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NE 22-17-1-W4
one mile west and two miles south of Hilda
A monument has been erected listing those interred here.
Some discrepancies are noted when comparing the names there with other records.
There are quite a number orf unkown graves
The following names that are listed on the monument as being interred here are available on request:
As of 22 Apr 1999, we can add the following to the burials here as per ZionCongregational Church records:
These are also available upon request from the Coordinator or
Hilda vicinity, Beierbach, Andrew Homestead--------------------------------------------------------------E 1/2 of 26-18-3-W4
twelve miles west and five miles north of Hilda
Congregational church records indicate a grave two feet south and three feetwest of the property line
in northeast corner of northeast quarter
Hilda vicinity, Bethlehem Lutheran--(1914-1952)----------------------------------------------------------------SW 7-18-1-W4
five miles west and one and one half miles north of Hilda; one half mile south of the junction of Township Road 182
and Range Road 20 on the Samuel Koch homestead
Data was gathered from various sources because of fire that destroyed some of the original documents.
The Lutheran congregations have erected a monument that lists all those interred here.
These were listed on the monument and are available on request
Hilda vicinity, Congregational------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SW 36-17-2-W4
six miles west and one mile south of Hilda, one mile south of the junction of Township Road 180 and Range Road 21
on the John Gebhardt homestead. The original records were located at Medicine Hat, Alberta by Ron Bender of Hilda
who then forwarded a copy to Don Schmidt 22 Apr 1999.
Some of the data was taken from the original register. We are still not certain that we have the complete burial data for this location as the records for this church included burials in many other area cemeteries.
Hilda vicinity, Fieger Family---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE 28-17-2-W4
eight miles west and two miles south of Hilda at the junction of Range Road 23 and Township Road 174
A visit to the site 12 Aug 1995 showed that there were two unmarked graves inside the fence.
Records at the Provincial Archives at Edmonton, Alberta, 14 Oct 1997, verified that there are at least two children interred here and possibly a third family member.
Hilda vicinity, Roseglen Hutterite---------------------------------------------------------------------------------SW02-18-2-W4
seven miles west of Hilda, just south of the colony buildings
Hilda vicinity, Salem Evangelical--(1921-1950)------------------------------------------------------------------NW 12-18-1-W4
at the junction of Township Road 182 and Range Road 11, two miles north of Hilda on the Henry Kundert homestead
The church on this property no longer exists.
Hilda vicinity, Seventh Day Adventist-(1918-1950)--------------------------------------------------------------SW 15-18-1-W4
one mile west and two miles north of Hilda at the junction of Township Road 182 and Range Road 13
on the John Walter homestead. The church at this site was active from 1919 to the 1940s. In August 1996, the long vacant building was moved to the Medicine Hat, Alberta Exhibition Grounds where it is now part of a heritage village. We attempted to locate the burial records for this cemetery with the help ofthe Seventh Day Adventist Church at Medicine Hat, Alberta. A conversation with Mr. Edgar Boschee 10 Apr 1997, led us to believe that the records have been lost. The Church Conference does not have the records.
Hilda vicinity, Stockburger family----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE 36-18-1-W4
along the north line, about 300 yards west of Range Road 20 and
one and one half miles north of Township Road 184 on the Stockburger homestead
As of 10 Oct 1996, we believe that at least seven burials ocurred here including one Durr child.
A visit with Art Schlaht at Medicine Hat, Alberta, 5 Jul 1997, confirmed that two infants of Fred, Sr. and Amalia Miller are interred here; this was later verified by Bertha Miller Purdy.
Hilda vicinity, unidentified burial sites No locations known
Kauschuk, Alex; Merz, Bertha:
Hilda vicinity, Walker family---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE 28-17-2-W4
eight miles west and two miles south of Hilda
The original Congregational Church was located at this site. We understand that three burials took place here.
The virgin prairie remains untouched by the plow share. The graves could still be seen 25 May 1998.
Hilda vicinity, Zion Lutheran Cemetery #1------------------------------------------------------------------------NE 32-17-2-W4
nine miles west of Hilda at the junction of Township Road 180 and Range Road 24 on the Emil Krause homestead
This is the first of two sites for the Zion Lutheran Church. The cemetery was in use from 1912 to 1935.
Hilda vicinity, Zion Lutheran Church #2----------------------------------------------------------------------------SW 9-18-2-W4
nine miles west and one and one half miles north of Hilda,
1/2 mile south of Township Road 182 and Range Road 24 on the Fred Dewald homestead, about 11 yards east of the road
A number of names are listed on a monument:
Records found 10 Sep 1997 in the Evangelical church at Burstall, SK show the following additional burials in this cemetery: Krause, Dora; Walker, Elma:
Sandy Point, Gnadenfeld Baptist------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE15-20-1-W4
six and one half miles west, and two miles north of Burstall, Saskatchewan,
at junction of Township Road 202 and Range Road 12
Harvey Schmidt, grandson of Wilhelm Schmidt, one of the church founders, has been instrumental in ensuring that the final resting place for our ancestors is well maintained.
Sandy Point, Huber Family----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW 36-19-1-W4
on the south side of the highway about one quarter mile eastof the Huber homestead,
five miles west of Burstall, Saskatchewan. The grave is on the quarter section line.
There is one Huber child interred at this site. The infant daughter of Andrew Huber and Christina Barth was stillborn 27 Jun 1915, a twin sister to William Huber.
Sandy Point, Wenz Family-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW 22-20-1-W4
six and one half miles west, four miles north and one mile west of Burstall, Saskatchewan
at the junction of Township Road 204 and Range Road 13.
Township Road 204 is a prairie trail and not recommended for use by small cars.
Sandy Point, Wolfer Family---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW 12-20-1-W4
five and one half miles west and four miles north of Burstall, Saskatchewan, one mile north of Township Road 202 on Range Road 11
Schuler, Church of God-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SW 15-16-2-W4
five miles west of Schuler at the crossroads of Range Road 23 and Township Road 162
The cemetery is now a small 8 foot by 12 foot fenced parcel some 100 yards north of township road 162.
In 1996, the cemetery record was with Wilbur and Evelyn Boettcher at Schuler, Alberta.
Only one burial took place here: Bentley, Thomas George Joseph: died 9 Jan 1944, husband of Agnes Bentley
Schuler vicinity, Congregational Matthias-(1910-1937)--------------------------------------------------------SW 34-15-2-W4
five miles west and three miles south of Schuler on the east side of Range Road 23
Church records on 30 Aug 1996 indicated that 36 burials took place here.
There are only four graves with markers, three with legible data:
The following data was taken from church records. Don Schmidt suspects that records for this cemetery and the Evangelical Cemetery north of Hilda, Alberta, have been mixed up. Therefore, some of the following could be interred at that location:
Schuler vicinity, Fredensfelt Baptist--(1912-1943)--------------------------------------------------------------SE 14-15-2-W4
just north of SH 528 and just west of Range Road 21 (two miles west, six miles south and one and one half miles west of Schuler)
The church was sold and moved from this location. Today all that remains is another neglected cemetery.
The one acre property, on a desolate hilltop, is surrounded by a good fence.
A visit was made to the cemetery on 31 Aug 1996 to read the markers.
The Schuler, Alberta, history book states that the following are interred here:
Will, Jacob: died 1937
Ulrich, Robert Richard: 27 Mar 1930/12 May 1930
It is believed that the following persons are also interred at this site:
Salty, John: died 1918
Stuckey, Mrs:
Stuckey, Mr: died 1937
Whitson, Elvin: aged 9, of Fred Whitson
Whitson, Fred: died 1919
Whitson, Glen: infant of Fred
Wolfe, Mathew:
Schuler, Good Hope Lutheran----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE 17-15-29-W3
six miles east and six miles south of Schuler, on the north side of the road
Two of the unmarked graves contain the remains of Mr. and Mrs. John Schmautz as per the Schuler, Alberta, history book
Schuler, Lutheran-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE 12-16-1-W4
three and one half miles east, one half mile south and about 200 yards west of Schuler on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border
Information was taken from the only two remaining markers:
Schuler, Peace Lutheran (Evangelical Lutheran Friedens Gemeinde)-(1937-1951)-------------------------SW 16-16-1-W4
(location of church) near the west entrance to Schuler on north side of the street
This listing was made in 1996:
Schuler vicinity, Quast Family----------------------------------------------------------------------------------NE 33-15-2-W4
at the junction of Range Road 23 and Township Road 160, five miles west and two miles south of Schuler
On 30 Aug 1996, there was evidence of only one grave.
Information received from Tom Quast 24 Sep 1996, indicates that the infant child of August Quast and Martha Schuh is interred here. Tom is a nephew to August.
Schuler vicinity, Schmidt Family-------------------------------------------------------------------------------SW 32-14-1-W4
one mile south of Township Road 150 on Range Road 15 (one mile west and nine miles south of Schuler
This small cemetery is located just east of a large, flat rock pile about one eighth mile north of the gate to the Many Island Grazing pasture on the Archie Daffy property. As of 4 Sep 1996, the cemetery was outlined with small metal pins, five graves were marked with pins, and there were no markers of any kind with information on them. There seem to be about eight graves at this site. Further research 8 Sep 1996, resulted in the following: this small plot holds the remains of five Schmidt family members some of whom perished during the flu epidemic in 1918. The rest of the family moved to unknown points in the United States.
As of 18 Oct 1997, we believe there to be graves for the following:
Schuler, St. Joseph's Parish---(1912-1955)--------------------------------------------------------------------SW 15-16-1-W4
about one mile east of Schuler on the north side of Township Road 162 and east of Range Road 13
Two monuments have been erected. One lists donors for an improvement project, the other shows an incomplete list of interments.This location has been inactive since 1956.
Schuler vicinity, St. Peter's Lutheran--------------------------------------------------------------------------SE 21-15-2-W4
five miles west and five miles south of Schuler, on the west side of Range Road 23
There are about nine graves in the fenced area, only one of which has a marker. The other information was gathered from the Schuler history book.
Schuler, Matthaus Evangelical----(1910-1937)---------------------------------------------------------------NE31-15-1-W4
Schuler, Norwegian Lutheran----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE06-16-1-W4
two miles West and two miles South of Schuler
No church was ever built on site
Schuler vicinity, unidentified burial sites No Locations Given
Ackerman, Regina: died 19 Nov 1918
Berreth, Emma: died 16 Jan 1927
Beringer, Paulina: died 18 Aug 1914; Section 9-15-1-W4
Bodesky, Ariluna: died 9 Nov 1914
Cassetty, Hattie B: died 16 Nov 1947
Chandler, John: died 27 Nov 1935
Christman, Hula: died 30 Dec 1920, daughter of Christ Christman
Drosnikoff, Alvina: died 13 Feb 1911
Ebel, Archie Harold: died 7 Feb 1946
Franz, Lydia: died 22 Jan 1917
Gellange, Raif: died 6 Aug 1922
Gunike, Eva: 30 Aug 1926
Henchel, Bennie: died 17 Aug 1928
Jeske, Jacob: 27 Jun 1858/12 Jul 1914
Jeske, Reinhold: died 27 Jan 1917, of Fred Jeske
Jeske, Reinhold: died 22 Jan 1918, of Fred Jeske
Johnson, Alphy: died 9 Mar 1910
Kirch, Carl: died 15 Nov 1918, of Henry Kirch
Kluck, Ferdinand: died 18 Nov 1918, of Martin Kluck
Kost, Katie: died 5 Dec 1919, of Henry Kost
Landsiedel, Katie: died 27 Feb 1920, of Jacob Landsiedel
Leirele, Anton:
Maissonneuve, Alf: died 1918
Meidinger, Ruben: died 10 Dec 1919, of J. J. Meidinger
Mueller, Margaret: died 10 May 1921, of Jacob Mueller
Munro, George Thomas: died 20 Dec 1949
Nugal, Adam: died 28 Jan 1918, of Valentin Nugal
Nugal, Clara: died 28 Jan 1917, of Adam Nugal
Oakes, Leslie: died 1923, son of William Schuler
Oakes, William: died 1924
Ruck, Ida: died 28 Nov 1918, of Jacob Ruck
Schafer: infant female died 22 Mar 1910, daughter of Anton Schafer
Schilling, Emma: died 29 Apr 1917, of John Schilling
Schuh, Leonard: 1922/1928. SW 22-15-1-W4 Schuler
Silbernagel, Rosa: died 11 Jun 1917, of Fred Silbernagel
Riehl, Alex: died 8 Jul 1920, of Alex Riehl
Pudwill, Albert: died 13 Oct 1926, of Fred Pudwill
Pudwill, Milbert: died 5 Jan 1929, of Fred Pudwill
Tillman, Alma: died 24 Mar 1916, of Edward Tillman. Section 2-1-16-W4
Treiber, Florence: died 27 Jun 1928, of Philip Treiber
Zilke, Valina: died 12 Dec 1914
Schuler vicinity, Will family---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW 13-15-2-W4,
on Range Road 11, one mile north of Township Road 152
The Schuler history book states that Jacob Will's mother and four of her infant grandchildren are interred in a small plot along the west side of this property.
We visited the site 8 Sep 1996, and could not find any sign of a burial plot. There is a small grove of shrubs near the northwest corner and we suspect the burials might have occurred there.
Schuler vicinity, Other Unidentified Graves
NW12-15-2-W4, (two graves)
SW15-16-2-W4, (Large Grave)
SW32-14-1-W4, (four flu victims)

Manyberries- Wild Horse area;
Aden, Sunnyside Cemetery------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE18-01-10-W4
Comrey, Comrey Cemetery-(1911-1979)---------------------------------------------------------------------------SW14-02-6-W4
Manyberries, Pakowki Cemetery------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW15-05-7-W4
Manyberries, Newhome Cemetery-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW13-06-5-W4
Manyberries, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Zion Cemetery----------------------------------------------------------SE18-06-5-W4
Manyberries, Pleasant View//Catchem Cemetery--------------------------------------------------------------------NW33-03-6-W4
Stone Erected
Manyberries, Little Knoll Finnish Lutheran Cemetery-(1911-1979)-------------------------------------------NE06-06-5-W4
From Manyberries intersection with Hiway 61, north on Black & White Trail for three miles, one mile east on
Twp. Rd. 62 (Elkwater Rd.), one mile north. WebSite records the burial of 53 persons.
Manyberries, Manyberries Cemetery---------------------------------------------------------------------------SE26-05-6-W4
Well maintained. Located just on the west side of the village.
Orion, Glen Banner Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery-(1911-1941)---------------------------------------------NW09-07-6-W4
Pendant d'Orielle, Pleasant Plain Cemetery---------------------------------------------------------------------------SE21-07-3-W4
Waters Grave--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------01-5-W4
Mary Ann Waters and baby Daughter died Oct.5, 1897
WildHorse Cemetery-------------------------------------------------------------------perhaps SW4-01-2-W4 or SW3-01-2-W4
just North of US- Candad Boundary
One Grave Record- Wort Hester's Grave

Irvine- Clearwater area;
Clearwater, Bauder family----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NE 14-13-2-W4
There were three Bauder family burials here. One child died from diptheria between 1913 and 1915.
Don Schmidt was unable to find this small plot on 24 Apr 1997.
The land location may be either NE 14-2-13-W4 or NW 13-2-13-W4
Clearwater, Longvalley Union------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW 10-13-3-W4
northeast of Medicine Hat, six miles east of Highway 41
just east of Range Road 33 on Township Road 132 (Longvalley road)
A wooden plaque lists all those interred here. Only one grave has a stone marker.
Clearwater vicinity, Herth Lutheran Cemetery------------------------------------------------------------------SW 32-12-2-W4
on Township Road 130 (Clearwater Road), 11 miles east of Highway 41, on Range Road 25
This abandoned cemetery is reverting back to a natural state. In 1996, Don Schmidt found evidence of about six graves.
Records found 18 Jun 1997 indicate at least nine burials:
Clearwater Zion Congregational----------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW 12-13-2-W4
northeast of Medicine Hat, 14 miles east of Highway 41 on Township Road 132 (Longvalley Road) and Range Road 21
There was no church building associated with this cemetery.
On 2 Sep 1996, Don Schmidt counted eight graves in the east row and 24 in the west row. Only seven markers were legible.
Clearwater vicinity, unidentified burial site of Schaffer, Christdoff & Schaffer, Philip. No Location Shown
Irvine vicinity, Newburg Church of God--(1926-1944)-----------------------------------------------------------SE 16-10-3-W4
on the northwest side of Highway 41 at the junction withTownship Road 102
The congregation erected a monument in 1975 listing all those interred here as well as the interment dates.
There are only about ten marked graves.
Irvine vicinity, Newburg Salem Evangelical (2) ---------------------------------------------two locations shown below
(1) location: SE 16-10-2-W4, six miles east of Hiway 41 on Hiway 515,
at the junction of Township Road 102 and Range Road 23, OR
two miles east and nine miles south of Irvine
Cemetery is located on west side of Road, 200 feet into the field, surrounded by barbed wire fencing, Large Site marker
(2) location: SE 4-10-2-W4, six miles east of Hiway 41 on Hiway 515,
just north of SH 515 on Range Road 23, west side of road OR
two miles east and eleven miles south of Irvine.
Cemetery is on the west side of the road adjacent to the roadway. Some grave markers
This congregation met at the above (1) location from 1907 to 1945. In 1959, an old school house was moved
from the Woolchester area to the (2) location. Services continued there until 1970 when the church was again closed.
All that remains at the two locations are badly neglected cemeteries. In 1996, there was no evidence of any burials
at the (2) location although the grounds are fenced. Allister Otto who lives just northwest of (1) location states that
there were twenty-nine burials here, and that some markers are covered by blow dirt. Several sources indicate the Burials:
Irvine vicinity, Stoney Hill/Schlaht Cemetery--------------------------------------------------------------------SW01-10-2-W4
Irvine vicinity, Schlaht School Cemetery-------------------------------------------------------------------------SW 24-11-2-W4
four kilmeters south of Highway 1 on Range Road 21 (Stony Hill Road) east of Irvine
Cemetery on east side of road atop a small rise, 200 feet into the cultivated field, surrounded by a barbed wire fence
Several depressions indicate graves besides the two that are marked; one small metal marker has no legible information.
The remaining marker has fallen down; it shows the following: Christman, Henry
Information from the Irvine, Alberta, history book indicates the following are probably interred here:
Arnold, Albina (Melham); Schlaht: two sons and a daughter of Christian Schlaht and Ida Lentz are
probably interred here as the family lived across the road
Also Maser, Christian, Sr.; Maser, Katharina (Quenzer): Weiss, Alice:
Irvine vicinity, Newburg Seventh Day Adventist----------------------------------------------------------------SE10-10-3-W4
one mile East of Hiway 41 on Hiway 515, on Range Rd. 32 travel north 1.6 kms., at junction of Range Rd.32 & Twp. Rd.101,
The Cemetery is located on the west side of the trail along a barbed wire fence 200 feet into the field
It is surrounded by barbed wire and there is a gate on the east side. One grave is fenced by metal pipe.
Irvine vicinity, Newburg-The Pahl Cemetery-Evangelical Lutheran-------------------------------------------NE15-10-2-W4
seven miles east of Hiway 41 on Hiway 515, just north of SH 515 on Range Road 22, travel three miles north to an S Curve in the road OR three miles east and eight miles south of Irvine
The church was built in 1916 and closed in the 1940s. The small cemetery is located on the east side of the road at a curve,
A small enclosure with good metal fence could contain up to eight graves but there are no visible markers.
The plot is covered by three foot high bushes.
Irvine, St.George's Parish (Originally Church of England/ Anglican)--(1908-1962)---------------------------SW36-11-3-W4
from Hiway #1, cross small bridge, travel about one half mile south of Irvine
This is the Main Irvine Cemetery, east side of Road
The main gate reads St.Georges Cemetery as this site was originally under the auspices of St.George's Church of England (Anglican) Parish. There are two large Site markers with the names of persons buried in the grave-yard.
There are quite a number of grave markers.
Irvine vicinity, St. Peter's German Latvian (Lettish) Lutheran-------------------------------------------------NW36-9-3-W4
two hundred yards south of SH 515 on the east side of Range Road 31, or one mile west and eleven miles south of Irvine
A concrete marker states that the first settlers came to this area in 1888 and that the church functioned from 1897 to 1945.
Church was organized by Boston Missionary in 1897. There are 35 burials. Large site marker, several grave markers
A listing is available of the following markers that were found in 1996:
Irvine vicinity, unidentified burial sites No Locations Given
Irvine, Alberta area:
Genert, Leonard A: 5 Jan 1929/31 Jan 1929, of Emanuel Genert and Alma Schweigert
Hausauer, Anna Maria: 12 Oct 1928/22 Aug 1930
Meske, Friedrich: 18 May 1852/25 Jan 1930
Meske, Margaretha (Bahnmuller): 5 Mar 1854/28 Jun 1930
Neubauer, Albert: 1912/1912, of Philip Neubauer and Carolina Stotz
Neubauer, Emilia: 1908/1910, of Philip Neubauer and Carolina Stotz
Neubauer, Emilia: 1911/1911, of Philip Neubauer and Carolina Stotz
Neubauer, Karl: 1914/1914, of Philip Neubauer and Carolina Stotz
Neubauer, Louise: 1905/1906, of Philip Neubauer and Carolina Stotz
Schaefer, Katharina (Fleik): 3 Oct 1844/15 Jul 1928
Schwab, Christine (Walz): 2 Nov 1857/4 Apr 1929
Trekofski, Christine: died 1908, of John Trekofski and Christine Pietzke
Trekofski, Elizabeth: infant of Joseph Trekofski and Elizabeth Doerr
Trekofski, Freda: infant of Joseph Trekofski and Elizabeth Doerr
Trekofski, Herbert: infant of Joseph Trekofski and Elizabeth Doerr
As per the Salem United Church records, the following are interred near
Irvine, Alberta:
Hoff, Elsie Lorraine: 15 Aug 1935/23 Dec 1935
Stephan, Margaretha (Janke): 11 Dec 1890/15 Apr 1935
Robinson/Josephburg, Alberta area:
Bollinger, Margaritha: died 18 Jul 1910
Boschee, Charlotte (Reimcho): died 25 Sep 1920, wife of August, Jr.
Doering, Lydia: died 1914, of Nathaniel Doering and Justina Burkholz
Doering, Thomas: 1902/1904, of Nathaniel Doering and Justina Burkholz
Hauck, Peter: 11 Sep 1851/26 Mar 1913
Klein, John: died Jul 1907, husband (1) of Anna Marie; (2) Jacob Lust
Miller, Daniel: died 24 Feb 1911
Miller, Magdalina: 18 Jan 1910
Walker, Christian: 10 Feb 1910
Irvine vicinity, Vockeroth Family---------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE 1-12-3-W4
100 yards north of Township Road 120 and Range Road 30, just northwest of Irvine
This cemetery is invisible from the road as there is no fence and the one marker is a flat metal headstone.
Evidence suggests that there may be about four burials here.

Dunmore area;
Dunmore vicinity, Meier grave
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------N 1/2 20-11-4-W4
two miles south and two miles east of Dunmore
The only burial is that of Mary Meier, the daughter of Elias Meier and Tillie Lentz.
As of 13 Feb 1999, Don Schmidt was unable to locate the exact site of her burial.
Eagle Butte, Little Plume Evangelical-(1920-1950)--------------------------------------------------------------NW 36-9-5-W4
at the junction of Range Road 51 (Eagle Butte Road) and Township Road 100, twelve miles south of Dunmore
The Little Plume Church, organized in 1919, was still in operation in 1996.
Cemetery restoration was completed in 1974 and 1975 with assistance from a Provincial Government grant.
Eagle Butte vicinity, unidentified burial sites. No Locations Shown
Prusky, George: Rataushk, Jacob; Rataushk, Mrs. Jacob
Eagle Butte vicinity, three unnamed cemeteries. Locations Shown Below
NE 30-7-3-W4 Eagle Butte, Alberta
This was the homestead for Robert Lee Roth and his wife Orpha Ann Thompson.
Their daughter Marguerite died in winter 1907, at the age of twelve and was interred a little to the north of the house.
Since then, the course of the road was changed; her body now lies under the road.
SW 36-7-4-W4 Eagle Butte, Alberta
Amelia Garlough, wife of Hezekiah Garlough, died in 1906.
She was interred on the hill behind the Garlough home.
He died in 1932 and is interred in St. Margaret's Cemetery, Thelma, Alberta.
NE 2-8-4-W4 Eagle Butte, Alberta
Fred Kettlewell, born 27 May 1875, at Essex, England,
married 12 Nov 1903, to Mittie Hester born 9 Apr 1882, at Brownsville, Texas.
Their daughter, Mona Joan, died at age one month, is interred west of the Eagle Butte post office site.

Bowmanton- Suffield- Bowell area;
Alderson (known as Carlstadt until 1915) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- NW21-15-10-W4
one half mile west of Range Road 104, almost one mile south of Township Road 154, south of the railway track
The complete history of this town can be found in the book "Empire of Dust", printed in 1987, written by David C. Jones.
As of 1996, the town is abandoned and the cemetery neglected. There seems to be no set pattern for the placement
of the estimated 50 graves that are scattered throughout this cemetery.
Several sources indicate that at least three graves are located in Gasson's trees southeast of Alderson.
A child is buried four miles from the Nels Anderson homestead.
There are three or four graves on a farm north of Alderson (the remaining family moved to Chicago).
A search at Provincial Archives was futile. A Listing is available as found on the markers.
Bowmanton, Berenice Cemetery-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE22-15-4-W4
Box Springs, Box Springs Burial------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SW23-14-6-W4
about 3/4 mile west of Yellow House Corner
Yellow House used to stand at corner to Ellis Ranch on Box Springs Road
Tide Lake, St. Mary's Catholic----------------------------------------------------------------On the west line of NW12-19-10-W4
near the junction of Range Road 100 and Township Road 192.
Travel west of Medicine Hat, Alberta, to Suffield, Alberta,
then twenty six miles north on Highway 884, then three miles west on Township Road 192
A huge fieldstone monument was erected in 1986.
The brass plaque on the monument lists the names of all who were interred here.
The church was still functioning in 1996. Provincial records show another small cemetery in Section 11
just west of here but the lone grave there of an unknown cowboy has been included in this plot.
Unknown cowboy died 1917. It is believed that he came from the Sutton Ranch
The following data was taken from the monument:

Bow Island- Winnifred area;
Grassy Lake vicinity, Assumption Cemetery----------------------------------------------------------------------NW07-09-12-W4
approximately 7 miles south and 3 1/2 miles east of Grassy Lake
Bow Island Cemetery-(1908-1993)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SW36-10-11-W4
Bow Island, Sacred Heart Cemetery---------------------------------------------------------------------------------NE35-08-11-W4
Burdett Cemetery----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW24-10-12-W4
Burdett, Highfield Christian Reformed-------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE02-08-12-W4
Winnifred, Hutterian Brethren Winnifred------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE14-12-9-W4
Winnifred, Winnifred Cemetery & Burials---------------------------------------------------------------------------NE17-11-10-W4

Foremost area;
Foremost, Town & Catholic-(1930-1993)---------------------------------------------------------------------------NW17-06-11-W4
Foremost, Burlington-(1920-1943)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE24-04-11-W4
Foremost, Forty Mile Cemetery-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW03-07-11-W4
Foremost, Isolated Graves--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE06-05-11-W4
Foremost, Nemiscam-Bingham Cemetery----------------------------------------------------------------------------SE16-06-10-W4
Foremost, Prairie Round Cemetery---------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW22-03-12-W4
Foremost, St.Joseph's RC Cemetery--------------------------------------------------------------------------------NE16-07-11-W4
30 Graves in Cemetery
Maleb, Fertile Plains Cemetery-(1916-1929)-----------------------------------------------------------------------NE22-08-10-W4
Maleb, St. Anthony's R.C. Cemetery---------------------------------------------------------------------------------NE02-09-9-W4

Etzikom area;
Etzikom, Etzikom Cemetery------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW24-06-9-W4
Etzikom, Hutterian Brethren Rosedale-------------------------------------------------------------------------------SW26-04-9-W4
Etzikom, Prospy Cemetery--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NW02-08-9-W4
Altorado, Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery-(1910-1916)-----------------------------------------------------------NW 06-04-9-W4
Faith, Union Cemetery-(1913-1926)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SW13-04-9-W4

Seven Persons- Whitla area;
Seven Persons Cemetery-(1908-1939)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------SE03-11-7-W4
one mile east of Seven Persons on Township Road 110
A stone monument lists the names of most of those interred here.
It was erected in 1981 by the Alberta Department of Culture, the Seven Persons
Historical Society and the Alberta 75th Anniversary Commission.
Much of the following information was found at the Provincial Archives 14 Oct 1997
Cemetery started about 1908
Seven Persons vicinity, Ebenezer Cemetery-(1931-1942)----------------------------------------------------------NW24-08-7-W4
On the south side of Highway 15, one mile east of the curve, 15.3 miles
south and one mile east of Highway 3 at Seven Persons
Records from the Salem United Church at Medicine Hat, Alberta, indicate the
following were interred here as of 19 Jun 1997:
Seven Persons, Valleyview Cemetery--------------------------------------------------------------------------------NE20-08-7-W4
Seven Persons, Highland Golden Sheaf Cemetery-(1916-1940)----------------------------------------------------SW04-12-8-W4
Whitla, Whitla Cemetery-(1910-1926)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------NE08-11-8-W4
Wisdom, Bethel Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery-(1922-1939)----------------------------------------------SW01-09-6-W4
south of Medicine Hat on the Black and White Trail or Range Road 60 to Township Road 90, then one mile west
Church and Cemetery are in the NE Quadrant
There are ten markers, nine of which are legible. Information from the
monument and other sources indicate that the following are interred here:
Wisdom vicinity, unidentified burial site
Stickle, Fred: died 23 Feb 1916 at 19 days

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Alberta areas of German-Russian Settlement:

Beiseker area
Cypress Hills
Eagle Butte-Elkwater-Evergreen
Graburn-Gros Ventre
Hanna, Castor, Coronation areas
Schuler-Hilda-Medicine Hat
Weaskiwin area
Source: “German Settlements in Saskatchewan”, Alan B. Anderson, Saskatchewan German Council, 2005.

Map:  Alberta Canada Maps


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Local Resources

Some of the local resources in Medicine Hat & area you might find useful are the Regional Public Library, the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre (which houses the Museum and Archives), the nearby Hillside Cemetery and the Medicine Hat and District Genealogical Society.

  • Regional Public Library, with branches in Medicine Hat and many nearby communities. The Medicine Hat Branch is located at 414 First Street SE. The phone number is 403-502-8525. However, you can go to a listing of current publications, videos, etc., related to genealogy at the Shortgrass Library System by going to the following on-line listing for the Public Library. The Library does have an excellent source of Books re History including Local Area History Books however one needs to be a Member in order to take Books out. The Library does a very limited research for persons because of time restrictions and shortage of labour.
  • The Museum and Archives at the Esplanade, located in downtown Medicine Hat. It is located at 401 First Street SE, just opposite the Library. Phone number is 403-502-8580 The Archives has a vast collection of holdings via the Internet - manuscripts, images, audio-visual presentations and maps. Again the Research they can do for persons from a distance is certainly quite limited. They are also short- staffed. The Archives also does have a more limited source of Books re History including Local Area History Books however one is not allowed to take Books out.
  • The entrance to Hillside Cemetery is located about 100 feet west of the entrance to the office of the Medicine Hat Genealogical Society - at the intersection of 13th Street SW and 10 Avenue SW. Click on URL here for information Within that website is a Burial Listings database, where you can find an alphabetical listing of all burials that took place in that cemetery, but, because of Privacy concerns, can only show listings up to 25 years ago from the past. To get more recent listings it requires more direct contact.
  • Medicine Hat and District Branch, Alberta Genealogical Society Our branch office, meeting place and library is located at the Hillside Monumental Building, 974, 13th Avenue, SW., Medicine Hat, Alberta just about 100 feet east of the entrance to Hillside Cemetery. Our meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month with the exception of July and August. Meetings start at 7:00 PM and visitors are always welcome. Come join us and have a look at our in-house resources.Our library is open at 6:30 p.m. on Meeting nights, for members and visitors to browse. Our library is also open from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. all other Wednesdays of the month, from September to June. We are closed July and August, but if you are planning a visit to our area, arrangements can be made if you would like to visit our library outside normal hours while in our area. We are very conveniently located across from the main entrance to Hillside Cemetery. A visit to the Cemetery could lead you to us, where we may have further information on loved ones resting at Hillside Cemetery. We strive to help all family researchers where we can, with information regarding residents of the Medicine Hat area. Though we do not have any Paid Researchers, we do have some members that volunteer to do Research for Individuals. There is a nominal fee for some of the Research based on the amount and time spent on the research that we conduct, this going to the Society which is non-profit. In most cases we only ask for a Donation of your choice to our Society. As you may note, your Writer is a member of the Society as well as one of the local Researchers. If you wish to have our members do a search of our resources, please send a SASE (Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope) along with your request of resources you wish to have our members research, full name of family, and money order covering the cost of your request to: Research, Medicine Hat Branch AGS, P.O. Box 971, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7G8. For your convenience, requests or inquiries may also be sent to the following email address: This latter method is, of course much faster if you have service to the Internet.


I would like to end this contribution to the GRHS Database with an Acknowledgement and Thank You to those that have helped make this work of some three years carry through to fruition on a much larger scale than originally was anticipated.

First of all I would like to thank Merv Weiss and Carolyn Schott originally for their encouragement for me to accept this position of Area Coordinator and for their wisdom in setting up this Page. Carolyn Schott set up the original Page for me, we used some of the same approaches that Merv has used on his Page. Marcia Paxton was responsible for transcribing most of the earlier material onto the Page, Sundae Orwick has been responsible for the latter articles I have had put onto the Page. So a special Thank You to these four persons of GRHS who have helped much to make it all happen. I also would like to thank a GRHS friend from Medicine Hat, Melvin Bender for his encouragement in making this work and this Page possible.

For the information contained within this Page, I have numerous persons and organizations to thank and give credits to. Information was gleaned from the Library Records of all of the above-mentioned Local Resources. I do wish to give Credits to Dr. David Carter of Elkwater for the excellent work he and his colleagues have done with Cemetery Restoration and Upkeep in the area around the Cypress Hills. Much of the information that I have used in my portion on Cemeteries was taken from Dr. Carter's records and writings. Also much Credit is due Don Schmidt of Winnipeg formerly from Burstall, SK for the Recording of many Cemeteries in this area, his work of the past has lightened our work-load considerably. There are also several members of the Genealogical Society, past and present, who have done much to preserve and continue to update the Cemetery Records and collect and classify the local Obituary Records, to name only a few who stand out are Judy Wasylenko, Eileen Stahl, Uwe Krickhahn as well as many others who have contributed much.

To give Credits to all that were involved is an impossible task but would like to pass on tributes to those that have kept past records available. I can only hope that with this Page, some of these records will be preserved for the future and do hope that it will be of help to persons intent on research into their Family History. Thank You to All who have helped make this Page possible.