Letters from Soldiers


The Letters from Soldiers Archive is a collection of letters from Steve Eberle that were written about soldiers on the battlefield of Russia or soldiers writing home and were published in various newspapers in North Dakota.

These letters were translated and transcribed by several volunteers.

Soldier letters from the following area: Annenthal, districtof Odessa, Bessarabia, Charbin, Dennewitz, Bessarabia, Eigenfeld, Kronau, Cherson, Eigenfeld, Odessa District, Far East, Freudenthal bei Odesssa, Friedensthal, Bessarabia, Gnadenthal, Bessarabia, Grossliebenthal, Bessarabia, Gueldendorf near Odessa, Bessarabia, Bessarabia, Gueldendorf, Odessa, Bessarabia, Huntschulin, Kulm, Bessarabia, Lichtenthal, Maloharoslawez Akkermann district, Maloyaroslavetz, Bessarabia, Manchuria, Mardarovka, Meriewka, Mukden, Neu Beresina, Traspol District, Bessarabia, Tarutino, Bessarabia.

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Brost Wishek

Eberle Ashley-10-Feb-1905

Faas Wishek 13 Jan 1905

Friedrich Wishek

Friesen Wishek

Giess Wishek

Gwinner Wishek

Höllwarth Wishek

Holzwarth Ashley and Wishek

Krause Ashley 31 Mar 1905

Kugele Wishek 18 Nov 1904

Kugele Wishek 25 Nov 1904

Leischner Wishek

Martens Ashley 12 May 1905

Neumüller Ashley 12 May 1905

Ottenbacher Wishek

Ottenbacher Ashley 23 Dec 1904

Reule Wishek

Rivinius Wishek

Sauter Wishek 09 June 1905

Sauter Ashley 24 Feb 1905

Schmied Ashley

Schnabel Ashley 30 June 1905

Siewert-Dakota Freie Presse 12 Apr 1906

Steinhauer Ashley 12 May 1905

Stendle Wishek

Tröster Wishek 05 May 1905

Wolf Wishek

WÓ§ssner Ashley 24 Feb 1905

Zeller Ashley 10 Feb 1905