LaMoure County, North Dakota Area

Area Coordinator Marcia Paxton and Carolyn Schott

Date Formed: Established 1873 and organized 1881

County Seat: Grand Rapids, 1881-1886; LaMoure 1886-present

Cities, townships and historical communities:

CITIES: Adrian, Alfred, Benson Corner (historical), Berlin, Deisem (historical), Dickey, Edgeley, Grand Rapids, Independence (historical), Jud, Kulm, LaMoure, Marion, Medbury, Nortonville, Saint George (historical), Saratoga Springs (historical), Verona

TOWNSHIPS: Adrian, Badger, Black Loam, Bluebird, Dean, Gladstone, Glen, Glenmore, Golden Glen, Grand Rapids, Grandview, Greenville, Henrietta, Kennison, Litchville, Mikkleson, Nora, *Norden, Ovid, Pearl Lake, *Pamona View, Prairie, Raney, Ray, Roscoe, Russell, Ryan, Saratoga, Sheridan, *Swede, Wano, Willowbank
* 1992 Kulm Centennial books has histories of these townships and their early settlers

Oral Histories

Norma Rost –
Norman Rost –
Vernon Pressler –
Viola Konrad -

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Books: (These books are available at GRHS headquarters)

  • 1955 Golden Jubilee, Jud, North Dakota, June 24-25
  • A History of LaMoure, North Dakota, 1882-1982, by Jane Potts
  • A History of Verona, North Dakota, 1883-1983 by Verona Centennial Book Committee
  • Alfred, North Dakota 1904-2004 by Shirley Nitschke
  • Atlas of LaMoure County, North Dakota by Midland Atlas Company, Inc. (Milbank, South Dakota)
  • Celebrating 125 Years! 1882-2007, LaMoure, North Dakota
  • Cemeteries of North Dakota, LaMoure County by Angela Stott Brennan
  • Cemeteries of Northern LaMoure County, North Dakota by George L. Barron
  • Cemeteries of Southern LaMoure County, North Dakota by George L. Barron
  • Church book of the Trinity Congregation in Ray Township, LaMoure Co., North Dakota by Trinity Lutheran Church (Jud, North Dakota)
  • Diamond Jubilee, Jud, North Dakota, 1980
  • Early History: Village of Alfred, North Dakota; beginning: 1902 to present: 1989 by Shirley Nitschke
  • Edgeley, North Dakota 1887-1987 by Edgeley Centennial Book Committee
  • Jud, North Dakota Centennial 1905-2005 by Centennial Committee
  • Kulm centennial, 1892-1992 by Kulm Centennial Book Committee
  • Kulm Diamond Jubilee: Kulm, North Dakota, June 26 & 27, 1967 by John E. Peters
  • Kulm, N. Dakota 1892-1957 by Historical Book Committee
  • Kulm Messenger, Kulm, North Dakota news items
  • Marion, North Dakota Centennial 1900-2000, July 7-8-9, 2000: A Legacy Rememberedby Marion Centennial Book Committee
  • Marriages published in "The Kulm Messenger" Kulm, North Dakota
  • My Town, My People, 1887-1962 Edgeley, North Dakota
  • "Nitschke Heritage": History of Otto and Emma Nitschke, Sunday, October 11, 1987 by Lawrence Nitschke
  • St. Paul Lutheran Church records, Kulm, North Dakota by Allen Konrad
  • The history of LaMoure by Mrs. Joel Sandness
  • The Schott Family of Hoffnungstal by Carolyn Schott
  • World War I draft registrants for LaMoure County, North Dakota by Michael Rempfer



[Some Indexes]  [Locations]
City Township Latitude Longitude
For Members OnlyLaMoure County Cemeteries - GPS locations and Photos
Adrian Cemetery Adrian Adrian 46.364N 98.335W
Alfred/Glen Township Cemetery Alfred Glen 46.362N 98.004W
Assumption Catholic Cemetery Dickey Roscoe 46.322N 98.287W
Berlin Cemetery     Henrietta 46.230N 98.297W
Church of God SD Cemetery Jud Glen 46.329N 98.573W
Dickey Cemetery Dickey Roscoe 46.321N 98.283W
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Grand Rapids Grand Rapids 46.270N 98.225W
Fairview Hutterian Cemetery   Dean 46.202n 98.246w
First Lutheran Cemetery Litchville Prairie 46.360N 98.114W
First Reformed Church Cemetery Litchville Prairie 46.360N 98.113W
Grace/Emmanuel Cemetery Marion Sheridan 46.335N 98.198W
Grand Rapids Community Cemetery Grand Rapids Grand Rapids    
Griswold/Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Litchville Prairie 46.344N 98.127W
High Prairie Lutheran Cemetery   Gladstone 46.290N 98.121W
Hillside Cemetery Kulm Norden 46.186N 98.584W
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery Marion Sheridan 46.344N 98.171W
Holy Rosary Catholic Cemetery LaMoure Grand Rapids 46.231N 98.194W
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery   Dean 46.209n 98.246w
Jud Lutheran/St. Paul Cemetery Jud Bluebird 46.317N 98.529W
Jud UCC Cemetery Jud Bluebird 46.318N 98.535W
Kulm Assembly of God Cemetery Kulm Norden 46.186N 98.586W
Kulm Congregational (American) Cemetery Kulm Norden 46.186N 98.585W
Lake View Cemetery Marion Sheridan 46.367N 98.206W
Litchfield Cemetery   Prairie    
Mount Calvary Cemetery Edgeley Golden Glen 46.213N 98.422W
Mount Hope Cemetery Edgeley Golden Glen 46.213N 98.431W
New Beresina Cemetery Kulm Pomona View 46.178N 98.516W
North LaMoure American Church Cemetery Litchville Litchville 46.344N 98.043W
North LaMoure Church Cemetery Litchville Litchville 46.344N 98.053W
North LaMoure Pioneer Cemetery   Litchville 46.370N 98.071W
Nortonville Cemetery   Kennison 46.335N 98.436W
Norwegian/Pomona Valley Cemetery Kulm Norden 46.184N 98.567W
Our Lady of Sorrows/Saint Raphael Cemetery   Ovid 46.203N 98.042W
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery Verona Greenville 46.222N 98.058W
Postal Cemetery    Raney 46.301N 98.011W
Rogate Lutheran Cemetery Berlin Henrietta 46.230N 98.299W
Rosehill Cemetery LaMoure Dean 46.209N 98.171W
Saint Ansgar Cemetery    Ryan 46.178N 98.152W
Saint John's Catholic Cemetery Berlin Henrietta 46.230N 98.297W
Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Marion Sheridan 46.344N 98.171W
Sjulli Cemetery    Black Loam 46.312N 98.071W
Swede Township/Kulm Baptist Cemetery Kulm Swede 46.229N 98.572W
Trinity Lutheran/German Cemetery Deisem Ray 46.260N 98.535W
Willowbank Hutterian Colony Cemetery     Willowbank 46.187N 98.341W


Churches: For Members Only Histories, Locations & Photos of County Churches
Assembly Of God Church
108 2nd St SW
Kulm, ND 58456-7140
(701) 647-2734
Kulm Baptist Church
8 2nd St SW
Kulm, ND 58456
(701) 647-2602
St Pauls Lutheran Church
213 1st Ave SW
Kulm, ND 58456-7108
(701) 647-2257


Assembly of God Church Busch Rev William
108 2nd St SW
Kulm,ND 58456-7140
(701) 647-2758


Lutheran Church
104 6th St
Verona, ND 58490-7134
(701) 432-5588
Trinity English Lutheran Church
215 2nd St SE
Lamoure, ND 58458
(701) 883-5029
Catholic Church of the Transfiguration
205 Main St
Edgeley, ND 58433
(701) 493-2387
Lutheran Church Zion Ms
110 1st Ave E
Edgeley, ND 58433
(701) 493-2537
Trinity Lutheran Church
8895 56th St SE
Adrian, ND 58472-9540
(701) 778-5181


Church Of God Seventh Day
406 Winchester St
Alfred, ND 58454
(701) 485-3705
Maranatha Christian Ministries
9642 54th St SE
Marion, ND 58466
(701) 669-2372
Trinity Lutheran Church
99 Main Ave
Marion, ND 58466
(701) 669-2282
Church Of The Living Word
911 6 Av W
Edgeley, ND 58433
(701) 493-2331


North Marion Reformed Church
4430 99th Ave, SE
Marion, ND 58466
(701) 669-2557
Trinity United Church Of Christ
533 Johnson St
Jud, ND 58454
(701) 685-2671
Church of the Nazarene
502 1st Ave SE
Lamoure, ND 58458
(701) 883-5100
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
307 5th Ave
Edgeley, ND 58433
(701) 493-2762
United Methodist Church
201 Main Ave S
Kulm, ND 58456-7121
(701) 647-2714
Congregational Church
11 1st Ave SE
Kulm, ND 58456-7222
(701) 647-2793


Presbyterian Church First
307 3rd Ave
Edgeley, ND 58433
(701) 493-2296
United Methodist Church
210 2nd St
Marion, ND 58466
(701) 669-2209
Gideons International
112 1st Ave NW
Lamoure, ND 58458
(701) 883-5055
Presbyterian Church
14 3rd Ave NE
Lamoure, ND 58458
(701) 883-5160
United Methodist Church
404 5th Ave
Edgeley, ND 58433
(701) 493-2510
High Prairie Lutheran Church - Elca
PO Box 152
Lamoure, ND 58458
(701) 883-5526 [Rural Berlin 58415]
Saint Ansgar Lutheran Church
10294 78th St SE
Lamoure, ND 58458
(701) 883-4377 [Rural Berlin 58415]
Zion Lutheran hurch
505 N Main St
Lamoure, ND 58458
(701) 883-5841
Holy Rosary Catholic Church
209 1st St SE
Lamoure, ND 58458
(701) 883-5987
Seventh Day Adventist Church
202 1 Ave E
Edgeley, ND 58433
(701) 493-2432
Zoar Lutheran Church
421 3rd St NE
Lamoure, ND 58458
(701) 883-5991


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